BUFFALO KILLERS - S/T (70s style blues psych) CD

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"They roar through this lysergically-tinged set of garage blues nuggets like Cream and Crazy Horse channeling the spirit of the Standells at a basement seance." - Amplifier.

"What the Jesus and Mary Chain were to the '80s, Buffalo Killers may well be to this decade, brilliantly bringing the beloved sounds of yesterday into a new millennium." - Jo-Ann Greene/All Music Guide.

Buffalo Killers flat out rocks. With amazing chops and commendable restraint, brothers Andrew and Zachary Gabbard along with drummer Joseph Sebaali deliver rock music distilled to lethal potency." - My Old Kentucky Blog.

The trio is mesmerizing, sliding from Mountain/Cream syncopation to what could best be described as Vanilla Fudge on mushrooms trying to play their entire catalogue without pause." - Bill Holmes / Pop Culture Press.



1 San Martine Des Morelle  
2 SS Nowhere  
3 Heavens You Are  
4 The Path Before Me  
5 River Water  
6 With Love  
7 Children Of War  
8 Down In The Blue  
9 Fit To Breathe  
10 Something Real