CONGREGATION FOR ANTI FLIRTS -The McAllen, Texas Teen Scene 1965-1967 - COMP CD

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\Subtitled: The McAllen, Texas Teen Scene 1965-1967. "From 1965 to 1967, McAllen was the happening scene for some of the wildest music to emanate from Texas in the '60s.

The label that played host to these bands was Jimmy Nichol's Pharaoh Records and this album contains the best the label had to offer. Not only were the records superlative, but today they are considered some of the rarest finds for collectors of '60s garage bands.

Singles by Pharaoh artists such as The Headstones, The Cavaliers, and Christopher and The Souls go for over a grand apiece, if they can be located.

Congregation For Anti-Flirts Inc. also contains in depth coverage on the McAllen bands with rare photos, radio charts, and interviews, making this album a journey to pharaoh's valley that can't be missed."


1     –Thee Kavaliers     Symbols Of Sins     
2     –Thee Kavaliers     Congregation For Anti-Flirts Inc.     
3     –Thee Kavaliers     The Last Four Words     
4     –The Cavaliers (6)     Pride     
5     –The Headstones     My Kind Of Girl     
6     –The Headstones     Bad Day Blues     
7     –The Headstones     24 Hours (Everyday)     
8     –The Headstones     Wish She Were Mine     
9     –Christopher And The Souls     Diamonds, Rats And Gum     
10     –Christopher And The Souls     Broken Hearted Lady     
11     –The Playboys Of Edinburg     Understand Me     
12     –The Playboys Of Edinburg     Wish You Had A Heart     
13     –Thee Kavaliers     That Hurts     
14     –Thee Kavaliers     Ballad Of Thee Kavaliers     
15     –Thee Kavaliers     Back To You     
16     –The Cavaliers (6)     Seaweed     
17     –Jeanne Hatfield     My Babe     
18     –Brother And Sister*     See What Tomorrow Brings     
19     –Brother And Sister*     The Answer Is Love