Oct 29, 2021


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Suzy Shaw


24560, 24798, 24812

PUNKS IN PEORIA -MAKING A SCENE IN THE AMERICAN HEARTLAND- Label:ALONA'S DREAM 14 song document of the DIY punk/alternative scene in Peoria, Illinois, from its hardcore roots in the early 1980s through the late '90s. The album highlights out-of-print punk rock anthems, unreleased demos and rare studio tracks alongside extensive liner notes, photos and a scene poster. This compilation is the companion soundtrack to the book 'Punks In Peoria: Making A Scene In The American Heartland' by Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett, published by University of Illinois Press. 'Punks In Peoria' documents the evolution of the DIY punk scene in Peoria, Illinois from its primal beginnings in the early 1980s to the dawn of the digital era. A lovingly curated collection of long-lost gems and hometown favorites from "Anytown U.S.A.," it connects the varied work of disaffected youth across nearly two decades and multiple "generations" of Peoria punks, performers and scenesters. From Midwest hardcore legends Constant Vomit and Caustic Defiance to the inimitable shock rocker Bloody Mess, the Peoria punk scene was built on the DIY spirit from the very beginning. As it grew beyond the rudiments of hardcore, the Peoria scene mirrored the larger slicing and dicing of post-punk into ever-narrower sub-genres-embracing goth, synth, pop, psychedelia, metal, and more. Amidst the post-Nirvana haze of the early '90s, the gritty melodies of Dollface paved the way for a new generation of Peoria youth, some of whom would go on to tour the world in bands like Minsk and Planes Mistaken for Stars. This record is a document of that musical journey. Limited edition 160-gram color vinyl LP in 20pt board jacket with full-color printed inner sleeve featuring band photos and detailed liner notes and an 18"x24" poster featuring an extensive collection of flyers from the 1980s to the 2000s. TRACKS: 01. Electric Cool-Aid - Living In Peoria 02. Chips Patroll - Sick Of The 60's 03. Constant Vomit - McMassMurder 04. Bloody Mess & Hate - Spit On My Face 05. Caustic Defiance - One Million Stares 06. Daed Kcis - Ghost Story Lane 07. All Desires - Alone Atop A Cliff By The Sea 08. Dollface - Deep 09. Bloody Mess & The Skabs - Empty 10. Nora Hate - Psychic Man 11. Fast Food Revolution - Treat Her Right 12. The Neptunes - Alpha Wave Surfing 13. Dismiss - I Want My Letters Back 14. Subsist - Glass Eye COMP LP $34 SKU:24560

FAUBERT, SHANE- SQUIRRELBOY BLUE (70s power pop)Label:MUSIC MANIAC Shane's carrier started in New York in the late 70's with the power pop rio "The Cheepskates". This 3rd solo album is a beautiful pop album full of close harmonies, great ballads and well crafted pop songs. CD $10 SKU:24798

PURE EXOTICA -As Dug By Lux &Ivy- DBL CD- Label:ALONA'S DREAM Focussing on the recent resurgence of interest in exotica, space age bachelor pad music and the weird side of easy listening. The Cramps' Lux And Ivy dug into their collection for the exotica genre compiled on this 2CD set. COMP CD $34 SKU:24812


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ARCADIUM- Breathe Awhile DBL CD-Label:SUNBEAM A London-based quintet with a uniquely intense sound, Arcadium gigged widely without achieving commercial success, and split not long after the release of this lost classic in November 1969. It has gone on to become one of the most sought-after albums of its time, and is presented here with both sides of their non-LP 45, making it truly essential for fans of psychedelia and progressive hard rock. Digitally remastered CD $24 SKU:24655

BRADLEY, SID- CHILD OF THE SEA (70s psych pop/ proto power pop)Label:GUERSSEN Lost and found studio recordings (1971-79) by US singer-songwriter Sid Bradley including some of the sought-after 45 sides released with his band Erik in the early '70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. This is serious stuff, folks!! Pro-sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed-out psychedelic hard-rock to psych-pop and proto-power pop. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Paul Osborne (Shindig!). CD $19 SKU:24579

COOL GHOULS- AT GEORGE'S ZOO (SF based garage pop)-Label:EMPTY CELLAR The San Francisco-based garage rock and pop band celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of 'At George's Zoo'. This album will please fans of The Beach Boys and Stooges alike! CD $17 SKU:24415

CRIMSON SHADOWS-OUT OF OUR MINDS (80s Swedish garage legends)Label:KNIGHTS OF FUZZ Volume 2 covers the Swedish garage legends from the mid 80's THE CRIMSON SHADOWS, whose members later went on to bands like WYLDE MAMMOTHS, STOMACH MOUTHS, MAGGOTS and THE MAHARAJAHS. This CD collects both their early 7"s, the 'It's Cold' EP and the 'Hanging' Out!' mini LP + a few recently discovered unreleased studio tracks as a bonus. CD $17 SKU:23314

DROOGS-DROOGS COLLECTION(Calif garage psych) Label:PLUG N SOCKET LAST COPY. At last, what fans and critics alike have been asking for: A collection of essential tracks from the legendary California garage/psych band's multi-album catalog including: Change Is Gonna Come, Webster Field, Stranger In The Rain, Mr. Right, Only Game In Tow8/9/2021n, Countdown To Zero and more. Rolling Stones David Fricke: "A group of veteran L.A. psych-rock revisionists sharpened their metallic guitar sting and revved up their rhythm engine on Kingdom Day, reaching heights on "Webster Field" and "Countdown To Zero." CD $17 SKU:24703

DROOGS-YOUNG GUN(Calif garage psych) Label:PLUG N SOCKET 2017 album by US psychedelic garage rockers. When you hear singer Ric Albin, you still hear The MC5, The Yardbirds, Howlin' Wolf, The Seeds, The Kingsmen, Pebbles/Nuggets groups, and everyone else whose every lyric meant no-nonsense (yet cool) business. Includes a cover of The Seeds' 'Out Of The Question'. CD $17 SKU:24704

FAUBERT, SHANE- KALKARA (leader of the CHEEPSKATES, 60s style fuzz psych) Label:MUSIC MANIAC Leader of the New york Cheepskates! One of the best pop albums. 60's inspired popsongs with psychedelic effects, feedback and fuzz. CD $10 SKU:19128

ARKTIS - ARKTIS TAPES (spaced-out 2nd LP legendary Krautrock unit from Bonn, originally released in 1975)Label:LONGHAIR A vinyl-reissue of the spaced-out second album by the legendary Krautrock unit from Bonn, originally released in 1975. The music can be decribed as heavy blues-rock with a garagey toughness, an emphasis on psychedelic sonorities and trippy hippie vocals. This edition comes with remastered sound and an insert featuring the band's story and rare images. LP $32 SKU:24597

BITTER SEEDS/ROCK SHOP -STATE OF YOUR MIND (superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings)Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings from a Monterey-based gang, active between 1966 and '70. In those heady days The Bitter Seeds were gigging regularly at all of California's legendary venues, opening for a.o. Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf. In 1967, The Bitter Seeds recorded their only 45, issued under The Rock Shop moniker, as they wanted to avoid confusion with The Seeds. 'State Of Your Mind' b/w 'Is That Your Halo' was released on the Rowena label and is a brutal garage-psych double sider. The following year the group recorded four studio tracks which have remained unreleased until now. These are perfect examples of the transition from R&B-garage to early psychedelia. Also including rare live recordings from '66, this is an exciting release for all lovers of obscure and lost West Coast psychedelia. Also included is a 4-page insert with liner notes and lots of photos and memorabilia. LP $28 SKU:24749

BOSTON TEA PARTY- ST (1968 psych pop classic)-Label:ENDLESS HAPPINESS A lecture in '60s psych pop - almost power pop with flashes of hard rock - with consistently solid melodical, up-tempo, organ driven songs, soaring vocal harmonies, anthemic choruses. Psyched, poppy and fun. Originally released in 1968. LP $26 SKU:24614

CHARLEY NO FACE -THE GREEN MAN (psychrock /fuzz masterpiece)Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE Charley No Face 's s/t debut album is a psychrock/fuzz masterpiece. Charley No Face draw on a wide range of influences reminiscent of Black Sabbath, The Stooges, and early '70s prog rock. Delivering a powerful blend of heavy guitar, haunting melodies, and psychedelic explorations, they are notorious for their high energy performances and head turning guitar solos. Grab your copy today!! Limited to 250 copies. LP $32 SKU:24645

CRAMPS- TRASH IS NEAT #5 THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT-Label:KRAKATOA Ultra limited repress of one of the rarest (unofficial) Cramps albums with 3 additional tracks including a second, little known version of 'The Band That Time Forgot' and revised artworks. This originally came out about 8-9 years ago on a pressing of 250 copies and features some of the rarest tracks that the Cramps performed. Original copies of this (when they appear) usually sell in the 75-100 euro range. LP $26 SKU:21083

DEMIAN (BUBBLE PUPPY)-ST (Texas hard rock 1970) AQUA VINYL Label:FUTURE SHOCK One of the bands that helped build the great Austin, TX music scene (the 'live music capital of the world'), Demian was actually Bubble Puppy with a new name and sound. While Bubble Puppy was classic psychedelia, Demian was hard rock in the vein of bands like Atomic Rooster. Recorded live-in-studio at L.A.'s legendary 'Record Plant' studio in 1970, Demian was also one of the first bands to feature dueling lead guitars. Despite the high quality of the songs and the local buzz this album generated at the time, due to mismanagement, Demian soon faded into the record collecting beyond. Comes on 180 gram aqua blue vinyl. LP $24 SKU:24482