COOPER,JOHN & PHILIPPA -Cooperville Times (1969 like early Jefferson Airplane)CD

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Spooky psychedelic folk rock (1969) featuring the unmistakable guitar sounds of Julian Laxton (Freedom’s Children). Unquestionably one of the rarest South African albums ever: folk tinged psychedelia, featuring the whimsical vocals of John & Philipa Cooper with guitar by Julian Laxton, which has been hailed by collectors worldwide as comparable to the legendary Mellow Candle or early Jefferson Airplane.

Brother/sister John & Philipa Cooper went to Britain shortly after the album was made, and there the story ends. Even so, this amazing album is considered in the same class as those by Billy Nichols, Duncan Browne and Blossom Toes.

Well composed underground songs, folk rock, effects—an album full of ideas and masterfully played... it just has the right feel, with the combination of great songs and a '60s art-vibe. The perfect underground folk-rock album.

1     The Mad Professor     2:45
2     Gyspy Spell     2:42
3     I'll Be More Than Satisfied     2:08
4     Wild Daydreams     2:35
5     Edge Of Eternity     2:12
6     My Pair Of Spectacles     2:26
7     Man In A Bowler Hat     2:41
8     Singing In My Soul     2:05
9     She's My Woman     2:38
10     Broomstick     2:33
11     Good Old Sun