CREAMERS - Stick it in Your Ear West Coast punk) CD

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Drilled bar code and unsealed, but MINT

"The Creamers were a seminal part of the "second wave" of the West Coast punk rock scene. The band was famous for churning out their brand of Ramones style, gut twirling , ear-rupturing brand of punk rock.

The Creamers were also one of the first L.A. punk bands to feature "girls on guitar". Today it's taken for granted that woman can and do play guitar, bass and drums in rock bands - but in 1986- it was an anomaly.

If you love OLD SCHOOL PUNK ROCK with scalding female vocals, this one’s for you!
1     Mom Watches T.V.     
2     Trail Of Ruined Days     
3     Cover Your Ass     
4     Easy To Do Nothing     
5     Long Year And A Half     
6     Wonder Why     
7     Artificially Yours     
8     In A Lonely Place     
9     Tell Me How It Is     
10     Weight Of The World     
11     Breakaway     
12     Dead Weight     
13     When No One's Looking     
14     Martyrdumb