Dec 11, 2020


This weekend we have a few MORE Iggy test pressings for you guys! Plus some more cool warehouse finds and new arrivals.

RESTOCK in from our friends at GEAR FAB, the 60s and 70s reissue label. Everything $10! Check it out!

And if it’s bargains you are looking for, don't forget to check our $5 and under and our $5-$10 section, hundreds of great items available at a serious discount.

Thanks for all!
Suzy ShaW

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IGGY- I’m SICK OF YOU- -FIRST TEST PRESSING -ORIGINAL 1977- plus COVER autographed by James Williamson! Label:BOMP Amazing sound quality compared to later pressings, this is a real find! Later test pressings are RAINBO pressings, this is the FIRST Iggy 7” TEST!.done by MONARCH. AND We had James autograph some “Im Sick of You” covers we’ll toss one in with this listing. (Covers were made much later, of course) 45 RPM $500 SKU:22581

IGGY POP & THE STOOGES- Michigan Palace BOMP 4079 LP TEST PRESSING Label:BOMP Records VERY RARE LP $250 SKU:21539



19 Classic Blues Songs From The 1920's: Vol. 9-SEALED 2012 Calender with CD enclosed-Label:BLUES IMAGE The calendar might be out of date, but some great photos and a CD! CD $10 SKU:24078

24 Classic Blues Songs From The 1920's: Vol. 11 -SEALED 2014 Calender with CD enclosed-Label:BLUES IMAGE The calendar might be out of date, but some great photos and a CD! CD $10 SKU:24077

JESTERS OF DESTINY-The Sorrows That Refuse To Drown -SEALED Label:EKTRO These far-reaching tendencies (everything from Black Sabbath to Prince and the Chocolate Watch Band) have caused some to call Jesters of Destiny the first-ever alternative metal band. That term didn’t yet exist in 1986 or even a year later when the Jesters issued their covers collection, In a Nostalgic Mood or even during the sessions for what would have been the group’s third effort, No Laughing Matter. Instead, Duff and Violet preferred to call their band of rock Gleeful Doom, conceding that after all these years they might be siding less with glee than doom. CD $10 SKU:24086

PEBBLES 28 (The Continent Lashes Back! European Garage, Beat & Psych Rarities: Sweden Pt 3) - AIP 10046 1988 TEST PRESSING - out of print title- Label:AIP Buy a piece of history with the very first pressing of the legendary AIP series, the one that started it all. Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing ,There are no jackets. Comes in a white sleeve with a sticker. COMP LP $50 SKU:24084

PEBBLES 11- one ONLY -out of print but found one in our warehouse. Label:AIP COMP LP $25 SKU:24083

COLTRANE, JOHN - A Love Supreme -Reissue, Remastered, GatefoldLabel:ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS UNSEALED BUT MINT VINYL LP $15 SKU:24085

FLAMIN GROOVIES -10” mini LP BOMP 101 1999 original RAINBO TEST PRESSING ONE ONLY! Label:BOMP Records ONE ONLY LP $75 SKU:24082

KIRKLAND- Eddie - IT’s the BLues Man-ST M- condition - 1987 reissue -Label:ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS LP $10 SKU:24079

PEACH KELLI POP-ST SEALED-Label:BACHELOR L.A.'s DIY sunshine garage punk favorites LP $10 SKU:24076

PEBBLES - VOL 18 -The Continent Lashes Back! European Garage Rock Part 2 -1985 TEST PRESSING -ONE ONLY! Label:AIP Regular copies are out of print, we found a few TEST PRESSINGS! Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made .COMP LP $50 SKU:18202


ALLAN DAVIE AND THE ARROWS - Arrow Dynamic Sounds ( Surf/Fuzz ) -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Starting in the '60s as a surf group, Davie Allan & the Arrows took instrumental
music a step further, hot-wiring their sound with the abuse of fuzz pedal. "Talking about pop culture, baby? Allan was an architect, a natural fact rock & roll artist. Allan's ax rocks, stalks and talks with heat, assurance and (believe it or not) a maturity that transforms the oft-shallow rock-instro into epic-scale slabs of rock & roll expression. Dazzling." - L.A. Weekly CD $5 SKU:2233

BLACK LIPS - S/T(Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll ) - Label:BOMP Records garage/punk's new kings of mayhem! "Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. Youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!" CD $10 SKU:23104

IGGY POP & the STOOGES - Open Up And Bleed 1973 w liners)LAST COPIESLabel:BOMP Records For the first time in one place, the complete collection of songs that would likely have made up the Stooges' 4th album. Drawn from rehearsals and live shows in the year following the release of Raw Power, this album exhibits the creative output of the band during their final days. Included are the CBS rehearsal tapes of 1973, live performances from the subsequent tour, as well as a previously unreleased alternate take of "Rubber Leg". The CD also includes liner notes by Stooges historian Frank Meyer, and cool artwork using photos drawn from the same time period. CD $15 SKU:2067

IGGY POP & the STOOGES -Year of the Iguana-Label:BOMP Records Here Bomp presents you a superb compilation designed to sample its widely acclaimed Iguana Chronicles series, documenting the different phases of the Stooges' all-too-brief career. This CD has 11 tracks, more than 50 minutes of music, including prev unrel. material, all specially remastered for this release. Also includes stunning photos by Leni Sinclair as well as liner notes by music historian/agitator and Bomp mentor Greg Shaw. CD $10 SKU:2073

IGGY POP & the STOOGES- Double Danger 2 CD live 73 LAST COPIES Label:BOMP Records More Iguana Chronicles with two of the last, and greatest, live recordings from their final tour: Latin Casino (Baltimore) from 11/73 and the Academy of Music (NYC) from 12/31/73. Both include rare tracks not normally featured in live recordings, and both are among the most vicious, and best-recorded performances preserved on tape. The CD is a double, with two complete live discs CD $20 SKU:2075

NERVES - One Way Ticket (powerpop legends ) digipack -Label:ALIVE After nearly 30 years of being transmitted in the form of bootlegs and mixtapes, of being covered by other bands, of becoming the stuff of rock & roll legend, the Nerves' four-song EP has finally seen a proper reissue on Alive Records' new One Way Ticket - along with unreleased tracks, demos and live cuts. And guess what? It's better than Chinese Democracy, and cost $13 million less to record. - LA Weekly CD $10 SKU:9039

OS HAXIXINS - S/T (garage punk Portuguese psych ) Label:GET HIP Out of the southern hemisphere comes the fuzz laden OS HAXIXINS. Garage in the style of the great sixties groups the Music Machine the Standells & We the People. Portuguese & English vocals only adds to the uniqueness of OS HAXIXINS music. Influenced by hard to find 60's records, garage punk and psychedelia, CD $10 SKU:9641

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY- Universal Malcontents digipack (Amazing psych pop/ cosmic blues)- Label:ALIVE Leader/songsmith MATTHEW SMITH is more on form than ever before, whether on a cosmic blues rocker like 'Outsider,' a shimmering psych popper like 'Feels Like Shadows,' a glam-inflected choogler like 'I Recognized Her' or a sardonic stomper like 'It's Not Rock N' Roll (And I Don't Like It).' Universal Malcontents is, I think, Outrageous Cherry's most consistently engaging album, and that's saying a lot. - The Big Takeover CD $5 SKU:9539

OXFORDS - FLYING UP THROUGH THE SKY PART 2 (Jefferson Airplane style 1970) -Label:GEAR FAB When this Louisville, Kentucky Band recorded this classic 1970 LP, they also recorded 16 additional tracks between 1967 and 1971. These newly discovered tapes offer us more of their unique Spanky & Our Gang, Jefferson Airplane, and The Mamas & The Papas sound influences. All never before released. IMPORT CD $10 SKU:16200

PEP GIRLZ- Down N Dirty ( all girl NY garage-trash hcore punkLabel:ALIVE ST Mid-90s NY garage-trash-hardcore by this all girl punk band. They never got to tour, and it's too bad because they were amazing. Do not confuse with the AC/DC tribute band with the same name ... CD $5 SKU:4464

REV, MARTIN - Cheyenne (ex Suicide ) LAST COPIES! PUNK - Label:ALIVE Solo album by Suicide member. These are actually instrumental remixes of Suicide second album. Import CD $10 SKU:4465

STEMS - Terminal Cool (83-86 gorgeous pop garage)- Label:GET HIP his brilliant retrospective captures a confident, self-assured band recorded during those hallmark years of ‘83 – ’86, and proves that Australia’s Stems were indeed an extremely varied animal. Brimming with gorgeous pop melodies alongside great garage rock riffs and backbeats, this collection effectively showcases their versatility. This reissue includes 21 golden greats that covers alot of ground from the Fuzztone hits “She’s A Monster” and “Tears Me In Two,” to the bluesy garage stomp of “On And On” ” to the pure pop goodness of “Can’t Forget That Girl”. And there’s no denying the riff rocking prowess of the Byrdsian “Love Will Grow” and the psychedelic snarl of “Jumping To Conclusions.” Top notch ressue here with interesting liner notes and this reissue also includes 5 unreleased bonus tracks. CD $10 SKU:21868

SUBSONICS- EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART- (Cramps-esque)Label:GET HIP With a mix of influences from the '50s and beyond, Subsonics deliver a Cramps-esque cocktail of belligerent guitar riffs, thumping bass, and tribal drumming. Imagine Lou Reed singing with a garage band who'd raided their father's collection of rare rockabilly gems. Unique songs, unique sound--don't miss this one!CD $10 SKU:23476

SWAMP RATS- DISCO STILL SUCKS ( primal 60s punk ) -Label:GET HIP Primal 60's Punk and melodic garage from McKeesport, Pennsylvania! The wicked torrent of fuzzed-out mayhem these Steel City hooligans burned onto their ‘66 and ‘67 single sides is legendary, from a raunchy "Louie Louie" that drinks the Kingsmen under the table, to the head-smash of "Psycho," to the gunpowdered cover of the Sparkles’ "No Friend of Mine." But you get not only all the singles on this first-ever proper reissue of their material, but four bona-fide killers from the vaults, including an original muscle-car fuzz romp called "Hey Freak"; an extended version of "Tobacco Road" that’s a shotgun wedding of Nashville Teens R&B hedonism and Blues Magoos Bronx bombshells; a fine bluesy original called "I’m Going Home"; and a spiffy cover of the Kinks’ "She’s Got Everything." With the band members telling their story for the first time in the extensive liners, unseen photos galore, and crisp sound, this is of the best 60's reissue albums ever! CD $10 SKU:22979

TELESCOPES - As Approved by The Committee - Label:EVIL As Approved by The Committee . An unbeatable combination of all their best stuff, out of print and never before released in the US. "Like mad cultural terrorists, they've taken the norm and fed it through a psychedelic blender. It's all rather jagged and unsettling, the musical equivalent of cackling maggots spilling out through the eyeholes of the beautiful - and is both timely and exciting" (Melody Maker, 1994) CD $10 SKU:8909

ZINEDINES - DIGGIN EVERYTHING ( Zombies/ Beatles style power pop Spanish import ) Label:SOUND EFFECTS This is 7 song Mini-Cd arrives from Spain and is complete delight that fans of The Zombies("Odyssey", big time!), George Harrison/Beatles and "A Wishing Well" from The Rooks will deeply enjoy. ... shimmering harmonies power pop, CD $10 SKU:5648

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS- VA (rare KDB punk reissue) -Label:BLOODSTAINS What a way to kick off a series!!! This is one of the best punk reissue comps ever!. Followed soon by Bloostains Across California and ...the Midwest, these comps are the original three in the Bloodstains series. All put together by the same madman, all completely incredible. They perfectly capture the feeling of each area. COMP CD $10 SKU:10936

ESSENTIAL PEBBLES 2 - Best of American Garage Classics (60s Era ) (bonus disc crammed with 29 ultra rare 60s treasures )-Label:AIP Following the success of Vol 1, we have come up with enough equally great material for a second volume following the same concept.. The first disc contains some of the best tracks from the original Pebbles /Highs series that have yet to appear on CD. The second disc is especially tasty this time, again filled with never reissued classics, 29 this time! The music spans the spectrum of 60's local music scenes, with everything from raunchy frat to pop and pysch. None issued on CD before. COMP CD $10 SKU:2308

MOTOR CITY IS BURNING with SRB, RAtionals, Up - VOL 1 - 1968 -1998 (Stooges, Sonic's Rendezvous Band Mitch Ryder and more) LAST COPIES -Label:TOTAL ENERGY (Total Energy) Features the Rationals, Up, Stooges, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Ramrods, Mutants, Dirtys, Motor Dolls, Bootsey X, Uprising, more. “The ghost of Iggy and the Stooges also hovers over '80s tracks like ‘Pusherman of Love’ by Bootsey X and the Lovemasters and ‘I'm a Ramrod’ by the Ramrods. - Cub Koda / All Music Guide COMP CD $10 SKU:2223

PEBBLES - Vol 2 ORIGINAL 60s PUNK AND PSYCH CLASSICS - Label:AIP The opening number, "Makin' Deals" by the Satans, is a mid-tempo rocker featuring a vocalist who snarled "Can you guess my name?!?" two years before Mick Jagger pranced through "Sympathy for the Devil." "99th Floor," an organ-driven stomper recorded in 1967, features ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. TODD KRISTAL COMP CD $10 SKU:5055

PEBBLES Vol 03 THE ACID GALLERY-Label:AIP You may have heard Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix, but you haven't truly experienced psychedelic rock until you've heard the exploitation quickies, novelty records, and inexplicable dementia that fill this collection, the third volume in the classic Pebbles series of garage-punk compilations. TODD KRISTAL COMP CD $10 SKU:5056

PEBBLES - Vol 4 SURFIN TUNES - Label:AIP This special volume contains some of the best and most legendary rarities of surf music - mostly vocals, but with some instrumental gems towards the end. If you are a serious collector, or simply a fan of the early 60's California sound, this package offers a special treat for everyone! COMP CD $12 SKU:5057

PLANETARY PEBBLES - Vol 3 SURFBEAT FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN Pt 2 ((26 tracks of demented 60s Cold War sounds)Label:AIP Here comes our third volume of Planetary Pebbles, Vol 3: Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain Part 2 dedicated to unearthing '60s classics from all around the world. This is our second compilation of raunchy and extravagant instrumental music recorded during the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain and including 26 tracks of demented sounds created in extremely difficult conditions by the youth of Eastern Europe. 12-page booklet featuring a comprehensive story of the East German rock scene of the mid-60s. (greg Shaw) COMP CD $5 SKU:2314

OLD SKARS AND UPSTARTS- 2001 w poster insert LAST COPY ! - Label:RADIO BLAST Features rare and unreleased tracks byDUANE PETERS & The HUNNS, THE STITCHES, THE CROWD, THE DISTILLERS, U.S. BOMBS, UNION 13, RIVER CITY REBELS, FRUIT COCKTAIL - Trendy (Duane Peters, Greg Lee, Al Barr, Stephan Jackson, Tim Armstrong), and more COMP LP $15 SKU:17146

BEACHWOOD SPARKS- Tarnished Gold LTD ED GOLD DBL LP - Label:SUB POP The album finds the band, chemistry as strong as ever, pushing themselves to make a truly memorable record. “We’re treading in areas that we never thought we’d go on this record,” says Rademaker. “It’s great to be making the kind of music that I like with my best friends and favorite musicians. The triumph was not only that it came out so listenable and good but also that we made the most of just being together. LP $30 SKU:15788

HAUNTED - Blow my Little Mind to Bits -LAST COPIES of great 60s garage-Label:VOXX LAST COPIES One of Canada's most popular homegrown rock groups in the '60s, though they made no inroads to the rest of North America. From the English-speaking community of Montreal, the group was very explicit in their desire to emulate the Rolling Stones, and most of their 1966-1968 singles (as well as their sole LP, from 1967) were in a raunchy R&B/blues-rock style. Their most successful single, "1-2-5," gained fame when it was reissued on one of the first Pebbles compilations of garage singles in the '70s. All of their material was reissued in the '80s. LP $30 SKU:22118

MC5- Powertrip10” - WAREHOUSE FIND LAST COPIESLabel:TOTAL ENERGY LAST COPIES !! 6 track 10” on Total Energy label. LP $25 SKU:18967

SWAMP DOGG - Cuffed Collared & Tagged- 1972 release-Label:CREAM UNSEALED but mint, inner lyric sheet LP $20 SKU:24037