CYNICS - Blue Train Sessions (60s style garage classic) CD

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Reissue of this garage classic from Pittsburgh's legendary CYNICS.

Re-engineered and remastered for CD, this classic blast of guitar, rhythm and screaming vocals.

Originally released in 1986 by Skyclad, this release shows the genesis of their wall of guitar sound, and was the CYNICS's first full-length LP.

Hear why this release has frequently been cited as a classic of the 80's, from one of the seminal garage bands of our time. 5 Extra tracks on CD.


Remixed and remastered for your listening pleasure.

The Tracks

1. Blue Train Station 2. On The Run PLAY 3. Waste Of Time 4. No Friend Of Mine 5. Get Away Girl* 6. Lying All The Time* 7. No Way 8. Love Me Then Go Away PLAY 9. Blues in D* PLAY 10. Dancing On The Wall* 11. Hold Me Right 12. Soul Searching 13. Why You Left Me 14. I Got Nightmares* 15. I Can't Get Away From You 16. I Want Love 17. Road Block