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Lots of exciting WAREHOUSE FINDS this week, everything from the ORIGINAL Bomp promo files for the BOYFRIENDS to some very strange pressings of PEBBLES CDS!

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AMERICAN YOUTH REPORT- ORIGINAL BOMP FILES 1982 - Label:BOMP BIG file with lots of press releases, ad artwork, newspaper clippings, lots of notes handwritten by Greg Shaw (originals) About 20 pages of stuff. WAREHOUSE FIND $100 SKU:22391

BOYFRIENDS - ORIGINAL BOMP FILES 1978- Label:BOMP Big folder, maybe 20 pages or so, lots of letters between Greg Shaw and the band’s management, press releases, and 4 pages of a magazine that has an original ad for the Boyfriends 7” with photo of Richard Hell on the other side, a photo of Tina Weymouth on the other, and big article about the Pistols Tour on the 3rd page. I think it was New York ROcker as there is a note from the manager about the ad. )Also a handwritten letter from one of the band members with liner notes. NOTE Most of our files are eventually destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where a lot of material from BOMP already resides, but Im releasing some of it to the public, better in the hands of the fans than in a library! WAREHOUSE FIND $150 SKU:22390

ERIC CLAPTON’S RAiNBOW CONCERT- 1995 Label:POLYDOR UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OFBOMP OR ALIVE- Club Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Expanded "Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert" is an album recorded live at London's Rainbow Theatre on January 13, 1973, and released within the year. The concert was organised by Pete Townshend and marked Eric Clapton's comeback after the 1971 "Concert for Bangladesh". In the year after the Rainbow Concert, Clapton recovered from his heroin addiction and recorded "461 Ocean Boulevard".This concert is the first live performance where Clapton used his famous Stratocaster guitar "Blackie". CD $10 SKU:22401


GREAT PEBBLES- 31 Original 60 PUNK PSYCH CLASSICS-Label:MSI JAPAN With booklet in JAPANESE! This is a weird one kids, cant find it anywhere on line. VERY RARE!!! See image for track listing.COMP CD $50 SKU:22395

HOWLIN WOLF - The London Sessions Deluxe edition-DBL Label:CHESS SEALED ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OFBOMP OR ALIVE. 2 CD Set The Original Classic Album Newly Remastered Plus 15 Bonus Tracks
12 Previously Unreleased(Newly Remixed From The Session Multi-Tracks) CD $25 SKU:22398

PEBBLES- Vol 3 (RARE VOLUME, NOT THE REGULAR PEBBLES 3!) Label:EAST SIDE DIGITAL Some kind of licensing deal from the 90s, RARE!! Not to be confused with Pebbles Volume 3: The Acid Gallery released by Archive International in 1992 COMP CD $25 SKU:22394

RON ASHETON FILES- ORIGINAL BOMP FILES 1993 -Label:BOMP Historical 3 page file outlining the IGUANA CHRONICLES RELEASES, with a copy of a long letter from Greg Shaw (Greg's copy) to ROn about the Kill City release and his plans for the Iguana series (these letters are copies from 1993 and no others exist)
One page of original hand written notes from Greg Shaw , most addresses and what to send Ron. WAREHOUSE FIND $100 SKU:22405



TAXI BOYS- BOMP FILES PLUS LP! -ST -ORIG 1981 PRESSING PLUS ORIGINAL BOMP FILES! Label:BOMP ORIGINAL BOMP FOLDER a few press clippings, artwork for the label, and a handwritten lletter from JOHN FELICE from 198, original. The album has a big corner bend in the cover but the album is sealed and mint. NOTE Most of our files are eventually destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where a lot of material from BOMP already resides, but Im releasing some of it to the public, better in the hands of the fans than in a library! LP $100 SKU:22389


YA GOTTA HAVE MOXIE - Vol 2 - WAREHOUSE FIND - Label:AIP Super rare out of print comp. In the late 1970s and '80s, the Moxie label was famous, or infamous, for its Boulders compilations of obscure '60s garage rock. Boulders was to Pebbles what Pebbles was to Nuggets; an even rawer, more obscure approach to unearthing '60s garage music, in both the rarities arena and the fidelity and graphics of the packages. More than a decade after Boulders' demise, AIP (which handles the Pebbles series) is anthologizing its one-time rival, this first volume presenting a whopping 52 songs (including one, the Checklads' "Shake Yourself Down," that did not appear on the original Moxie series) on its two CDs. The pressings of Boulders were notorious for their poor fidelity, and to its credit, AIP (not exactly a bastion of digitized sound itself) has remastered from cleaner copies of these rarities when possible. This is one of the better bulky garage anthologies, as it is more flexible in its scope than many '60s punk comps (such as the later Pebbles volumes, which usually stick to standard snotty rants. There are plenty of those here, actually, but there are also some good folk-rockers, a Sonny & Cher soundalike (Boo Boo & Bunky), a cover of a song from the Mothers' Freak Out (the Basooties' "You Didn't Try to Call Me"), and a single that sounds like a Freak Out wannabe (Communication Aggregation's "Freakout USA"). There are also some touches of pop and soul, as in the Cherry Slush's outstanding "I Cannot Stop You," and the Down 5's "I'm Takin' It Home," produced by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. And there are a surprising number of entries recorded by major labels. For pure '60s punk dementia, it doesn't get much hotter than the Chocolate Moose's "Chocolate Moose Theme." The Avengers' "Open Your Eyes," which affixes some hypnotic psychedelia to the Byrds' jangle-folk-rock, is one of the great, outstanding, obscure mid-'60s singles of all; the Birdwatchers' "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway," with its neat alternation of stomping verse and light British Invasion harmonies on the chorus, had (unlike most of the stuff on Boulders) actual hit potential. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide COMP CD $100 SKU:22396



MICHAEL ANGELO - DBL CD w S/T" (Guinn Sessions) + "Sorcerer's Dream" + "Nuts" -Label:LION Stunning work from Michael Angelo – a little-known singer/songwriter from the Kansas City scene of the late 70s – one with a style that's totally great, but way too off the era's chronological expectations to get much notice at the time! Michael's music has a real late 60s vibe – some of the trippier folk modes of someone like Donovan, but mixed with the more complete songwriting of an artist like Nilsson or some of the hipper LA writers of the late 60s – all recorded in this laidback, understated way – especially for the 70s – with acoustic guitar most strongly in the mix, and a few other light rhythm touches and keyboards. The production's sharper than folk, but not much more so – and the music here is a great reminder that while we can look at the rock and roll timeline, and think that the punk explosion of the mid 70s was changing everything at once – out in the hinterlands there were still folks like Angelo who were dedicated to refining an older craft. The CD features a huge amount of material – the full original self-titled album, more tracks from those sessions, and a full second album recorded around the same time. 32 tracks on 2CDs, with lots of notes too – and titles that include "Field Of Lonely Eyes", "Future", "Journey To Find Who We Are", "Russian Lament", "Nubian Queen", "This Is The Night", "Love Is Too High", "Spirits Of Mercury", and "SOS Titanic CD $10 SKU:16805

MICHAEL ANTON AND AMOK- Jesus Makes You High (STRANGE 70s GERMAN GARAGE PSYCH)Label:GERMANOFON A very strange project for Achim Reichel and legendary Krautrock producer Conny Plank and the Gorilla Musik production company (owned by Achim Reichel, coincidentally): a professionally produced German hard rock record with heavy Jesus lyrics... although it's more for the sound collage elements here that this album has attracted some notice. The title track from this album has attracted attention from appearances on “Prae Kraut Pandemonium” and “Obscured by Krauts” garage/psych compilations. First-ever reissue includes full lyrics and two bonus tracks from their only 7" release. CD $10 SKU:19037

MILKY WAYS- ST (Canadian party punk,King Kahn related) SAALE - Label:ALIVe Garage punk brewed in Montreal with w/ex members of Spacesh-ts, Del-Gators and the Sexareenos. CD $10 SKU:4736

MIXTURE-The Perfect Relationship w LENNY KAYE) SAALE! -Label:PINK FRUIT THE MIXTURE is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world…. where no one is allowed to be magnificent… And while you’re spinning this sizzling platter, keep an ear out for guitar slinger Lenny Kaye (of the Patti Smith Group and “Nuggets” fame), legendary vocalist extraordinaire P.P. Arnold (the “angel of our moring”!) and Steve Craddock, a man of wealth and taste (Paul Weller, Ocean Colour Scene). Which leaves you, dear sir or madam. Rock and roll music, if you like it, you feel it, you can’t really help but move to it. That’s what happenes to me when I listen to THE MIXTURE. I can’t help it. And neither can you!” —Bennet FreedCD $10 SKU:20158

MOBBS -GARAGE PUNK FOR BOYS (British garage punk) Label:CRAVAT 'Garage Punk For Boys' has taken its impetus from the title track itself. A "do it yourself" mentality has spurred these three lads to commit the songs to tape. The infectious feeling of jocular silliness, ferocity, calamity and fun will draw you in. With an arsenal of influences, each song is an homage to a variety of current and historic punk rock pioneers - from the mono-tones of 1960s British Beat to a full on undertone of funked up rhythm & blues. 'Garage Punk For Boys' lifts its hat to a Wilko Johnson infused Billy Childish explosion, with a rocket full of ideas inspired by contemporary cult English bands such as The Masonics, and a massive dose of live energy derived from the likes of King Salami & The Cumberland 3! CD $10 SKU:20698

MOCKERS, LOS-1965-1967 (sung in English Stones style)- Label:La Vida Lenta If Los Shakers were (according to the official history of rock) The Beatles of the River Plate region, then Los Mockers were the Stones. Sung in English by Polo Pereira, who (with a slight accent) emulates Mick Jagger's early snarl more accurately than anyone else from the time Some say that Los Mockers were the best group that South America produced during the time.CD $10 SKU:20277

MOD VIGIL - ST (GARAGE) SAALE!Label:OFF THE HIP Mod Vigil are a new Melbourne band. Yes theres lots of them here. This one evolved of a love of all things McLusky, Jehu, X, Hüsker Dü, Lubricated Goat and inspired by a host of In The Red bands recorded to overdriven bedroom tape. Spewed into the gigguide like tiny eggs from a queen spider's sack and pumping out songs like short bursts of energy that link together like a daisy chain of angst. The album is as energetic as it is loud, fast and typically self-destructive. CD $8 SKU:7826

MOLASSES -MOURNING HAZE DROPS OF SUNLIGHT (trippy psych rock) SAALE! -Label:VAN RECORDS Born as a commissioned project from the Roadburn Music festival, Molasses brings back Farida Lemouchi and her old The Devils Blood bandmates to craft a very unique body of music that serves as a way to move on from the death of Selim Lemouchi and TDB days. Opening with the amp fuzziness of 'Mourning Haze', we are quickly transported to the days of psychedelic rock and its trippiness. Featuring a very accommodating pace and beautifully adorned with playful guitar leads and groovy synths, this opening track is pure magic and a very powerful way to open this release. The second and longer piece, 'Drops Of Sunlight', is a bit more experimental and introspective. With mysterious percussions and moody tempo changes, this piece feels bit like TDB in their 'The Thousandfold Epicentre' days, but with an extra layer of atmospheric elements. Farida's vocals are as enchanting as always, and perfectly provide that rigid darkness that music like this deserves. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. CD $10 SKU:21619

MONTES-Cuando Brille El Tiempo (1974 Argentine rare psych rock ) SAALE! Label:Serie Collectors 1974 argentina, heavy trippy psych rock Reissue of classic rare psychedelic rock record from Argentina circa 1970. Very guitar-drenched in a Fraction kinda way, with westcoast overtones. Long tracks, stunnin hard guitar-odyssey effects, phased vocals, everything the mind boggles is here. Has nice surrealistic cover-art. CD $10 SKU:20289

MONTESANO -El Pasillo (1982 Argentine prog) SAALE! -Label:RECORD RUNNER It was in the early eighties, when ex-Crucis keyboardist Gustavo Montesano ended his participation in "Merlin" (a band founded with Alejandro De Michele, and with whom he recorded a disc), and decided to create a new project, which was to combine traditional music and a taste for symphonic progressive rock. The result was the band Montesano, with his brother Marcelo on keyboards, Fernando Ortega of Marbella on bass, Marina Olmi on vocals, and Richard Giles on drums. Their sole album, “El Pasillo,” was released early in 1982. A refined progressive rock, full of nuances, with the music based upon carefully developed, delicate melodies. This mixing of Latin sophistication and elegance evokes Italians groups such as Premiata Forneria Marconi, Celeste, Quella Vecchia Loccanda with superb aerial guitar parts ala Santana and delicate keyboards lines. The CD includes two unreleased tracks from Crucis. An album that deserves to be rediscovered and appreciated to understand a little more of one of the great artists of progressive rock from Argentina. CD $12 SKU:20341

1968: 50 HITU ROKU NADEJE A ZRADY - DBL ( stunning collection of 60s beat, psych and pop hits )Label:SUPRAPHON Presented on DOUBLE-CD are 50 songs that hit the charts in Czechoslovakia during 1968. For those who aren't aware of how good that country's scene actually was during the '60s, this stunning collection of beat, psych and pop hits will come as a huge surprise. COMP CD $18 SKU:19853

Africa Airways One & Two-Funk Connecion 1973-80 /Funk Departurures 1973-1982Label:CHERRY RED First released in 2015 as two separate vinyl compilations, “Africa Airways” is a deep exploration into the furthest parts of 1970’s and early 1980’s African Funk and Cherry Red are proud to join forces with the ace London/Paris label Africa Seven to collect the two volumes together on CD for the first time. The last decade has seen the un-tapping of an apparent endless well of music from the mother continent and this compilation (in our not so biased opinion) uncovers some of the cream of the crop and stands as one of the finest exponents of the African take on the music that it directly influenced, that being the funk and disco from the USA.Featuring music from Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and the international African diaspora with artists including Manu Dibango, Jo Tongo and Jake Sollo this a truly pan-African affair, full of analogue synths, polyrhythms, rich vocals, jangling guitars and production slicker than oil. For lovers of music to get down to, this will make your rubber soled shoes burn. The original pressing of the vinyl compilations sold out so quickly that another two represses had to be made to keep up with demand. For those not to latch on to the vinyl resurgence and prefer the old school CD format, this compilation is the one for you!!! File under: Funk, Makossa, Highlife, Awesome. COMP CD $10 SKU:21303

BACK TO PERU- VA VOL 1 SAALE! ( Peruvian wild beat, garage, psychedelic, folk, instro, etc. 1964-74)-Label:VAMPISOUL (SPAIN) Digipack. Exciting, complete compilation of Peruvian wild beat, garage, psychedelic, folk, instro, etc. 1964-74. Featuring LOS ATOMOS, LOS MUTABLES, SNACK, LOS YORKS, ZULU, EL OPIO, EL POLEN, LOS MADS, TERMITS, SMOG, etc. Beautiful artwork, full details, unseen pictures, etc. COMP CD $12 SKU:21358

BEAT BESPOKE - VA Vol 8(Obscure underground '60s club sounds)Label:DETOUR CD has 4 bonus tracks over the LP. THE NEW UNTOUCHABLES PRESENTS...' - The 16 songs in this vinyl collection are obscure underground '60s club sounds, overlooked on release, but revered by dj's, dancers and collectors today. COMP CD $17 SKU:21423

GUNSMOKE VOL 3-10” 'DARK TALES OF WESTERN NOIR FROM A GHOST TOWN JUKEBOX' Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) DARK TALES OF WESTERN NOIR FROM A GHOST TOWN JUKEBOX' - Third volume in a limited edition series on Stag-O-Lee. Limited to 666 copies and packaged in a nice 10" sleeve with center hole. This is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early '60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the soundtrack from a jukebox in a ghost town. For best results: listen to after dark! COMP LP $17 SKU:21191

MIJ - YODELING ASTROLOGER ( 68 HIPPIE PSYCH) -Label:JACKPOT RECORDS (USA) An album which “could be considered an anomaly, a one-off or a miracle of circumstance in the history of psychedelic pop music. Mij, a.k.a. Jim Holmberg was discovered by ESP owners while playing in Washington Square Park in the summer of 1968. His style and persona mesmerized the label heads, and he explained to them a recent auto accident had fractured his skull but left him changed. He perceived sound, color and vision differently and he had funneled this new world of perception directly into his music. All this was enough to warrant getting Mij into the studio to lay down a record of his rambly, cosmic folk songs. The entire album was recorded in three hours, first-takes and impromptu production intact, then pressed up and introduced to the world shortly thereafter. To focus on the yodeling aspect of the Yodeling Astrologer would miss some of the depth of this album. Not just a hippie novelty act of the time, this is a truly thoughtful and somewhat frenzied document. Like Buffy St. Marie’s “Meditations”, Linda Perhacs’ “Parallelograms” or “Cold Fact” by Rodriguez, this is an album of sincere folk songs colored with subtle psychedelic touches. Uneasy reverberations and soft echoes glide over Holmberg’s breezy songs, creating a consistent sonic environment as spontaneous as it is intriguing. Available on vinyl for the first time since an incredibly limited original pressing in 1969 on ESP Disk. SAALEs Points: • Remastered from the original master tapes; • First ever reissue since original pressing in 1969; • Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing. • Audiophile vinyl press at RTI. • Sturdy old-style tip on jackeT LP $10 SKU:16389

MIRLOS,LOS -Cumbia Amazon (1972 to 1980 surf, echo & reverb) SAALE! -Label:PHARAWAY After the celebrated “Cumbias Chichadélicas” compilation, we present our second collaboration with the legendary Infopesa label from Peru. Los Mirlos were one of the most celebrated Peruvian Cumbia bands who recorded for the famous “orange” label. Featuring the incredible electric guitar of Gilberto Reátegui, Los Mirlos released a total of seven LPs for Infopesa. Spanning 1972- 1980, Cumbia Amazónica features all of their classics like ‘El Sonido de Los Mirlos’, ‘Sonido Amazónico’, ‘Poder Verde’ and more. Real Amazonian cumbia / chicha sounds straight from the jungle, full of surf, echo & reverb drenched electric guitars, cheap keyboards, exotic percussion and effects. Master tape sound, insert with liner notes and photos LP $12 SKU:20757

MO -First album( rare 70s psych heads)SAALE! Label:ANAZITISI "First Album" is a very rare album, originally released in a small edition of 200 only copies. This is the first ever reissue and comes as a faithful reproduction for the label, the cover and the number of copies.Psychedelic, acid freakout, space, funky soul, progressive, electronica, avant garde, folk, americana; Name it whatever you prefer and all together at once (if you want to be precise) and you have the right music style to categorize this one of a kind LP, which is really recommended to all the psych heads LP $18 SKU:20824

MONOCLES /HIGHER ELEVATION -The Spider, The Fly & The Boogie Man (HARD ROCKIN PSYCH 66-70-SAALE!Label:OUT-SIDER This essential LP includes an insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos. Most people were introduced to the bizarre psychedelic sound of The Monocles (later The Higher Elevation) thanks to the inclusion of the bizarre 'The Spider & The Fly' and 'The Diamond Mine' on the legendary 3rd volume of'Pebbles' Vol. 3 (the "acid-punk" volume). These youngsters from Colorado formed in 1964 and they were famous for driving to gigs in a custom Cadillac hearse. Between 1965 and 1968, they released a bunch of singles for labels s.a. Chicory, Denco, Liberty. This retrospective collection includes the best of their 45 sides, plus some tracks that are previously unreleased on vinyl. You'll find demented psychsploitation ('The Spider And The Fly', 'The Diamond Mine'), crude garage-psych, sunshine-pop and jangly folk-rock, teen garage and frat-rock, pop-psych and more. LP $15 SKU:19401

NEW NADIR/ME AND THE OTHERS -Uncovered: 11 Prev .Unrel. 1966-67 Freakbeat Tracks SAALE -Label:FEATHERED APPLE Unreleased 1966-67 freakbeat Tracks Featuring Gary Thain. Groundbreaking split LP including 5 killer previously unreleased 1967 freakbeat/r'n'b/garage studio tracks by the legendary New Nadir featuring Ed Carter from San Francisco, California on lead guitar and vocals (=pre The Beach Boys); Gary Thain from Christchurch, New Zealand on bass (=pre Keef Hartley, and Uriah Heep); plus Peter Dawkins also from Christchurch, New Zealand on drums (=the greatest record producer from down under). The New Nadir have played some celebrated clubs in London such as the Speakeasy where they gigged a few times with Jimi Hendrix, who was supposed to produce their first record for the UK Polydor label, however after Ed Carter had received the offer to join The Beach Boys, the band split and nothing was ever released. The five tracks by The New Nadir on this LP were recorded on Monday, August 28th 1967, at a professional Swiss recording studio near Zürich, and capture them in great mood at their fantastic first recordings. The songs range from top freakbeat/garage masterpieces (TOMORROW, as well as I NEED HER NOW), thru unique eastern influenced freakbeat tracks with raga riffs (BLACK SNOW), and onto the pop-art sound of PEOPLE ARE CHANGING, and the rambling r'n'b/freakbeat/garage guitar instrumental WALKING. The LP is highlighted by the monster previously unreleased freakbeat track LOVE IS NOT A GAME, which was recorded by the pre-New Nadir outfit Me And The Others in November 1966, at Regent Sound Studios in London. This could easily hail as one of the greatest freakbeat tracks which was ever produced in the UK. Me And The Others were a mid 60s beat/r'n'b/freakbeat band from Christchurch, New Zealand featuring Peter Dawkins on drums, and vocals (=ex The Strangers); Dave Chapman on guitar, Gary Thain on bass (=ex The Secrets, and The Strangers), as well as Paul Muggleston on lead vocals, guitar, and organ (=ex The Secrets, The Dynamics, Atlantics, etc.). The LP is rounded out by 5 choice never before released live tracks from a Me And The Others gig in Germany that was recorded in January 1967: The amazing Graham Bond Organisation type of guitar - organ instrumental COMING HOME BABY, plus fantastic kiwi modbeat/garage/freakbeat versions of YOU BETTER RUN, HOLD ON IM COMING, and CAN'T TURN YOU LOOSE, as well as the killer garage punk original track EVEN GREEN ONES. LP $22 SKU:21665

OBLIVIOUS-CREATING MEANING(retro/heavy rock)GATEFOLD SAALE!Label:WORLD IN SOUND Presented in a gatefold cover, this is the limited black vinyl version of Swedish retro/heavy rock quintet Oblivious' second album 'Creating Meaning'. This title was prviously released on CD by Transubstans Records in 2013. 'Creating Meaning' contains classic guitar driven retro rock with stunning vocals, sometimes straight forward boogie blues, but also with haunted and melancholic moments. Enjoy the strong and authentic flashes of the British heavy '70s blues hardrock! Somehow this 8-track album reminds of Steamhammer's 'Mountains' with more screaming and punchy guitar-work, but it also captures song structures in the vein of Led Zeppelin, UFO and Black Sabbath or contemporary likeminded groups such as Graveyard, Dozer or Clutch. From the first note till the very last tone, this is a very impressive album, which takes you back in time and space LP $16 SKU:21743


MERRELL FANKHAUSER and the HAIKU BAND -Visitor From 2000 AD (west coast surf-psych legend)-Label: This is an obscure CD release from west coast surf-psych legend, Merrell Fankhauser. Released right before the year 2000 hit and barely anyone noticed—it is a sad and beautiful world we live in. To some folks, this is the best thing Fankhauser has released since his Mu days! The track "Under A Maui Moon" is a mind-melter in particular. This recording is a breathtaking mixture of instrumental rock-jazz-surf-psychedelic flights with vocals inserted in the perfect places to complete the circle of musical life. This music speaks of the ancient Hawaiian mysteries that lie asleep waiting to be awoken. A rare and collectible CD. Very limited micro pressing. And more to the point, Fankhauser is very deservedly a legendary figure of the American psychedelic movement. CD $10 SKU:21223

MIKE AND THE RAVENS Nevermore Plattsburgh 62 and beyond DBL (PRE BRITISH INVASION PSYCH) -Label:DIONYSUS Double CD document testifies beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mike & The Ravens were the finest pre-British Invasion. The 40 tracks on this disc will please fans of pre-Brit invasion rock 'n' roll, instro, psychedelia, sunshine pop and Americana. Interspersed with old radio patter, commercial, news clippings and more, it flows like a time capsule. Extensive song annotation by Ugly Things' Will Shade, and stunning artwork round out a most unprecedented release.” CD $5 SKU:4502

MILADYS, Les -ST (60s Canadian girl band)Label:GEAR FAB Debut album by French Canadian 60's girl band. French sung with 'jolly' versions of NANCY SINATRA's 'Sugar Town', a SUPREMES song, SIMON & GARFUNKEL's 'Feeling Groovy', and so on. Typical 60's arrangments and female harmony vocals. Nice full color sleeve showing the mademoiselles in full. Most of the tracks performed here would fit perfectly on a 'Swinging Mademoiselles' compilation. (Gearfab Special) CD $10 SKU:21721

MILLENIUM - Pieces- Essential listening for sunshine pop and psych-pop fans!- Label:VOICEPRINT (England) By 1969, the Millennium, Curt Boettcher (who was also an independently contracted producer for Columbia Records), executive producer Gary Usher of the band’s “Begin” album, and a slew of Usher-produced acts like Gene Clark, the Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Chad & Jeremy, were all let go by the label. Combined with the internal conflicts the Millennium were experiencing, and multiplied by the inherent pressures of their rock-n-roll lifestyles, the loss of their recording contract was a fatal blow for the group. The Millennium disbanded in 1969, leaving behind a classic one-shot "desert island" LP. Yet the Millennium's breakup did not eliminate all interest in the group. Somewhere along the line, enough "people in the know" purchased or were handed copies of their album, and soon a small but devoted cult began to form around the record. For whatever reason, a good amount of unrealized Millennium material languished in the vaults. It is an incredible revelation to finally hear these missing puzzle pieces which reveal a band of enormous depth and songwriting talent. After listening to these unreleased demos, the divine results of the cosmically profound collaborative effort known as the Millennium become even more apparent. Unlike most of the concurrent L.A. super-groups (e.g. Rhinoceros), the members of the Millennium actually gelled musically. The various band members engaged in a variety of writing partnerships that resulted in some of the most beautiful (if under-appreciated) music of their era. Essential listening for sunshine pop and psych-pop fans! CD $10 SKU:12228

MILLER, PETE( BIG BOY PETE- Summerland( 1966-68- more psych adventures of England freakbeat king!) Label:GEAR FAB These tracks were all recorded between 1966-1968 and are ever bit as great as our earlier BBP release: Return To Catatonia. Exact replication of the Tenth Planet vinyl release and off the Master Tapes CD $10 SKU:21722

MINERS OF MUZO-REALLY.. IS THAT A FACT? (DUTCH 60s inspired garage psych)--Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB The official release of 'Really.... Is That A Fact?' on Down At The Nightclub Records. A few copies of this CD were previously released in 2013 by the band as a promo CD. The CD features Lee (vocals and guitars), GJ (drums), Marc (bass), Wannes (guitars), Corn Biekens (lead guitar on #4) and The Salsa Kid (Trumpets on #4, #9 and #12). The CD contains an eight page lyrics booklet. On offer are 13 sparkling guitar songs, sometimes stomping fierce, fuzzing and rocking the garage way, sometimes melodic, or even melancholic, but always with conviction and persuasion and depth. You can hear the influences from the past, you can hear some '60s twang or some '70s hook, but it is definitely a contemporary sound. The Miners are diggin' deep once more. The title refers to an old J.R. Ewing (Dallas) quote. CD $14 SKU:19410

MIRACLE WORKERS- Moxies Revenge (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers’ earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! CD $14 SKU:361

MISCHIEF-Hubble Bubble ( ex Damned ) SAALE -Label:NDN Today a trio, Mischief in fact started out being just a duo, comprising the 2 ex-Damned members Alan Lee Shaw and Paul Gray.
1 –Mischief Horse-Whipped
2 –Mischief Hyperventilating
3 –Mischief I Hear You Moan
4 –Mischief Something So Simple
5 –Mischief It's So Easy
6 –Mischief Another World
7 –Mischief Burning Soul
8 –Mischief Should Have Seen It Coming
9 –Mischief All Over Me
10 –Mischief This Is The Time
11 –Mischief Fool For The Fever
12 –Mischief Such A Fine Time
CD $3 SKU:12464

MISUNDERSTOOD-The Lost Acetates 65-66 ( 60s garage/psych ) full color booklet and liners by MIKE STAX. - Label:UGLY ThINGS 14 Amazing unreleased tracks w 12 page full color booklet and liners by MIKE STAX. - 60'S GARAGE PSYCH MUST CD $10 SKU:3945

MJ HALLORAN - Comes the Light (Aussie blues punk style) SAALE! - Label:OFF THE HIP Australian-born artist MJ Halloran formed The Sinners in New York during late 2009 as a platform for his blues/rock/punk songs of perversion and antipathy. MJ has played and recorded with Spencer P Jones, Brian Hooper, Dee Pop, and John Nolan, recorded in New York, Gijon(Sp.), Melbourne and Berlin, and toured Europe. CD $8 SKU:20224

MOCK DUCK - TEST Record (60s fuzzed out rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Well, we don't know what else to call this project because there were only 14 acetates made of their live recordings at The Village Bistro in Vancover, B.C. in October 1968. But
never fear, for we have unearthed the master Tapes form those sessions plus a lot more unreleased live and Studio recordings from this same period, including the 12 minute long studio session of June, 1968. Rising from the ashes of such famous Vancouver bands as The United Empire Loyalists, Cement City Cowboys and Six Cylinder, this band played a style of music that crossed between a fuzzed out John Coltrane sound to one of hard driving rock with Farfisa organ and blazing guitars and hard-edged vocals. Includes all their 45s releases plus other unreleased studio tracks. Don't pay $2,000 for an original copy of the acetate….just buy this release!!! CD $10 SKU:19301

MONOCLES /HIGHER ELEVATION - THE SPIDER, THE FLY & THE BOOGIEMAN ( psych 60s ) -Label:GEAR FAB As promised in the liner notes from Psychedelic States: Colorado In The 60s, here is the complete story of The Monocles and their earlier incarnation, The Higher Elevation. 31 Tracks, many of them never before released, from the Greeley, Colorado band that used to drive around in a Hearse!! Hard rocking and psychedelic music From 1966-1970!! CD $10 SKU:19930

MONTESANO, GUSTAVO -Homenaje (1977 ARGENTINE RARITY) -Label:RECORD RUNNER Going for big bucks elsewhere! Montesano was the bassist and primary composer of Crucis, and his debut solo album "Homenaje" (1977) was made in the slipstream of Crucis' second album "Los Delirios del Mariscal." The rest of Crucis contribute, as do many other notable Argentinean rock musicians of the time. The opening instrumental 'Sinfonia Lunatica' and the subsequent vocal number 'Cuando la duda se hace grande alrededor' are the album's highlights, full of lively melodies, sunny Mellotron and synthesizer layers and excellent guitar work from Pino Marrone which highlights the melodic side of his playing. The vocal parts on the poppy 'La última barrera' and the piano ballad 'Desde que te pude ver' are a bit marshmallowy, even if the instrumental parts on the latter (including a real string section) are inspired. The rest of the album divides itself between two majestically droning instrumentals and the up-tempo rocker 'Primer triunfo,', which has Genesis-like penchant for driving yet choppy rhythms, leaping synthesizers and solid chords. The end result is a very accessible and immediate symphonic album, not very complex in structures yet rich in arrangements and melodies. Argentina has produced stronger progressive rock (e.g. Bubu's "Anabelas", Pablo el Enterrador's first album), but unless complexity and intensity are what you are primarily looking for, you shouldn't ignore this satisfying little album. Two short, previously unreleased Crucis tracks have been added as a bonus on the CD version. These are close to the second album in sound, but lighter and simpler in style. Nice and jazzy and they push the CD past the 40-minute mark, so no complaints there. CD $15 SKU:20273

MOOSEHEART FAITH- COSMIC DIALOGUES (USA PSYCH ACID HEADS) SAALE! -Label:SEPTEMBER GURLS 3rd Full length album by USA PSYCHEDELIC ACID HEADS! Feat. ex-ANGRY SAMOANS member! They navigate through folk tinged my mystic romanticism, psychedelia with 60's influences and even touch on Eastern shores in music as well as thought. CD $12 SKU:21631

30 SECONDS BEFORE THE CALICO WALL - VA ( 60's U.S. garage psych dementia) -Label:ARF ARF 28 splendid cuts pounding out muscular US garage/psych dementia circa '66-'68 at its absolute peak. Equally excessive and mandatory musical experience for fans of 1990's Beyond The Calico Wall compandium. Features Haymarket Riot, Brain Train, Ron Wray Light Show, Pepper & The Shakers, Dennis & The Times, Chateaux, etc. Superb sound plus 16 page booklet packed with facts and inside dope. COMP CD $12 SKU:16080

A FINE DAY AND A BRILLIANT EVENING -Cherry Red Rarities 1983-85 (willowy pop)Label:CHERRY RED More willowy pop of yesteryear from the vaults of Cherry Red. The second release in the Cherry Red Rarities series, is a collection of rare and upstanding tracks from three of Cherry Red’s most popular artists: Jane And Barton, Grab Grab The Haddock (yes, they really did exist) and In Embrace. “The juxtaposition of the three artists here seems coincidental, yet they successfully present different facets of the sound of the label during the early 80's. Jane & Barton start with the acapella 'It's A Fine Day' which was later turned into the Opus III dancefloor smash. Flute and percussion accompany Jane on 'I Want To Be With You' to nice pastoral effects a la Virginia Astley, although the latter would have never named one of her songs 'Ha Bloody Ha', which poses such thought-provoking questions as "Did you hear about the woman who died" or "What part of a vegetable can't you eat". Simple voice and piano arrangement on 'There Is A Man' and 'You Are Over There' makes ideal lazy afternoon listening, only to be rudely disturbed by Mr.Barton's grating screech on 'You Are Over There Part Two'. Onto the marvelously named Grab Grab The Haddock, which included two of the three Marine Girls after Tracey Thorn went on to form Everything But The Girl. They pretty much carried on with the style of their previous band, only now augmented to a four-piece. Lightweight summery guitar pop, the stuff that made Cherry Red famous. In Embrace played moody melodic pop with guitar and synths. Although once described as 'introverted and emotionally unfathomable' the songs are actually quite classy and the sentiments deeply felt. 'The Darkest Horse' features a spine-tingling chord progression slightly reminiscent of the Cocteaus. They should have been big. The CD ends with a bonus video of 'It's A Fine Day'. COMP CD $5 SKU:20498

ALLENTOWN ANGLOPHILE- VA (rare 60s garage British /invasion style)Label:DISTORTIONS A look back in time at Allentown, Pennsylvania's Anglo-influenced garage scene, many unreleased songs by Kings Ransom, Limits, and more.The Lehigh Valley / Allentown, PA area, at one time, was a hotbed of musical talent, influenced mainly by the British Invasion groups of the day as well as American bands like the Critters COMP CD $10 SKU:4211

ARF! ARF! - El Cheapo 2-CD Sampler 60's psych ) - Label:ARF ARF Best in 60’s garage & psych & incredible strange music. All the tracks are previously unavail. on cd, inc alt/demo versions and prev. unre material. Inc.Lost, Six Feet Under,Erik Lindgren,Legends,LazySmoke,Flowerz,Rising Storm,Fredric,etc COMP CD $8 SKU:260

ARF! ARF! -BLITZKRIEG (60's psych/ glam/ and oddities) - Label:ARF ARF This cheap compilation comprise a track from each Arf! Arf! release, so whether you are a garage fiend or a lover of incredibly strange muzak or a glam hound, there is no better way to check out this extraordinary catalog. Including LUCIA PAMELA, SPACE NEGROS, NOBLEMEN, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, THE LOST, THEE WYLDE MANIACS, THE ELECTRAS, etc. COMP CD $8 SKU:20125

BE A CAVEMAN- VA Best of Voxx w Hypstrz, Leopards, Laughing Soup Disch and more ) Label:VOXX Boffo compilation of the best of the Voxx label, featuring such '80s-90s garage heroes as he Stomachmouths, The Hypstrz, The Eyes of Mind, The Things, The Leopards, The Event, The Laughing Soup Dish, and many more. Also included are DMZ, The Crawdaddys, The Fuzztones, The Chesterfield Kings, The Barracudas, Plan 9, The Unclaimed, The Pandoras, The Gravedigger and more. Awesome cover art by Rudi Protrudi. Nicely remastered with 24 page book and liner notes by Greg Shaw. COMP CD $10 SKU:22085

BEAT (AL)BOOM 1968-1970- VA (Czeck 60s beat) DOUBLE CD Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. Petr Ulrych & Atlantis, Hana Ulrychova & The Bluesmen, Cardinals, Crystal, Flamengo, Framus Five, George & Beatovens, Juventus, Komety, The Matadors, Olympic, Prudy, The Rebels, The Soulmen, Synkopy 61,Vulkan, Blue Effect, Viktor Sodoma & Apollo Beat, Pete Kaplan & Samuels Band, Colour Images a.o. DOUBLE-CD EDITION! COMP CD $17 SKU:19715

BEATFREAK! Vol 3 Rare And Obscure British Beat 1966-1969Label:PARTICLES Original Sound Recordings From The British Beat Archives COMP CD $12 SKU:21280

BIG BEAT LINE 1965-1968 - VA awesome DBL CD of rare Czech bands)-Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome DOUBLE-CD compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. The Beatmen (6 tracks), Crystal (4 tracks), Flamengo (9 tracks), Juventus (5 tracks), Matadors (6 tracks), Mefisto (6 tracks), Olympic (10 tracks), Synkopa Ob Pierov (3 tracks) and Vulkan (6 tracks). COMP CD $17 SKU:19716

GHOST MEMORIES-VA (rare, whiskey-drenched country, raw rockabilly from the 50s and 60s) SAALE! Label:MISSISSIPPI/LOST TRAIN The companion to Six Feet Under, now finally back in print with a brand new cover! Yet more rare, whiskey-drenched country, raw rockabilly and rock instrumentals from the late 1950s, early 1960s. All incredibly hard to find tunes from obscure 45s. Co-released with Lost Train Records. COMP LP $18 SKU:21620

GIRLS IN THE GARAGE- Vol 7 ( wild sounds of '60s girl garage groups/artists from around the globe) 180 GRAM GREEN-SAALE! Label:PAST & PRESENT Volume 7 in this ace series of compilations dedicated to the wild sounds of '60s girl garage groups/artists from around the globe is now reissued on 180-GRAM LIGHT GREEN VINYL. Limited to 1.000 hand-numbered copies, this edition comes with a 4-page vinyl booklet offering background info and rare pix COMP LP $25 SKU:21774

GREASED BUCKSKIN BELTERS- VA (60s and 70s rock/psych rarities) Label:BELTER 14 HIGH OCTANE AND FRENZIED TALES OF BOOZED UP HICKS, CHICKS, DROP OUTS AND SKUNKS SYPHONED FROM VARIOUS NORTH AMERICAN OIL DUMPS OF ILL-REPUTE' - Belter Records (known from the 'Bonehead Crunchers' and 'Ultimate Bonehead' series) has been rampaging obscure nooks and crannies of North America to uncover a selection of frenetic screamers and high velocity tales of hellraising and beer swilling with fast driving stoners trying to catch even faster moving girls. If you can imagine a rockabilly outgrowth updated through a grinder operated by Keith Richards and Rob Tyner, you have an idea of what to expect. This LP merges rock'n'roll, late garage and budding proto punk in an endless orgy of high energy stupidity. The contents are mainly from the late '60s and early '70s. Limited to 300 copies only! COMP LP $22 SKU:18472

I KNOW THAT I GOT A HEAVY SOUL, VOL. 3-VA((Eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk)Label:HEAVY SOUL The third installment in this popular series features a host of bands that are inspired by the sounds of the '60s. On offer is an eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk. COMP LP $16 SKU:22044

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE - Vol 2 (60s Dutch LTd to 500 )DOUBLE LP RED VINYL Label:CONCERTO At record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. COMP LP $22 SKU:17890

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE - Vol 5 (60s Dutch beat) BLUE DBL LP Label:CONCERTO At record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on blue vinyl.
T COMP LP $22 SKU:17893

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE - Vol 1 60s Dutch LTd to 500 )PURPLE DBL LP E LP Label:CONCERTO t record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl
COMP LP $22 SKU:21387

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE - Vol 3 (60s Dutch LTd to 500 )GREEN VINYL DBL LP Label:CONCERTO At record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on green vinyl COMP LP $22 SKU:21388

NEDERBEAT:BEAT,BLUF & BRANIE - Vol 4 (60s Dutch LTd to 500 ) GREY DBL LP Label:CONCERTO At record conventions, the singles and albums of Dutch beat groups from the '60s are still among the most sought after objects. This so-called Nederbeat offers a perfect musical reflection of the optimism and vitality of those years. The creme de la creme of this movement is featured in this excellent compilation series. Limited to 500 copies on grey vinyl. T COMP LP $22 SKU:21389

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR HALLUCINATIONS - special LTD. ed with BLACK KEYS< RADIO MOSCOW recorded just for this release.Label:ALIVE BLACK KEYS SONG RECORDED JUST FOR THIS RELEASE! Vinyl only compilation featuring 12 songs, 6 of them rare and/or unreleased, plus psychedelic/punk artwork. COMP LP $20 SKU:10620

MIRACLE WORKERS -TEST PRESSING 1985 (VOXX 200.031) Label:VOXX ONE ONLY! These are ORIGINAL RAINBO TEST PRESSINGS. Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. LP $75 SKU:22204

MONUMENT - First Monument (London 1971 hard rock) BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Label:GUERSSEN Ding on one corner, very small, GREAT deal! Heavy organ and guitar doom hard rock recorded in London in 1971 by the members of cult hard-rockers Zior. A must for fans of early Black Sabbath or Leafhound. High quality carton cover, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Mastertape sound quality. Includes an insert with extensive liner notes by Andy Morten. LP $16 SKU:21633

MOUNT CARMEL - Get Pure for Radio Moscow fans, heavy blues guitar power trio! !) PURPLE -Label:ALIVE Amid the current industry of cool, Mount Carmel’s lack of gimmick is a welcome anachronism. The trio’s third album “Get Pure” is full of swagger, packed with great songs and inspired performances. This is true rock music like you haven’t heard in years. Crank it up!
Mount Carmel reeks of surging guitar riffs and thunderous backbeats. They’re a power trio in the truest sense of the term and certainly nowhere near as anonymous as their cover art would have you believe.As you may have guessed, this is an album for the heavy blues guitar freaks. – 194 LP $18 SKU:16039

MU-ST(1971 West Coast psych/bluesy acid-rock) SAALE! Label:GUERSSEN 2018 repress. West Coast psychedelia/bluesy acid-rock by this true hippie band led by the legendary Merrell Fankhauser (Fapardokly, HMS Bounty) and genius guitar player Jeff Cotton (Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band). This is their classic and sought-after first album from 1971. Remastered sound, insert with lyrics, photos and extensive liner notes by Patrick Lundborg. "The mix of bluesy urban L.A. exhaust fume vibes and tribal desert mystique is as archetypal an early 1970s SoCal trip as you can find. With strong songwriting and a pro-level recording, the album is given a clear musical identity via the excellent slide guitar, harmony vocals, and occasional sax." --Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $22 SKU:21187

MYSTERY PLANE-Still Life (70s Amon Duul style)SAALE! -Label:COLOR DISC : Mystery Plane formed in 1980 from the ashes of 70's new wave band 3D5 who's line-up also featured future Cure member Porl Thompson. This record was originally a demo cassette made in 1981 that was hawked around record labels with a view for release. Later Color Tapes released a 100 copies edition. To support their demo at the time the band played such gigs at the Marquee, Rock Garden and The Bridgehouse supporting bands such as Fad Gadget, Modern English and Henry Padovani (Ex-Police) in London. This sublime minimal basement krauty synth LP was inspired by bands such as Neu, Amon Duul ll, and "Vienna" period Ultravox. The album features guitar work of Gerald O' Connell who was a big fan of Ash Ra Tempel's guitarist Manuel Gottsching. A year later he went on to form Lives Of Angels who made the classic cold wave album "Elevator To Eden" which was originally released on Color Tapes in 1983. Mystery Plane have been featured on the sold out Cold Waves Of Color compilation series. The album has been remastered by Denis Blackham and comes complete with a poster insert. (LP) Import edition, limited to 250x copies. LP $10 SKU:20978

NEATBEATS-MORE BEAT SIDE HITS (Japanese Merseybeat style band) SAALE! -Label:SOUNDFLAT A cool collection of covers by Japan's number 1 purveyors of the timeless Mersey-sound. The band selected a bunch of tunes known from a.o. The Beatles, The Rattles, Bacharach/David and Richie Barrett. This is great FUN! LP $16 SKU:21622

NERVES One Way Ticket (70S POWERPOP LEGENDS!) STARBURST VINYLLabel:ALIVE Formed in 1975 by guitarist JACK LEE, bassist PETER CASE, and drummer PAUL COLLINS, the Nerves are one of the most influential garage/punk pop outfits to come out of the mid-70's LA scene, and certainly one of the least documented... until now. Mostly remembered for their classic "Hanging On The Telephone," a Jack Lee composition which has been covered over the years by a myriad of artists from BLONDIE to L7 to CAT POWER, the Nerves were above all a high energy rock'n'roll band with all three members composing and singing. Playing fast, ear-catching garage pop songs, sometimes wearing matching suits, the trio had more than a bit of the stripped down street energy of the Los Angeles's early punk movement. They shared the stage with the Ramones and Mink Deville during their infamous US "Magical Blistering Tour," played the Punk Palace and the legendary Masque in Hollywood, and headlined shows with the Avengers, the Zeros, The Dils, The Screamers and Shock, to name just a few. After the band's break-up in 1978, Peter Case and Paul Collins formed The BREAKAWAYS, and later went on to front the legendary PLIMSOULS and The BEAT, respectively. Following the success of "Hanging On the Telephone," JACK LEE has mostly focused on his songwriting career, releasing an album in 1981. Both Peter and Paul are still recording and touring. PETER CASE's latest album "Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John" (Yeproc 2007) was nominated for a Grammy. This collection, authorized for the first time ever by the three band members, features their 1976 EP (now regarded as a power pop classic), as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings, REMASTERED and complete with notes and photos. LP $20 SKU:17632

NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES - ST ( 60s style powerpop goddesses w Peter James of the ROMANTICS ) ELECTRIC BLUE VINYL Label:BOMP Records New pressing on gorgeous BLUE VINYL! Garage pop goddesses. The band was always in top form, led by ex-Romantic Peter James. This LP, from 1980, is their testament. LP $20 SKU:20702

NOX BOYS - OUT OF TOUCH ( 60s style garage ) Label:GET HIP The Nox Boys recorded their first album as teenagers in high school with Producer Jim Diamond in one weekend. This time around they went full throttle to create a true GARAGE PUNK album: “Out Of Touch”. With special guest appearances and production by Gregg Kostelich (The Cynics / Get Hip Records) on bass, and engineered by Pete Drivere (Blue Ash/Deadbeat Poets/Infidels), the album features a broad mix of psychedelia, pop, and punk elements…. “Out Of Touch” opens with title track written as an outlet for the frustrations of growing up in today’s political climate and circumscribing a pathway of your own. LP $14 SKU:21270

OOSTEN, MICHAEL - St (70s hippie psych) HAND SCREENED COVER w 3 bonus tracks.-Label:WAY GONE + LION PRODUCTIONS (USA) Keeping a band together was difficult in the late 1960’s. Tough too, because Michael Oosten was writing songs that veered away from pop-song structures. There was also the relative ease and lack of responsibility required for hauling around a guitar. So, Oosten took off, with a Martin guitar in tow, playing coffeehouses and clubs across the country. By the end of 1973, he was ready to record an LP—five psychedelic folk/rock tracks, ranging from the brightly smiling ‘Sunny Day’ to the epic ‘Hungry Horse Montana,’ where Oost switched seamlessly from Celtic picking to Middle Eastern chord progressions. Oosten filled out his folk/rock/psych sound with the help of a few friends: piano from Tom Hennick on ‘Hey Babe,’ vocals from Jan Reek on ‘Garden,’ and bass from Al Byla on ‘Sunny Day.’ Oosten's wayward vocals puts us in mind of other meandering faves from various eras (Incredible String Band, Perry Leopold, or the Meatpuppets, to name but three), and Oost proves himself a stellar guitarist in an eccentric and percussive mode. Considering the individualistic nature of the album's genesis, no surprise that marketing and publicity for the album was limited. Columbia Records expressed interest in Oosten's music; but after a single meeting with the label, it was clear that the album would be too difficult for the mainstream honchos to market. Oost and friend Lester D'ore (editor of Chicago countercultural paper Seed and designer of the Yippie flag) holed up at D'ore's Wisconsin commune farm to silkscreen each LP jacket by hand. For our deluxe Lion Productions replica edition, they’ve done that again—we've used the original screens for this hand-screened, hand-assembled replica edition. The work of a renegade, ripe for rediscovery. •Hand silk-screened jackets, using the original screens •180 gram vinyl w/replica labels + color insert •Sleeve notes by Michael Oosten•Limited to 500 copies, which come in multiple color variations LP $15 SKU:19264

ORWELL, PAUL -SMUT(UK's premier freakbeat/rawk'n roll revivalist!) SAALE! Label:HEAVY SOUL Orwell, who's not a stranger to the freakbeat stylings of yesteryear, is able to make music that's simultaneously rooted in both the past and the present. The second full album by Paul Orwell has arrived and you are in for a mahhussive treat! The second pressing also comes on coloured vinyl (normal weight), but is housed in a single sleeve. You know with Paul you are going to get sincere, full-on, totally committed rock and roll and that is certainly the case here. Featuring the two singles 'I'll Be Your Murderer' and 'Speak Of The Devil'. Get on board the Orwell express.... LP $18 SKU:21502

OTROVNA KRISTINA-ST (70s styled rock bliss from Croatia!) SAALE!Label:SULATRON A straightforward rock release on Sulatron Records? With lyrics in an impossible to understand language? The year 2016: weird and full of surprises! Drop the needle and be prepared to be blown away by these exciting sounds from the Balkans. Awesome '70s styled rock bliss from Croatia! LP $14 SKU:21325