CALVIN COOL & the SURF KNOBS- The Surfer's Beat (rare surf and drag album from 1963)- CD

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First appearance on CD of this rare surf and drag album from 1963.  —Great stuff that makes the Marketts sound like they were incompetent children banging pots and pans. Taken from the master tapes for superior sound.  Calvin Cool in actuality a select group of Jazz Musicians who showed that they too could rock.It wasn't the first time this was done, a few years before there was an Lp released on Groove Records called Rock That Beat which featured Dan Drew and His Daredevils, and Boots Brown and His Blockbusters in 1955.Dan Drew was actually Elliot Lawrence and Boots Brown was Shorty Rogers. So on this release you have Shorty Rogers and some friends who sneaked into a recording studio and released this little gem in disguise. All but one of the tunes I would say or ok at best, the stand out tune of the whole album is El Tecolote, pretty darn cool.



1 Surf City  
2 Hang Ten  
3 Surfin U.S.A.  
4 Fog Horn  
5 Beach Bash  
6 Cannon Ball Wipeout  
7 Surfer's Beat  
8 The South Bay  
9 Pipeline  
10 Surf Bunnies  
11 El Tecolote  
12 Way To Do It