CYNICS - Get Our Way (60s style garage psych) CD

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Features guest producer Erik Lindgren of Arf! Arf! fame.

This album is a return to their garage roots with tinges of psychedelia sprinkled in for good measure.



1 No Reason  
2 Private Suicide  
3 Hand In Hand  
4 I'll Wait  
5 Lose Your Mind  
6 That's How I Feel  
7 13 O'Clock Daylight Savings Time  
8 Don't Shoot Me Down  
9 And She Said Yeah  
10 I Live Alone  
11 Dave V's Car  
12 Love Me Now  
13 All These Streets  
14 Time Alone  
15 Dirty Trick  
16 Two Rooms  
17 Beyond The Calico Wall / STP-00117