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SHINDIG! # 33 FOUND A FEW COPIES OF THIS OUT OF PRINT ISSUE! The SEEDS cover story! Plus articles on Sandie Shaw, Marsupilami, The Third Power, You Am I, Kim Fowley, Francoise Hardy, Matt Berry… Plus Reviews and more! BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:15295

JACKIE WILSON- MR EXCITEMENT - 3 CD BOX SET with BOOKLET , 1992 Label:RHINO DISCS MINT, slight wear on corner. CD $60 SKU:21795

WHO LIVE AT LEEDS- CD BOX SET 1995 -Label:MCA Rerelease in LP-sized, 1/2" thick cardboard packaging reproducing the original sleeve design. Printed image on inside reproducing the look of the original LP. Includes reproductions of original inserts: MINT CONDITION CD $75 SKU:21794

ANTHOLOGY OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC - BOX SET- 84 selections on 6 CDS with lots of goodiesLabel:FOLKWAY MINT CONDITION, Comes in a 12x12x0.75" box as 3 double CDs, to imitate the original vinyl release of 3 double LPs, with a copy of the original "Handbook" written by Harry Smith and a "Booklet of Essays, Appreciations and Annotations Pertaining to the Anthology Of American Folk Music" which contains information on the artists, the origins of the songs, their discographies and other versions of the songs.The Enhanced CD includes interviews with some of the artists or their relatives, videos and pictures of Harry Smith's various other collections. It also includes a video of Harry Smith receiving a Grammy award. COMP CD $75 SKU:21793

AMERICAN YOUTH REPORT - TEST PRESSING 1991-Label:BOMP RARE! LONG OUT OF PRINT ONLY TEST PRESSINGS LEFT .Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. BLP 4037 MINT LP $20 SKU:21791

IGGY AND THE STOOGES- DOUBLE DANGER TEST PRESSING 2000 Label:BOMP RARE! LONG OUT OF PRINT ONLY TEST PRESSINGS LEFT .Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. LP $50 SKU:21792

JON & The NIGHTRIDERS- SPLASHBACK TEST PRESSING 1982-Label:BOMP RARE! LONG OUT OF PRINT ONLY TEST PRESSINGS LEFT .Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made . Get a piece of history. BLP 4023 MINT. LP $20 SKU:21790


RADIO MOSCOW - Brain Cycles - PINK AUTOGRAPHED BY ALL 3 MEMBERS Label:ALIVE In an interview with The A.V. Club, frontman Griggs explained that "The first album [Radio Moscow] was written all-instrumental, and the singing was just sort of [an afterthought] ... This album was written more with the vocals in mind." On the subject of self-producing the album, Griggs noted that "I wanted to use the tape again and try to get an old-school sound ... [and] this time around I just tried to give it my all and be more comfortable with that. The frontman also noted that "We recorded this [album] at Sound Farm in Jamaica, [Iowa] instead of Ohio this time. We put a lot more time into it and really focused on the mix to give it a kind of classic psychedelic feel. It's still real bluesy but we tried to make it more psychedelic than the last one. LP $35 SKU:16198

RADIO MOSCOW - ST CLEAR ORANGE VINYL, ALTERNATE COVER- AUTOGRAPHED BY PARKER GRIGGS Label:ALIVE Psychedelic blues rock trio from Iowa produced by Dan Auerbach of the ALIVE Black Keys. Only 100 of this great custom color. LP $30 SKU:16205

4th album from killer power trio out of Ames, Iowa—blistering blues-rock leads set the pace on this rock ‘n’ roll beast. Radio Moscow are a straight-up 70s influenced hard rock threesome powered by the tastefully spectacular, ripping blues riffs of guitarist Parker Griggs. The band is tight, and the rhythm section lays down a solid background for Griggs to strut his stuff. Recalls artists like Ten Years After, Taste/Rory Gallagher, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Travers, the JPT Scare Band, the Groundhogs, Led Zeppelin, Mount Carmel, Savoy Brown, Henry’s Funeral Shoe. “Magical Dirt” is some ass-kickin’ blues rock that will satisfy your guitar hero jones and make you want to dust off the old electric Fender in the corner of your bedroom. Excellent. (CHARLIE QUAKER )
LP $35 SKU:16206


COSTA, CESAR -LA Historia De Tommy (1963 Mexican rarity ) ONE ONLY! Label:DIMSA MINI LP COVER . La Historia de Tommy is a varied set of tunes from Mexican actor and singer César Costa cut in the 1960s that starts off with the story of our titular Tommy. Tommy, a speed demon it seems, just couldn't control himself on the track and fatally flips his car. Lucky for us, he has time to send his girlfriend a message of eternal love in the form of a bouncy yet plaintive pop ballad. The songs offer everything from Sinatra-esque swing and highly-orchestrated pop to sax-driven R&B. Titles include "La Historia De Tommy," "Té Para Dos," "Bethilde," "Laura," "Historia De Me Amor," and more. CD $15 SKU:19518

CRUCIS-S/T” + “Los delirios del marisca (Blistering live material) -Label:RETRO REMASTERS (Two albums on one CD): Both albums by Argentina’s best-loved symphonic rock band on one disc. Los Crucis were formed in August of 1974, and in a short time became one of the few symphonic rock bands from South America to have any success, thanks to a sound reminiscent of foreign groups like Yes, Camel or Focus. Charlie Garcia of Sui Generis signed on as producer, which led to the release of the band’s debut album in 1975. Not much time elapsed before the second album also hit the streets. The four songs of “Los delirios del marisca” were a great improvement compared to those of the first LP—only one track featured vocals on an album filled with complex songs full of challenging rhythms changes. The sound quality was astonishing for the time: the record was mixed and cut by Jack Adams at the Criteria Studios in Miami (USA)—every Argentine band's dream had finally come true. Crucis was invited to make an extensive US tour; they surprised audiences with fabulous concerts that traveled the spectral corners of jazz and symphonic rock. Upon their return to Argentina, Crucis broke up, apparently due to conflicts between Gustavo Montesano (the main composer in Crucis) and the rest of the group. CD $14 SKU:20331

NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE-Powerglide (ultimate psych country rock w JERRY GARCIA )-Label:LION In the days before genre obsession, a rock and roll fervour drew on a rediscovery of blue grass, folk, blues and ‘country music’. Add to the mix consciousness-expansion afforded by the proliferation of psychedelic drugs, and the music scene of the West Coast of America percolated, powered by this heady brew. At the heart of this experiment in new music and consciousness the New Riders of The Purple Sage were born. The history of the New Riders will forever be intertwined with that of their fellow travelers the Grateful Dead. Both bands shared a down-home vibe, and shared members for recording dates. Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead co-founded the New Riders with John Dawson and David Nelson as an opportunity to play pedal steel guitar—although he plays banjo and dobro on Powerglide, first released in 1972. Dawson and Nelson returned the favor, playing on Dead masterpieces "American Beauty" and "Workingman’s Dead". Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart of the Dead rounded out the New Riders rhythm section until David Torbert took over on bass and Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane fame took over on drums. Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman plays percussion on this album. To add to all that star power, noted British pianist Nicky Hopkins (Beatles, Kinks, Stones) played keyboards on Powerglide. Dave Torbert's ‘California Day’ is a gem, a hymn to the West Coast with some beautiful slide and fuzz guitar work; ‘Contract,’ is an equally impressive blend of country rock and old west imagery. NRPS's cover of 'Willie and the Hand Jive' has a distinctly Grateful Dead jam vibe to it. This wasn’t music desperate for chart success, it was a soundtrack to an outlaw, countercultural lifestyle that aimed to escape the city and get away to the mountains. So, saddle up! LP $16 SKU:18630

ORIONES -Kyklos (rare 70s Greek rock)-Label:ANAZITISI Oriones' story begins back in the early 70's (when they were known as Familiar Love) and... it never ends, as they're still alive recording and gigging.They started playing mainly covers on well-known hits by such artists as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones. Then they transformed into a typical 70's greek underground rock band writing their own songs and in 1978 they were responsible for one of the best 7" singles ever resurfaced from Greece. LP $22 SKU:20826

OUBA - ST Canadian 60s acid psych rarity (insert with photos and liners) -Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A Canadian rarity from 1968, recorded under the influence of hallucinogenic substances by underground musicians Michel Pagliaro, Tony Roman, Denis Lepage and Andy Shorter. The album consists of just one long freak-out jam divided in two sides. You get a raw basement sound featuring acid guitar, stoned vocals, keyboards and loud drums, similar to early Soft Machine, Pink Floyd at their most free-form phase, or Can. Comes with newly remastered sound, plus an insert with photos and liner notes. LP $15 SKU:16168

OUT OF FOCUS- Wake Up 180g Vinyl (70s Krautrock w psych influences) -Label:MISSING VINYL This is the first album (1970) of heavy progressive Krautrock from one of the finest Krautrock groups, with organ, flute, and guitar riffing to satisfy even the greatest requirements; includes one of their best tracks, ‘See How a White Negro Flies’—and unavailable on vinyl for more than two decades. Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl, expertly remastered from the master-tapes. LP $19 SKU:10617



COUNTDOWN FIVE -Complete Recordings 1969 GARAGE psych) DBL CD Label:GEAR FAB Finally, the complete recorded history of Galveston’s Premier Psychedelic/Garage band. All 7 of their Pic, Toucan, Cinema, and Cobblestone 45s PLUS 20 previously unreleased recordings from 1966-1969. With the exception of their first 2 45s on Pic (Tracks 1-4), all are off the master 4 & 8 Track tapes!! Featuring their complete biography with photos, posters, and other memorabilia from their inception to final break up!! Take a trip with the band members through the greatest period of American Rock Music!! CD $14 SKU:20074

CRAWDADDYS, THE - Here 'Ti (Great fuzz garage with Mike Stax!)s -Label:VOXX Though they were around the better part of a decade, The Crawdaddys only ever released one album and a couple of 45s. After their breakup, it turned out they had spent quite a lot of time in studios, and had the demos to prove it. This posthumous release assembles the best of their unreased work, with rare photos and documentation. CD $10 SKU:2116

CRAZY PEOPLE - Bedlam(pioneering 60's Psych)-Label:GEAR FAB he innovative and pioneering 60's Psychedelic band from Lumberton, North Carolina. All 10 songs from their classic 1969 LP, 4 earlier recordings from 1966 by the bands' predecessor group The Young Ones, 2 tracks from the post-Cykle band from 1969 -The Rhodes Scholars, plus solo material from Jimmy Sossamon. 17 tracks in all!!!! CD $10 SKU:19616

CREAMERS - Stick it in Your Ear (West Coast punk) Label:TRIPLE X "The Creamers were a seminal part of the "second wave" of the West Coast punk rock scene. The band was famous for churning out their brand of Ramones style, gut twirling , ear-rupturing brand of punk rock. The Creamers were also one of the first L.A. punk bands to feature "girls on guitar". Today it's taken for granted that woman can and do play guitar, bass and drums in rock bands - but in 1986- it was an anomaly. If you love OLD SCHOOL PUNK ROCK with scalding female vocals, this one’s for you CD $5 SKU:20707

CREAMERS - This Stuff’ll Kill Ya (West Coast punk w female vocals ) Label:TRIPLE X DRILLED BAR CODE BUT NEW AND SHRINK WRAPPED "The Creamers were a seminal part of the "second wave" of the West Coast punk rock scene. The band was famous for churning out their brand of Ramones style, gut twirling , ear-rupturing brand of punk rock. The Creamers were also one of the first L.A. punk bands to feature "girls on guitar". Today it's taken for granted that woman can and do play guitar, bass and drums in rock bands - but in 1986- it was an anomaly. If you love OLD SCHOOL PUNK ROCK with scalding female vocals, this one’s for you. CD $5 SKU:20810

CRIPPLERS-ONE MORE FOR THE BAD GUYS (ROCK AND ROLL 70S BLUES STYLE) Label:DIONYSUS Emerging from the same fertile soil that produced hooligans Untamed Youth and The Revelators, comes another sprout of rock'n'roll poison ivy. Taking inspiration from the two aforementioned, the band sets off on a screaming trek through elements of dirty blues, '70s minimalist punk, lo-fi garage, and loud'n'angry rock'n'roll. Growling, explosive, and trashed. CD $3 SKU:19865

CRUSADERS- FAT, DRUNK, AND STUPID (manic Aussie garage punk rock 'n' roll )-Label:DIONYSUS Skull-crunching, out-of-your mind, manic garage punk rock 'n' roll from Sydney, Australia. An ultra lo-fi, hi-energy blast that will have you pinned to the nearest wall. CD $3 SKU:19821

CUERO - Crecimiento RARE 70S OBSCURE ARGENTINE CLASSIC--Label:FONOCOL Obscure classic from the Argentinean '70s rock scene. Debut album by Cuero was released in 1973 and is a great heavy psych-rock & blues-rock album, very rare and hard to find as an original. Stunning guitar work and Spanish language vocals, seven long tracks, all original compositions. CD $10 SKU:19941

CWT -Hundredweight (1973 Brit heavy rock) -Label:OHRWASCHL RECORDS/KUCKUCK (Germany) The only album from this English heavy rock trio, released on Kuckuck in 1973—one of the heaviest acts on the label. CWT Guest musician Cy Payne is responsible for the brass arrangements, which gives CWT a very special sound; apart from the fantastic guitar and vocal work of Graham Jones, the brass section gives CWT a Motown Soul touch, a real heavy groove. All in all, it makes "The Hundredweight" an interesting album with some faster and softer points. Tracks like ‘Steam Roller’ are devastating, filled with the hardest riffing and rough vocals. It might be accurate to compare CWT with bands like Sir Lord Baltimore or Cactus: they are of a same class, so to speak, and all liked their basic heavy blues rock CD $14 SKU:20747

CYKLE - Featuring the Young Ones (US 60s PSYCH LEGENDS! - Label:GEAR FAB Reissue taken from the original masters by USA PSYCH-LEGENDS 'Cykle'. Included here all of their 1969 album + 4 tracks by THE YOUNG ONES (pre-CYKLE) and 3 solo trax by Jim Sossman (leader of the group CD $10 SKU:19324

CYMBELINE-1965 - 1971 (homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych)Label:GUERSSEN *Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael Journath Previously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych/prog by this amazing Swedish band, 1965-1971!! CD $15 SKU:19430

CYNICS- Living is the Best Revenge (60s style garage) Label:GET HIP Living Is The Best Revenge CD completes the jumpstart upon my Ray-O-Vac heart. Alongside the two above-referenced originals and the Prunes tune are stellar covers of the Satans and the 13th Floor Els (what would a Cynics album be without the band genuflecting before the sonic teats that have nourished them since their cub scout years?) plus a slew of prime Cyns’ skree. Among my picks to click are the malevolent, iPsycho”-edged “The Tone” and the interstellar hard rock jam “Shine” which sounds like Coltrane crossed with the old Alice Cooper Group. But there ain’t a duff track in the bunch, and all I can close this appreciation with is — boy fuggin’ howdy!-Fred Mills, assoc. ed., MAGNET Magazine CD $12 SKU:10900

DAHL, JEFF- Bliss (punk rock legend) - Label:TRIPLE X Another Dahl classic. 3 chords & one major attitude! DRILLED CASE CD $4 SKU:442

DAN MODLIN /DAVE SCOTT - -THE TRAIN DON'T STOP HERE ANY MORE (1976 laid back country psych ACID ARCHIVES FAVE) -Label:MANDRAX Laid-back 70s rock, slightly psych, slightly country-rock..not too easy to define, but a great album with good songrwriting and such a good production that makes you think this was a big name rather than an unknown band. Released in 1976 by the 700 West label (yes, same as Zerfas), this hardly turns up in original, and as the Acid Archives book says, its "Very, very good". Never reissued before in any format, now available in limited editions . CD $14 SKU:21125

DANIELS, ELLIE - Both Sides of the Coin (teenage folk private press album from 1971) 3 ONLY! Label:TIME LAG Deluxe cd version of this reissue of totally unknown New England teenage folk private press album from 1971. Originally released by the artist herself as a demo-only, blank cover edition of 100 copies—she was just out of high school and hoping somebody might pay attention, but the LP slipped though the cracks, the chapter closed, and life moved forward on a different course. But the album stands as a true female loner folk gem, of which there aren't many at all: just Ellie's humbly intimate vocals and her harp-like self taught finger-picked guitar playing, plus some lovely pastoral flute by a friend on a handful of tracks. The sounds are straight from the tuned-in melancholy teenage mind, reeling from the mind expansion of the 60s, but also the excesses—the aching innocence of youth tempered by a biting contempt for all things false. Deeply reflective, poetic and searching lyrics of love / nature / peace playing out in real time against stark reality / longing / loss, and balanced at the very edge of the void. In the liner notes Ellie mentions only practicing under a blanket, and there's a up-close, lo-fi, almost voyeuristic realism / fragility here that's quite special. A complex and personal trip that takes some time and attention to fully unfold. Once it does, it will be no surprise that Ellie went on to build geodesic domes and become a professional midwife, as that same unique spirit is already deeply embedded here. A really wonderful album we're happy to help finally reach some receptive ears. The original had no cover art, so we've kept the packaging suitably stark: packaged in a metallic silver offset printed deep blue art paper cover, with paste-on photo art and booklet insert containing more photos, Ellie's original notes from last years vinyl reissue, as well as updated and expanded notes. Edition of 500 copies CD $10 SKU:20301

DARK RAGS - ST (Greek 60’s garage punk style) Label:FUZZ OVERDOSE LAast copies! Here comes the first full length CD of a cool 4-piece combo from Athens, Greece. It contains 11 original compositions which lead you back to the Garage Punk of the '60s, the NYC Punk Rock of the '70s, and the Australian '70s and '80s revival sound! This CD is a great mixture of garage punk and power-pop and is sure to be one of the best Greek releases of the year!!! Rock'n'Roll dynamite to the max. DIG IT!!!! CD $6 SKU:20597

DARLINGS- Wet Dreams & Teen Machines (L.A. 90s Joplin/Ramones style )LAST COPIES Label:BOMP VERY rare Bomp release straight from Greg Shaw’s casting couch, if you know what I mean.... L.A. r’n’r band fronted by sex kitten Paige. the irresistable powerpop punk of bassist Lance VanDen Hende and driving guitar of Derek Thompson. Their sound is like the Rezillos if their lead singer was more like Janis Joplin, with a touch of the Ramones. CD $10 SKU:1193

DARLINGTON - Euthanize (Texas punk power pop) -Label:DISASTER Records Great Texas punk pop with early RAMONES/UNDERTONES influences led by skater Christi Darkington. An album full of tattooed, snarling punk pop gems! CD $5 SKU:2268

Throwback in the best possible way, the way you can go to some underground club in your nearest big city and see kick-ass rockers throwing it down like it was 1972. But unlike those amateurs, Datura4 is the real deal. In Mariani and Hitchcock, it has the pedigree. UNDER THE RADAR Elements of hard-lined blues remain evident, but are primarily smoothed out by a dominant, free-formed 70s psych sparsity. Those sprawling soundscapes themselves threaten explosive outbreaks yet are reigned in further with a defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger that sets a more contemporary course. Johnny Nail / ROLLING STONE AUSTRALIA CD $35 SKU:17975

DAVID - ST (1969 psych pop Airplane style)- Label:GEAR FAB Canadian band David released this self-titled psychedelic pop album in 1969. It features the dreamy, spacey, Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane style female vocals of Deborah Kelly, who sings of the ideals of the youth of the time & features some fine fuzz CD $10 SKU:5846

DAY BLINDNESS- ST (1969 San Francisco psych) - Label:GEAR FAB Day Blindness- Yes, the great San Francisco Psych band that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Doors and Iron Butterfly!!! Late 60's West Coast Pysch at its Best!! CD $10 SKU:690

MORNING DEW - Early Years (60s psych) W INSERT AND PHOTOS- Label:Break- A-way The Morning Dew are mainly known for their highly regarded 1970 psychedelic album recorded for Roulette Records. Between 1966 – 1969, the band had already established a live-and recording history as a local and regional garage and psychedelic band and along with The Blue Things, were one of Kansas' most exciting regional top-acts. This LP presents fourteen early recordings including the 1966 Audio House session, both their 1966/67 singles A´s & B´s for Fairyland Records and alternative versions on side one. Side two features the band‘s 1968 Fairyland summer sessions, which forged a complex psychedelic sound that culminated in a record deal with Roulette Records. This release covers the band’s local years from 1966 – 69 and includes material never before released or unavailable on vinyl for years. LP $16 SKU:10857

MOUNT CARMEL - Get Pure for Radio Moscow fans, heavy blues guitar power trio! ! ) PURPLE -Label:ALIVE Amid the current industry of cool, Mount Carmel’s lack of gimmick is a welcome anachronism. The trio’s third album “Get Pure” is full of swagger, packed with great songs and inspired performances. This is true rock music like you haven’t heard in years. Crank it up!
Mount Carmel reeks of surging guitar riffs and thunderous backbeats. They’re a power trio in the truest sense of the term and certainly nowhere near as anonymous as their cover art would have you believe.As you may have guessed, this is an album for the heavy blues guitar freaks. – 194 LP $18 SKU:16039

MYSTERY PLANE-Still Life (70s Amon Duul style) -Label:COLOR DISC : Mystery Plane formed in 1980 from the ashes of 70's new wave band 3D5 who's line-up also featured future Cure member Porl Thompson. This record was originally a demo cassette made in 1981 that was hawked around record labels with a view for release. Later Color Tapes released a 100 copies edition. To support their demo at the time the band played such gigs at the Marquee, Rock Garden and The Bridgehouse supporting bands such as Fad Gadget, Modern English and Henry Padovani (Ex-Police) in London. This sublime minimal basement krauty synth LP was inspired by bands such as Neu, Amon Duul ll, and "Vienna" period Ultravox. The album features guitar work of Gerald O' Connell who was a big fan of Ash Ra Tempel's guitarist Manuel Gottsching. A year later he went on to form Lives Of Angels who made the classic cold wave album "Elevator To Eden" which was originally released on Color Tapes in 1983. Mystery Plane have been featured on the sold out Cold Waves Of Color compilation series. The album has been remastered by Denis Blackham and comes complete with a poster insert. (LP) Import edition, limited to 250x copies. LP $10 SKU:20978

NECROPOLIS - Contemplating Slaughter (Legendary 80's thrash speed metal Metallica style ) LAST COPIES -Label:BOMP Records They were at least as good as, say, Metallica. Both their songwriting and performances were strong, and they had the album cover art to go with it. So check out this very un-Bomp THRASH-SPEED METAL! LP $15 SKU:2060

NERVES - Live At The Pirate's Cove, Cleveland OH, May 26th 1977 pink vinyl POWERPOP LEGENDS Label:ALIVE td ed w. inner sleeve Remastered from an analog tape recently discovered by Jack Lee in an unmarked box, this 1977 previously unreleased performance showcases the trio live in Cleveland during their infamous Magic Blistering Tour.Remastered from an analog tape recently discovered by Jack Lee in an unmarked box, tComes with INNER SLEEVE featuring a collage with Nerves MEMORABILIA, RARE PHOTOS, NOTES by Jack Lee, and Paul Collins original TOUR DIARY entry related to the show. This 1977 previously unreleased performance showcases the trio live in Cleveland during their infamous Magic Blistering Tour.All the classics are here, "Hanging On The Telephone," "Walking Out On Love," "When You Find Out," "Stand Up And Take A Good Look," etc, all delivered with blistering energy in front of a small audience of enlightened scensters that included Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu, and with Devo as the opening band.This is a VINYL ONLY release on PINK and YELLOW VINYL, LTD. EDITIONS."A time when a band could rankle fellow too-tough punk scenesters by simply covering the Beatles." - CMJ "You can still feel their adrenaline three decades on." – Uncut Comes with INNER SLEEVE featuring a collage with Nerves MEMORABILIA, RARE PHOTOS, NOTES by Jack Lee, and Paul Collins original TOUR DIARY entry related to the show.All the classics are here, "Hanging On The Telephone," "Walking Out On Love," "When You Find Out," "Stand Up And Take A Good Look," etc, all delivered with blistering energy in front of a small audience of enlightened scensters that included Dave Thomas of Pere Ubu, and with Devo as the opening band. LP $18 SKU:10746

NERVES One Way Ticket (70S POWERPOP LEGENDS!) STARBURST VINYLLabel:ALIVE Formed in 1975 by guitarist JACK LEE, bassist PETER CASE, and drummer PAUL COLLINS, the Nerves are one of the most influential garage/punk pop outfits to come out of the mid-70's LA scene, and certainly one of the least documented... until now. Mostly remembered for their classic "Hanging On The Telephone," a Jack Lee composition which has been covered over the years by a myriad of artists from BLONDIE to L7 to CAT POWER, the Nerves were above all a high energy rock'n'roll band with all three members composing and singing. Playing fast, ear-catching garage pop songs, sometimes wearing matching suits, the trio had more than a bit of the stripped down street energy of the Los Angeles's early punk movement. They shared the stage with the Ramones and Mink Deville during their infamous US "Magical Blistering Tour," played the Punk Palace and the legendary Masque in Hollywood, and headlined shows with the Avengers, the Zeros, The Dils, The Screamers and Shock, to name just a few. After the band's break-up in 1978, Peter Case and Paul Collins formed The BREAKAWAYS, and later went on to front the legendary PLIMSOULS and The BEAT, respectively. Following the success of "Hanging On the Telephone," JACK LEE has mostly focused on his songwriting career, releasing an album in 1981. Both Peter and Paul are still recording and touring. PETER CASE's latest album "Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John" (Yeproc 2007) was nominated for a Grammy. This collection, authorized for the first time ever by the three band members, features their 1976 EP (now regarded as a power pop classic), as well as demos and previously unreleased live recordings, REMASTERED and complete with notes and photos. LP $20 SKU:17632


NOLAN, JERRY & THE PROFILERS - The Final Recordings LTD ED EP PINK VINYL (NEW YORK DOLLS DRUMMER) Label:STRAIGHT TO THE TOP 12 " EP recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! recorded with the late NY Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan -We got these straight from GREG ALLEN , he says there are only a few left! “"This final recording from New York Dolls/Heartbreakers drummer Jerry Nolan is an inspired marriage of Nolan’s NYC circa ’76 punchdrunk proto punk panache and stalwart guitarist/vocalist Greg Allen’s switchblade swagger. A last hurrah worthy to the L.A.M.F. legacy." — Alan di Perna (Guitar World, Guitar Aficionado)."These recordings were made in September of ’91, half way between Johnny [Thunders’] death, and Jerry’s own demise. In addition to Greg Allen on guitar and vocals, and bassist Chicago Vin Earnshaw, there are guest appearances by old pals Buddy Bowser on sax, and Walter Lure on guitar. The music is straight ahead Stones/Dolls/Heartbreakers style rock’n’roll. It’s what Jerry loved most and did best." James Marshall - April 2012, NYCQuotes about Greg Allen’s music in general"Greg Allen happens to be quite a musician and he writes good songs...He's good. He's really, really good."- Jerry Nolan, Tee Vee Tunes Records interview, 1991"Greg Allen played with ex-New York Doll Jerry Nolan and his band features some other folks with good bloodlines. They play rock music or, more specifically, "the kind they don’t make anymore..."- Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix, 2004 (Jun 18, 2004) LP $25 SKU:19308

NOX BOYS - OUT OF TOUCH (60s style garage ) Label:GET HIP The Nox Boys recorded their first album as teenagers in high school with Producer Jim Diamond in one weekend. This time around they went full throttle to create a true GARAGE PUNK album: “Out Of Touch”. With special guest appearances and production by Gregg Kostelich (The Cynics / Get Hip Records) on bass, and engineered by Pete Drivere (Blue Ash/Deadbeat Poets/Infidels), the album features a broad mix of psychedelia, pop, and punk elements…. “Out Of Touch” opens with title track written as an outlet for the frustrations of growing up in today’s political climate and circumscribing a pathway of your own. LP $14 SKU:21270

OLIVE, BRIAN BOTH LPS! ( blend of soulful R&B with raunchy garage and psych) (Prod by Dan of the Black Keys) Label:ALIVE Get his FIRST LP & Two Of Everything We want you to hear this one!This is in our "WHY ISNT THIS GUY #! ON THE CHARTS !" category. Get it, dont make me come over there! GET ONE! Ex-Greenhornes guitarist & Soledad Brothers) Following his 2009 self-titled debut , which was praised for skillfully blending soulful R&B with raunchy garage and psychedelia, Brian Olive takes us further on his latest full length “Two Of Everything”. Listeners will recognize a number of musical touchstones here (Night Tripper era Dr. John, Exuma, early Funkadelic, Canned Heat, West Coast psych, etc…) but the end result is completely Olive’s own, an insanely dynamic, soulful , psychedelically-rich summer album perfect for intergalactic flight, night visions, or voodoo rituals.“Two Of Everything” was recorded and produced by both Olive and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys at The Diamonds in Cincinnati, and Easy Eye Sound in Nashville and features a revolving cast of talent including long time right hand man Mike Weinel, Detroit psychedelic caveman David Shettler (SSM, the Sights), Daniel Allaire (Darker My Love), Jared McKinney (Greenhornes), and with Courtney Jaye, Leisa Han, Kari Kragness, and Sarah Benn on backing vocals. The hauntingly beautiful artwork is by Laura Dolan. LP $10 SKU:16918

ONE OF HOURS-When You Hear The Music, It’s Yours-(late ‘60s US Pepperish U.S garage psych)-Label:OUT-SIDER Cool late ‘60s US Pepperish psychedelia with inventive arrangements, fuzz guitars, studio effects…Recorded in 1967-68 but shelved at the time. Famous for their “Psychedelic Illusion” 45, US garage-psych band ONE OF HOURS formed in Lexington, KY, in 1966. After adding guitar player Bob Willcutt to their line-up, they released their second 45, “Feel the Pain" / “Psychedelic Illusion”, in 1967. Work then began on an album of a complete but varied musical experience called "When You Hear the Music, It's Yours".Fuelled by the creative force of band member Shawn Foreman (a true visionary who would create the cult electro / disco project Transistor-Jet in the 80s), the group (now called Dandelion Wine) entered Chetwyd Studios where they, in true psychedelic mode, experimented and used unusual techniques like backwards recording, paper under piano strings, singing through a comb, interconnecting Fuzz boxes, etc. The finished master tape containing 12 songs with titles like “Two Heads For 25 Cents”, “Sweet Dragonfly” or “Incense C-19X” was sent to the Liberty label with the promise of an album contract for 1968…but the deal never came through and the master tape was destroyed in a warehouse fire. Luckily, Bob Willcutt kept a first generation copy of the master with perfect sound which we present here in a deluxe vinyl edition, housed in a silver mirrored die-cut sleeve. File next to West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and the like!*Insert with liner notes and photos.*Digital download card included LP $28 SKU:20958

OOSTEN, MICHAEL - St (70s hippie psych) HAND SCREENED COVER w 3 bonus tracks.-Label:WAY GONE + LION PRODUCTIONS (USA) Keeping a band together was difficult in the late 1960’s. Tough too, because Michael Oosten was writing songs that veered away from pop-song structures. There was also the relative ease and lack of responsibility required for hauling around a guitar. So, Oosten took off, with a Martin guitar in tow, playing coffeehouses and clubs across the country. By the end of 1973, he was ready to record an LP—five psychedelic folk/rock tracks, ranging from the brightly smiling ‘Sunny Day’ to the epic ‘Hungry Horse Montana,’ where Oost switched seamlessly from Celtic picking to Middle Eastern chord progressions. Oosten filled out his folk/rock/psych sound with the help of a few friends: piano from Tom Hennick on ‘Hey Babe,’ vocals from Jan Reek on ‘Garden,’ and bass from Al Byla on ‘Sunny Day.’ Oosten's wayward vocals puts us in mind of other meandering faves from various eras (Incredible String Band, Perry Leopold, or the Meatpuppets, to name but three), and Oost proves himself a stellar guitarist in an eccentric and percussive mode. Considering the individualistic nature of the album's genesis, no surprise that marketing and publicity for the album was limited. Columbia Records expressed interest in Oosten's music; but after a single meeting with the label, it was clear that the album would be too difficult for the mainstream honchos to market. Oost and friend Lester D'ore (editor of Chicago countercultural paper Seed and designer of the Yippie flag) holed up at D'ore's Wisconsin commune farm to silkscreen each LP jacket by hand. For our deluxe Lion Productions replica edition, they’ve done that again—we've used the original screens for this hand-screened, hand-assembled replica edition. The work of a renegade, ripe for rediscovery. •Hand silk-screened jackets, using the original screens •180 gram vinyl w/replica labels + color insert •Sleeve notes by Michael Oosten•Limited to 500 copies, which come in multiple color variations LP $15 SKU:19264

ORWELL, PAUL -SMUT(UK's premier freakbeat/rawk'n roll revivalist!)Label:HEAVY SOUL Orwell, who's not a stranger to the freakbeat stylings of yesteryear, is able to make music that's simultaneously rooted in both the past and the present. The second full album by Paul Orwell has arrived and you are in for a mahhussive treat! The second pressing also comes on coloured vinyl (normal weight), but is housed in a single sleeve. You know with Paul you are going to get sincere, full-on, totally committed rock and roll and that is certainly the case here. Featuring the two singles 'I'll Be Your Murderer' and 'Speak Of The Devil'. Get on board the Orwell express.... LP $24 SKU:21502

OTROVNA KRISTINA-ST (70s styled rock bliss from Croatia!)Label:SULATRON A straightforward rock release on Sulatron Records? With lyrics in an impossible to understand language? The year 2016: weird and full of surprises! Drop the needle and be prepared to be blown away by these exciting sounds from the Balkans. Awesome '70s styled rock bliss from Croatia! LP $16 SKU:21325

OUT OF FOCUS- ST 180g Vinyl (70s Krautrock w psych influences) -Label:MISSING VINYL heavy progressive Krautrock from the very early seventies, with lots of organ/guitar/flute riffing; this is their jazzier second album, from 1971, which includes the seventeen-minute long "Fly Bird Fly Television Program" (a great song, a great song title); extended instrumentals and abundant solos. Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl, expertly remastered from the master-tapes.LP $22 SKU:20983

OUT OF FOCUS-Four Letter Monday Afternoon DBL LP Label:MISSING VINYL What do you get if you cross Jethro Tull with Pink Floyd and take away the Blues influence: Out Of Focus!” Lucky for us then that this excellent band from Munich made three extraordinary albums on the super-collectable Kuckuk label before fading away. Hennes Herring on keyboards (mainly Hammond organ), Remi Dreschler on guitars, Moran Neumuller on vocals and wind instruments, and Klaus Spöri and Stefan Wisheu on drums and bass respectively made an incredibly tight unit. Their music was somewhat similar to early British prog, but gradually evolved into a kind of jazz-rock of an XHOL Caravan type. Another view, this time from the invaluable Crack in the Cosmic Egg guide to Krautrock: “It seems amazing that a band were able to start off with a masterpiece and better it with each subsequent album, yet that's what Out Of Focus did! Existing for ten years or so, Out Of Focus were amongst the finest of German rock fusion bands. Formed in late 1968 in Munich, they rapidly established a stylish and refined blend of rock and jazz that also had psychedelic overtones. The early albums exhibited that unique character of Krautrock (akin to Xhol Caravan, Thirsty Moon, etc.), with pure invention in a music that transcends boundaries, taking the rock song beyond its normal format with extended instrumentals, featuring an abundance of solos and surprises. I would argue that Out Of Focus started excellent, and got even better with each album. Probably the finest of all their albums was the monumental double “Four Letter Monday Afternoon” (almost certainly a dedication to Soft Machine and their revolutionary “Third” album). It had mainly instrumental and lengthy tracks; although the first record of the set is a little more down to earth, the unprecedented surprise is the extended suite that encompassed the whole of the second LP. It's a shame that Kuckuck withdrew its interest in Krautrock in the mid-70's, as it left Out Of Focus without the chance of a contract elsewhere. There were plans for a release with the April/Schneeball collective in 1975, in fact an album was recorded, yet all that eventually emerged was one track on a festival LP, by which time they had changed into a more conventional jazz-rock band, featuring only one original member: Remigius Drechsler (who subsequently went on to Embryo). LP $22 SKU:20984

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - Seemingly Solid Reality (glam psych) RED ViNYL - Label:ALIVE After the critically acclaimed glam/psych miasma of 2009's UNIVERSAL MALCONTENTS, and subsequent tours in Europe and the USA, O.C. returned to their analog cave to record Matthew Smith's latest batch of tunes. Throughout SEEMINGLY SOLID REALITY, sweet melodies and harmonies soar over the gnashing of vicious, urban Motor City guitar workouts. Motown-fueled bass and drums throb hypnotically. OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY recently got a lot of love from The NEW P*RNOGRAPHERS who recorded a EP of their songs for Matador titled "Togetherness - The New P*rnographers play Outrageous Cherry" LP $14 SKU:11571

OUTSIDERS- CQ (60s Dutch garage) Intro by Mike Stax (editor of Ugly Things Magazine)- Label:JACKPOT * Deluxe Gatefold heavy duty silver foil jacket
* Color 4 page insert with Ronnie Splinter interview about the making of CQ
* Intro by Mike Stax (editor of Ugly Things Magazine)
* Limited Edition Vinyl Only Release
With The Outsiders still spoken of in hushed tones in even the deepest circles, were thrilled to help shine some light on what might be one of the most underrated bands ever. Originally released in Holland in October 1968, "CQ" (pronounced "Seek You") was the third and final album by Dutch garage punks The Outsiders. These rowdy teenagers from Amsterdam were part of the thriving "Nederbeat" scene with the band taking their cues from British and Stateside garage acts of the day (including singing entirely in English). "CQ" spans R&B, spacey experimental numbers, folk rock and a revved-up kind of punk that pre-dates the angular moodiness of what would become the no wave/post punk sound a decade later. This unpredictable stylistic approach, when coupled with across-the-board amazing songs, make this one of the masterpieces of late 60s psychedelic garage rock, and a cornerstone album of the genre. Pressed in a vinyl-only limited edition, this deluxe reissue is replicated precisely with gorgeous silver foil cover art. Extensive liner notes include a 2009 interview with lead guitarist Ronnie Splinter about the recording of the album and an exclusive introduction by Mike Stax, editor of Ugly Things magazine. LP $22 SKU:11899

OUTSIDERS- CQ MYTHOLOGY (GATEFOLD 2LP) 60s Dutch garage)Label:PSEUDONYM RECORDS (NETHERLANDS) The original releases striking gatefold cover art, designed by artist Anton van der Gulik, was supposed to fold out into four rather than two panels. But apart from the album sleeve that Polydor has released, Van der Gulik made a second design. His four unused iron plate panels now house this CQ Mythology release, a sprawling double-album that stands as a kind of shadow version of the final album. Its a compelling document of a true masterwork-in-progress. LP $28 SKU:13502