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Another Tuesday and that means adds to our famous $5 and under section, our $5-$10 section and our new wildly popular ONE ONLY section, for items that wont be restocked and being sold at near cost. Alas, warehouse space is not infinite, I gotta make room for the new titles! Thanks for helping me out, you guys are really clearing off the shelves for me.

Also listed are some BACK IN STOCK and SAALE items, click on the pretty pink box to see the list.

FOR YOU GUYS WHO ORDERED THE BUFFALO KILLERS AUTOGRAPHED EDITION, Zac got those in the mail for us, it will arrive THURSDAY. We will be generating labels and sending out tracking numbers today, but the tracking wont work until we actually mail the items, so keep your panties on!

In label news, next up is the phenonomal MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER with his second album on ALIVE. For those of you who don't know, he was formerly in the legendary BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES, and he can play guitar like a motherf*cker! This dude has got some soul, if you don't already have his first record, GET IT!

The BUFFALO KILLERS new LP available on STARBURST vinyl, and GOSPELBEACH continues to fly out the door. Do yourself (and ME) a favor and get it!

Thanks for all,

Suzy Shaw


HIPS- James Brown / Cut Up / Get Movin - PIC SLV Label:Going Underground WAREHOUSE FIND ONE COPY 45 RPM $10 SKU:12543

JAPANESE GIRL -You Should Have Switches(Portuguese girls lo fi psych/ garage) Label:MUNSTER Portuguese band The Japanese Girl forged a raw, powerful sound somewhere between garage rock and psych lo-fi with two guitars, an organ, and vintage drum machines; they have since been joined by a drummer who hammers through their opiated layers of reverb. They have played with Jacco Gardner, The Wand, and Girls Names, and as part of the Reverence Festival Party. This 7" features "You Should Have Switches," which sits somewhere between early The Jesus and Mary Chain and Thee Oh Sees, taken from their 2015 Sonic-Shaped Life album (forthcoming at the time of this release). It's backed by an exclusive, unexpected version of Pete Shelley's "Telephone Operator." 45 RPM $7 SKU:16866

JERUSALEM-Kamakazi Moth-Label:ROCKADROME ' b/w 'Frustration Limited pressing picture sleeve single, featuring the band's only released non-LP track on the A-side! The first in a series of 7" releases aimed at gathering together tracks otherwise not reissued on vinyl (or never released on vinyl) from key artists in the Vintage/Lion universe—Jerusalem, Iron Claw, Truth & Janey... all limited to 500x copies maximum. 45 RPM $10 SKU:18276

LE HIPE HOPE - WHEN B-BOYS MEET THE BOOGALOO Label:TOUR EIFFEL NO CLUE about this one kiddies, but it’s going for $30 elsewhere!
T45 RPM $10 SKU:18198

LOCKJAW-RADIO CALL SIGN - ( 1977) WHITE VINYL-Label:DAMAGED GOODS BW / THE YOUNG ONES - First-ever reissue of Lockjaw's debut single, originally released in 1977. This is the first of two singles they recorded for Cambridge-based Raw Records. A second 7-inch, titled "Journalist Jive," followed in 1978. Pressed on color vinyl. (2016) 45 RPM $8 SKU:18087

LUBRICANTS - ACTIVATED ENERGY ltd to 500 - Label:RERUN BW / TRANSFORMATION VACATION - Milwaukee punk band The Lubricants originally cut this caustic 45 in 1980. It features two killer punk sides with perfectly in-the-red production; songs oozing with some of the most searing guitar leads committed to vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. 45 RPM $8 SKU:15922

MAGIC BUS-SEVEN WONDERS WITH POSTER (70S STYLE)Label:HEADSPIN Limited edition 7-inch including a free fold-out poster. Magic Bus, from Devon, pick up where Caravan left off in 1975 and then put their own spin on the classic Canterbury sound. Featuring warm keyboards and great vocals, this sounds very, very English. 45 RPM $10 SKU:18776

MAHARAJAS, LOS-SUCKED INTO THE SEVENTIES -Label:CRUSHER Tracks: A-side: 1. Down at the pub. 2. Someone looking at you. B-side: 1. Bing (And now you're hyptotised) 2. Stickers and pins. As the title suggests, something has happened: the quality is high as always but apparently the musical sources of inspiration have expanded. THE MAHARAJAS still got their roots in the 60s garage rock. But ten years of musically development for THE MIGHTY MAHARAJAS has brought a new decade to the door step to colorize the songs. Good or bad? You decide. The Band says: -Now as good as ever! 45 RPM $9 SKU:17821

LOST SOULS - Vol 1 Unreleased 1960s Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas 180 gram COLOR VINYL -Label:GET HIP Lost Souls Volume 1 Part 1 digs deep into the diamond mine of Arkansas seeking forgotten gems from the 1960s garage and psychedelic scene. Unknown punk like the Blue and the Gray’s lethal take on “Don’t Send Me No Flowers” will convert the non-believers. Herein lies teen angst and woes from around the state chronicled on scarce 45s and acetates resurrected from private collections. COMP LP $14 SKU:16147

LOST SOULS Vol 4 Unreleased 1960s Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas -Label:Psych of the South Lost Souls Volume 4 features ALL unreleased tracks from the heyday of garage and psychedelic rock in Arkansas from 1965-1968. Lost Souls Volume 4 mines unknown and rare gems from even deeper into the vault of Arkansas. 90% originals and 100% uncomped. You have NEVER heard these tunes before, which have been hidden on acetates and tapes on the brink of extinction. Lost Souls Volume 4 features acetate contributions by Joey D, Mark Taylor, and Barry Wickham in addtion to discoveries by Harold Ott for Psych of the South records. COMP LP $14 SKU:15367

LOVE,PEACE & POETRY- AMERICAN Psych Music ( DELUXE FULL COLOR GATEFOLD SLV.) - Label:QDK GERMANY 2015 repress of the vinyl edition. Full color gatefold sleeve presentation. Featuring tracks from: Darius, New Tweedy Bros., Arcesia, Victoria, Damon, Jungle, Hunger, Trizo 50, Music Emporium, Brain Police, Michael Angelo, Zerfas, Lazy Smoke, Hickory Wind, New Dawn, Sidetrack, Patron Saints. COMP LP $19 SKU:16550

LOVE,PEACE & POETRY- JAPANESE Psychedelic Music ( DELUXE FULL COLOR GATEFOLD SLV.) -Label:QDK GERMANY 2014 restock. LP version in deluxe full color gatefold sleeve. "Japanese psychedelic music of the 1960s & 1970s is very heavily invested in a hard rock aesthetic and much of what we've chosen to include here features some phenomenal over the top electric guitar excess. Many Japanese records from this period are either very heavy psychedelic rock, or they are very experimental and avant garde with little in the way of classic UK & US Sixties 'underground' psychedelia to be found. Unlike most compilations which focus on rare singles tracks, the Love, Peace & Poetry series collects tracks from the world's rarest and most obscure psychedelic albums believing that, no matter how passionate a music fan you might be, you shouldn't be too surprised to find that you may have missed at least a few things along the way.." -- Stan Denski. Artists included: The Mops, Yuya Uchida/Flowers, The Happenings Four, Foodbrain, Apryl Fool (Haruomi Hosono), Speed, Glue & Shinki, Blues Creation, Shinki Chen & Friends, The Jacks, Tokedashita Garasubako, Justin Heathcliff, Masahiko Sato & Sound Breakers, Kuni Kawachi & His Friends, The Beavers. COMP LP $19 SKU:16188

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST- VA Vol 2 (60s garage psych w liners ) - Label:CAVERN LOST TRACKS FROM THE ACTION SIXTIES! 16 boss cuts featuring THINGIES, MORNING DEW, NOBLEMEN, ESQUIRES, PLATO & PHILOSOPHERS, ROGUES, UNDERBEATS, SKEPTICS, COACHMEN, KYKS and a couple more! All great! Liner notes on back cover COMP LP $14 SKU:12851


HARDY FRANCOISE- TOUS LES GARCONS ET LES FILLIES 180 GRAM GATEFOLD - (60s girl pop)Label:FUTURE DAYS Hardy was immortalized in 1964 in a poem by Bob Dylan, she associated with The Stones, and dined with Beatles Paul McCartney and George Harrison. She also soon gained more creative control over her music, and she now distances herself from these early recordings where this was not the case. “Even if I had been able to say something about the production,” she says now, “maybe I would have been listened to, but I didn’t know anything LP $18 SKU:17224

HAYMARKET SQUARE- Magic Lantern with poster and liners (Chicago 60s psych garageLabel:GUERSSEN A superb vinyl reissue! . Comes with newly remastered sound, insert with liner notes and a cool reproduction of the ultra-rare Baron & Bailey Lightshow poster. Originally from Chicago, Haymarket Square (in '68) released the LP 'Magic Lantern', one of the rarest vinyl artifacts from the US psychedelic underground. Originally conceived as the soundtrack to a psychedelic lightshow art installation, the album offers crude, dark psychedelic rock featuring trippy fuzzed out and wah wah guitars, male/female vocals and long tracks LP $22 SKU:15686

HARVEY MILK - THE SINGLES (2LP COLOR VINYL LTD. ED )SAALE -Label:RELAPSE Limited edition on color vinyl. Essential for any Harvey Milk fan. TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE LP $16 SKU:9614


HOT KNIVES - ST SPANISH IMPORT (70s pop/power pop, glam, psych)-Label:GOT KINDA LOST Named after the song by ex-Big Star founder member Chris Bell is the newest reissue imprint by the Guerssen Label Group (of Spain). Curated by Jeremy Cargill (Assistant Editor for Ugly Things Magazine), the label s focus is archival and reissue work specializing in the realms of proto-punk, 70s pop/power pop, glam, psych, privately-pressed hard rock, and out of time treasures. LP $18 SKU:18116

HOT TUNA - Live At the Fillmore West, 3rd July 1971 DBL lp 180 gram liners, photos -Label:KEYHOLE UK Double LP version, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Taped on the final-ever Saturday night at the legendary Fillmore West on July 3rd, 1971, this superb set finds Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady opening for Quicksilver Messenger Service, with help from Papa John Creach on electric violin and Sammy Piazza on drums. Drawing on their lengthy experience as folk musicians before they formed Jefferson Airplane, it features their breathtaking musicianship and wonderfully intense jamming before a highly appreciative audience. Background notes and photos included. LP $22 SKU:16247

HUBBS, STAN - Crystal (80s stoner rock) Label:COMPANION RECORDS Finally the official vinyl reissue of Stan Hubbs' 1982 Crystal LP is available. 500 faithful repros were made of this confounding slab of stoner rock, each including a replica of the original 16 page booklet. Crystal was recorded in Hubbs' rural Sonoma county living room and just like the original, this reissue was mastered and cut by Paul Stubblebine, pressed by RTI and housed in heavy, old-style jackets." LP $24 SKU:12943

IMPOSIBLES, LOS- En Espiral ( 60s style garage psych ) SAALE - Label:SUNNY DAY Pop, wild garage shots, psychedelic flavours, Spanish beat, soul rhythms and organdriven instrumentals influenced by the Beatles, Los Brincos, The Byrds and The Animals... LP $12 SKU:14179

ISAAC ROTHER & THE PHANTOMS -The Unspeakable Horror Of ORANGE VINYL ltd ed. Label:Rock 'n'Rhythm Records Fans of Little Richard, The Cramps and the horror movies of yesteryear will dig The Unspeakable Horror Of… Isaac Rother And The Phantoms! You will get ten tracks of spooky RnB and rip-roaring rock n’ roll recorded on the finest vintage analog gear in a forsaken synagogue. Put on this record and good times will ensue… But beware The Unspeakable Horror! LP $15 SKU:16813


HOLLOWBODY - Glossy cover Brian Jonestown Massacre related RARE! Label:TANGIBLE Warehouse find, only a few copies. Back in 1993, Tangible and Bomp! records co-released an amazing box set of six 7"s by San-Fran-area bands Hollowbody, Orange, Nebtwister, Acid, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Reverb. Only 500 copies of the box set were made, none remain , but we have a few of the individual singles . 45 RPM $5 SKU:11675

HOLLYWOOD KILLERS - GOODBYE SUICIDE (78 glam punk power pop)Label:MIGHTY MOUTH MUSIC / THE TRAMP- Limited to 500 copies
Reissue of the 1978 single from Jim Penfold & Co. A perfect mix of glam, punk, and power pop. Features a brand new, full-color picture sleeve. 45 RPM $10 SKU:18142

HUNNS (DUANE PETERS)-Animals b/w Wild ( punk ) PINK MARBLE VINYL Label:DISASTER Records The HUNNS sound is raw, chainsaw, based on a classic formula : two Les Pauls, drums and bass. Duane, of course, sounds like Duane, but that's the main similarity with the U.S. Bombs : the HUNNS delivery is much more street American rock'n'roll. Now with the addition of ex-NASHVILLE PUSSY COREY PARKS on bass, The HUNNS have become one of the best punk band playing anywhere in the world today. 45 RPM $10 SKU:4832

IGGY POP & the STOOGES - I'm Sick of You /Tight Pants/Scene of the Crime Label:Bomp Records LAST COPIES ORIGINAL PRESSING WITH PICTURE SLEEVE 3 Demos written by Iggy and guitarist James Williamson for the Stooges’ third Album Raw Power. 45 RPM $10 SKU:17551

JULY-CAN I GO BACK AGAIN (UK '60s psych legends)SAALE -Label: FRUITS DE MER The UK's '60s psych legends return with a fabulous and mesmerizing 7-inch! TRACKS: 1. Can I go back again 2. Can I go back again (demo)
45 RPM $10 SKU:17787


LOOSE - Untamed - 4 songs (Italian punk)- Label:ROCKIN HOUSE Italian swagger punks that sound like they like to fight. "Untamed!" is a fitting title, what with the gang-land vox and the psychoactive guitars, and Loose play some seriously muscular sleazepunk here. Of the four tracks, I'm gonna finger "Cool as Fuck" as the highlight, both for it's winning subject matter and it's punchy chorus, but any of 'em ought to get your motor running. 45 RPM $3 SKU:7781

LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE HAPPINES$ VENDING MACHINE -PINK/WHITE VINYL Label:HEADSPIN ..ARTHROPODA LEPIDOPTRA'. Limited edition of 150 copies on PINK/WHITE vinyl, housed in a thick (280-gram) carton sleeve with a 3mm spine. Also included is an authentic TLoEH monetary note. The single offers two psychedelic pop jewels that serve as a taster for the band's 2015 full-length, 'The Acceleration Of Time'. The A-side is a gallopping, stomping song, drenched in mellotrons and catchy fuzz guitar-licks, and with a twangin' interlude. On the flip 'Anthrododa Lepidoptra' provides a multi-colour floating tapestry of dreampop, inspired by '60s UK freak-beat and Toytown popsike. Goosepimples!! 45 RPM $12 SKU:18745

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS- VOL 1 - American Teenage Garage Hoot! 1965-1967 GATEFOLD - Label:CRYPT American Teenage Garage Hoot! 1965-1967. . Here are 17 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk aceness, presented in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns'). COMP LP $16 SKU:16614

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS - VOL 2 GATEFOLD American Teenage Garage Hoot! 1965-1967- Label:CRYPT Here are 15 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk aceness, presented in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns'). COMP LP $16 SKU:16615

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS - VOL 3 GATEFOLD (15 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk aceness) -Label:CRYPT Here are 15 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk aceness, presented in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns'). COMP LP $16 SKU:16765

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS - VOL 7 GATEFOLD -HEARTBROKEN AMERICAN GARAGE JANGLE MISERY 1965-1967-Label:CRYPT 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk MISERY - garage punk SADness in gatefold sleeved luxury with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns').
COMP LP $16 SKU:17686

LEGEND CITY - Ferocious mid 60s gems from the vaults of Phoenix’s Viv Debra Studios 65-67 LAST COPIES Label:BACCHUS The first in a series of comps detailing the mid-'60s garage scene in Phoenix, Arizona. 18 lethal fuzz-stompers, rave-ups, folk rock janglers and psychedelic freak-outs from the vaults of Viv Records. The Door Nobs, The Hearsmen, Destiny's Children, The Outcasts, The Wild Flowers (Michael Bruce pre-Alice Cooper) and more! Detailed liner notes and photos of all bands COMP LP $15 SKU:17521

LET’S DIG EM UP!!! - VOL.2 The Count Game (Garage punk ) LAST COPIES Label:NOTYME The Count Game- 17 track compilation of garage punk from all over the world, the States,UK,Belgium,Holland, . Lim Ed. Import TRACKS ON SITE COMP LP $14 SKU:13812

LET’S DIG’ EM UP!!! - VOL.3 Dont Put Me On (60s garage stompers ) LAST COPIES - Label:NO TYME Long outta print '60 garage comp -just a few left! COMP LP $14 SKU:1148

MAGIC CUBE (10")- Early psych comp 10” lilac vinyl- OVERSTOCK SAALE !Label:FEED THE MIND RELEASED FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2017, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! - One of the earliest psychedelic compilations, and probably the strangest, is 'The Magic Cube', which appeared in 1982 as a limited edition 9-inch flexi-disc housed in a card envelope. When opened it unleashed a pop-up psychedelic cardboard cube. Purportedly the product of the same deranged collector mind who gave the world the first 'Acid Dreams' compilation, 'The Magic Cube' certainly contains some killer US '60s garage-/psych-punk. Now reissued in the original -but improved- packaging, and pressed on 10-inch soft lilac vinyl, 'The Magic Cube' awaits once again to pop up and plunge into your fragile eggshell mind. Limited to 1.000 copies. TRACKS: 1. Frontpage News - Thoughts 2. Bedlam Four - Hydrogen Atom 3. The Rising Storm - Frozen Laughter 4. Unrelated Segments - Cry Cry Cry 5. Painted Faces - I Lost You In My Mind 6. Children Of The Mushroom - You Can't Erase A Mirror 7. Burgundy Run - Stop! 8. Indian Puddin' And Pipe - Hashish 9. Kenny & His Friends - The Raven Pt. 1 COMP LP $20 SKU:18578

MARIJUANA UNKNOWNS 60s STONER songs about pot!) -Label:STONED RECORDS Marijuana Unknowns is a good idea—a comp full of tracks about pot. Marijuana Unknowns contains a variety of styles, and many of the tracks are late-sixties psych, but about half of them are really just songs that indulge stoner lyrics. The best track on this comp is "Mary Mary" by the Birdwatchers, which sings the praises of pot but with a haunting melody that hints at the perils of drug dependence ("Mary Mary, it's to you that I belong"). COMP LP $14 SKU:15536

MICHIGAN MISFITS VOL. 1 14 RARE AND CRUDE GARAGE PUNK OBSCURITIES FROM THE MOTOR STATE MID-60's-Label:TOMAHAWK - Including liners, this edition is limited to 300 copies, so order fast! COMP LP $22 SKU:17887

MIDNIGHT TO SIXTY-SIX- VA 14 long lost US garage punkers SALE - Label:LANCE 14 long lost US garage punkers, inc. Resumes,Group Inc,US Stamps, Wild Thing, Pied Pipers and9 other losers. Lim Ed. Imp COMP LP $16 SKU:214

MONDO INFERNO - Vol 1 DEVILISH DANCE FLOOR GROOVES FROM AROUND THE WORLD-Label:ROMULAN A fourteen track grab bag of worldwide sleaze, soul, and cool grooves galore compiled
by DJs from an out-of-this-world Vegas-style supper club in Australia called DevillesPad! Some of the stuff on here is astoundingly rare and each one a dance floor killer!COMP LP $14 SKU:18044

HASHISH -A Product of Hashish- LTD ED OF 499 PSYCH -Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS (SWEDEN) LP version in deluxe silver foil sleeve. Limited edition of 499. Includes poster. The long-awaited debut album from Hashish. Top-class psychedelia, taking the genre to a new level with a sophisticated approach to Afro-funk grooves accompanied by dreamy, playful melodies that range through a spectrum of Scandinavian occult psychedelia, minimal synth, surreal electronic soul disco, and rare groove. Some have described Hashish as a project that picks up what Goat started. Welcome to tomorrow. The sounds transport the listener into a forgotten world where the future looks different from what it became. On his soft, subtle island capped with clouds of cool fire, Pan weaves his teachings with the wind and the sun, raining sacred melodies on the hearts and minds of humanity and bestowing desperate loves and yearnings with songs of sainthood and madness. Transient temples of the flesh, laughing at death, clothe our lives in fire. On rippling altars of skin we sensual magicians worship bright burning desire. Upon release the album sky rocketed straight into #1 on the official Swedish vinyl chart. LP $24 SKU:17696

HAUNTED - Blow my Little Mind to Bits -LAST COPIES of great 60s garage-Label:VOXX LAST COPIES One of Canada's most popular homegrown rock groups in the '60s, though they made no inroads to the rest of North America. From the English-speaking community of Montreal, the group was very explicit in their desire to emulate the Rolling Stones, and most of their 1966-1968 singles (as well as their sole LP, from 1967) were in a raunchy R&B/blues-rock style. Their most successful single, "1-2-5," gained fame when it was reissued on one of the first Pebbles compilations of garage singles in the '70s. All of their material was reissued in the '80s. LP $15 SKU:8001

HAWKWIND-Leave No Star Unturned: Cambridge January, 1972 (Colored Vinyl) -Label:DIRTER PROMOTIONS (UK) Deluxe 150 gram dark blue colored vinyl (gloss laminate sleeve). Dirter Promotions presents on double vinyl a previously-unheard and unreleased live Hawkwind show from the Cambridge Corn Exchange in 1972. "Though the tapes were listened to in the weeks after the show, Lucas and Kemp upgraded their recording equipment to half-inch a few months later and the quarter-inch reels disappeared, thought perhaps to be lost forever. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. In 1985, a reel was unearthed at Spaceward Studios, noted to contain the Syd Barrett element of the show plus 'parts of the Hawkwind and Pink Fairies sets,' and in 2005 a second copy of the recordings was unearthed in a collection of tapes stored in Gary Lucas' attic. It's the Lucas tape, via an appearance on the auction lists at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, which has enabled the release of this pivotal show. Dirter Promotions is very pleased to present these recordings, cleaned-up and remastered, enabling Hawkwind's dedicated fan base to experience the band in full flow, poised to fly high and fly far, making the very concept of space-rock their own in perpetuity." --Ian Abrahams (taken from sleeve notes). Features "classic line-up" members Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Lemmy and Robert Calvert. LP $29 SKU:16624

HEADCOATS , THEE W.O.A.H. Bo in The Garage- 180 GRAM COLOR -Label:GET HIP Originally released on Hangman Records, this BO DIDDLEY covers album by Billy Childish and company is a fantastic lo-fi Garage-drenched tribute to one of R&R's greatest heroes.Done in his own style with equal parts humor and respect, this is now true gem. 13 raw, lo-fi, primitive R 'N' B stompers from Billy Childish and crew. Includes: "Can't Judge A Book," "Who Do You Love," "Diddy Wah Diddy," "Before You Accuse Me" and then some! LP $14 SKU:15740

NOTE - HAND PICKED BY THE LATE, GREAT Greg Shaw! He used to pick out the records for mailorder, these have been in our warehouse since we bought them all those years ago... LP $40 SKU:18244

HEAT EXCHANGE- Reminiscence(70S HARD ROCK/PSYCH) Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Remastered sound; Insert with detailed liner notes and photos, including an introduction by Rich Sheppard (After The Sabbath). Formed in Toronto, Canada, in the late '60s, Heat Exchange are known for their three fantastic 45s for the Yorkville label - released in the early '70s - on which they mixed hard rock with psychedelic, heavy progressive and funk-rock sounds. So, it's a major surprise that in 1972, the band recorded more stuff with the intention of releasing an album. But in the end, the album deal fell through and only four of those tracks were released as part of their 45s. Soon after, the band disbanded. Luckily, the band members have kept a copy of the master tape all these years. So, presented here for the first time ever are the complete Heat Exchange studio recordings, including their three 45s plus the previously unreleased recordings they recorded in 1972 for their never-released LP. Fabulous UK-sounding, heavy progressive, and psychedelic hard rock with top-level musicianship, well-constructed songs, powerful vocals, sax, flute, wah-wah, organ, and a solid rhythm section. RIYL: King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Samurai (UK), Web's I Spider (1970), Human Beast, Deep Purple. LP $29 SKU:18453

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Donkey Jacket Ltd ed clear vinyl,Label:Alive A raw, fuzzed-out, garage-boogie attitude and a riff-o-rama sensibility. Their sound can be heavy as a 2000 lb. budgie, menacing as a back-alley swaying drunk, and when they crank up the riffing or let rip with some high-octane slide, it’s as transporting as anything by post-Mississippi Fred McDowell” – PopMatters LP $20 SKU:13352

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale - ( great UK guitar psych) LTD ED PURPLE vinyl -Label:Alive Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange LP $16 SKU:11962

HIGHER STATE -Darker by the Day - (modern psych) Label:13 O Clock The long-awaited, second full-length album by the UK's The Higher State has finally arrived! A dozen new tracks spanning the group's wide spectrum of sound, from jangly folk punk to fuzzed out, revved up, garage psychedelia. Thoroughly dosed throughout with their infectious vocal harmonies and incisive, reflective lyrics. Presented in a nice, 60's-style, tip-on jacket printed by Stoughton Printing, the new album, Darker by the Day, comes well-prepared to move your feet as well as your mind! "Britain has never had it so good when it comes to garage psychedelia; such is the authority of The Higher State." - Lenny Helsing, The Thanes, Shindig Magazine LP $14 SKU:9700

HIGHER STATE - Vol 27 (psych)Label:13 O Clock Their fifth full-length album! In a similar vein to their recent (Consider It) A Debt Repaid single, Volume 27 presents twelve new songs meshing 60's-style garage with jangly folk-punk that timelessly reflect upon the ho-hum world we all face without sounding cliched and trivial. Mastered by Crypt Records head honcho Tim Warren, and with liner notes from Ugly Things Magazine guru Mike Stax, the new album comes pressed on 150 gram vinyl, and housed in nice 60's-style tip-on jackets with lyrics printed inner sleeves along with a digital download code to boot LP $14 SKU:17386

HOLLIS BROWN - Ride on the Train Ltd ed of 300 Atomic Orange vinyl LAST COPIES OF FIRST PRESSING -classic pop LP - Label:ALIVE Taking queues from classic pop, rock’n'roll, and Americana, Hollis Brown combines raw rock sensibilities with sweet melodies and hearfelt lyrics to create a rich, warm sound that can fill any room. Principal songwriters Mike Montali (vocals) and Jon Bonilla (lead guitar) grew up listening to the classics. These native New Yorkers were born in the late ’80 s when the city was identified by its grit, passion, and authenticity. The combination of an urban upbringing and throwback musical influences of traditional blues contributed heavily to the band’s sound. However, contrary to most blues-influenced bands, Hollis Brown leans heavily toward melodic pop as well. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Beatles song these boys don’t know by heart, and you can hear it in the music. Classic rock with a New York state of mind, Hollis Brown is a throwback to an era when music felt fresh, songwriting was revered, and performances routinely inspired. LP $25 SKU:14940

HOLLYWOOD STARS- Shine Like A Radio-The Great Lost 1974 Album (liners by Kim Fowley, rare and unseen photos. Gatefold Label:LAST SUMMER Remastered sound, released for the first time ever. Features original versions of King of the Night Time World (covered by Kiss) and Escape (covered by Alice Cooper). Extensive story of the Hollywood Stars lost album, in Kim Fowley's own words crammed with rare and unseen photos. Gatefold release. Limited 1000 copies worldwide. Los Angeles 1973. In the morass of indulgent singer/songwriters and post hippie platitudes, Kim Fowley had a dream: A re-invention of mid '60s energy and ethics adapted for hard rock kids in a way little girls could understand. The Hollywood Stars were born. The great white hope of Rock'n'Roll and the ultimate Teen Band infused with Powerpop hooks, killer Proto Punk riffs with a sprinkling of Glitter and the right attitude. With monster tunes by Kim Fowley, Mars Bonfire ('Born To Be Wild') along with band originals ('King Of The Night Time World' and 'Escape' were later covered by Kiss and Alice Cooper respectively), the band was bound to be the Next Big Thing. Amongst all the excitement the band were signed to a major label and the scene was set for world domination. Only it never was. Fast forward to 2013, when a tape containing a rough mix of this legendary record was found. Unexpurgated and untainted by any superfluous effects, but mastered with the right care and attention, the album is finally released for the first time, some 39 years too late, but still, better too late than never at all! LP $24 SKU:15485

ICECROSS - ST (73 ICELANDIC PROTO METAL!) Includes insert with liner notes, clippings and photographs + a poster -Label:LION Influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Crimson to Blue Oyster Cult, all melded together to form a distinct style. Considered proto-metal by many. Includes insert with liner notes, clippings and photographs and a poster featuring cover art and band photos celebrating the 40th anniversary of this classic heavy rock cult favorite LP $18 SKU:15809

IGGY POP - LUST FOR LIFE 180 GRAM-Label:4 MEN WITH BEARDS Released less than a year after The Idiot, Lust For Life is a return to the sloppy, sleazy, blues-y, swagger of the Stooges. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl. LP $22 SKU:18743

IGGY POP & WILLIAMSON, JAMES - Kill City 10” Special collector's edition! Ltd to 200 RED - Label:BOMP Records LAST COPIES EVER. Get a piece of history!
Special collector's edition! Featuring the original 1977 LP artwork and the best tracks from Iggy's first solo album (Available on Bomp CD 4042 with additional tracks, lavish booklet, unpublished photos, etc.) LP $20 SKU:15381

IVORY- ST 180 gram fuzzed-out 1968 psych gem, insert with liner notes -Label:GUERRSEN Remastered sound, insert with liner notes . Great 1968 recording by this virtually unknown band that modeled their music after the sounds of The Jefferson Airplane; in fact, it was produced by the Airplane's great genius himself:Mr. Al Schmitt!! Featuring the beautiful female vocals of Chris Christman, this fuzzed-out, psychedelic gem tells the story of this band by the band member's themselves. LP $24 SKU:15703


JARVIS STREET REVUE- Singles and More (rare Canadian psych)-Label:LION First vinyl release for the band's incredible singles since their initial pressings in 1970/71 (Side A)First time on vinyl for all other tracks (Side B)

LP limited to 500 copies . Insert includes band history, photos, and images of sheet music for several songs LP $19 SKU:17090