CYNICS - HERE WE ARE (60s style garage psych) CD

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Probably the best Cynics record ever, on par with their classic Rock’n’Roll LP.

It was recorded in early 2007 in Gijon (Spain) at Circo Perrotti Studios, and counts with the collaboration of the members of Doctor Explosion, Jorge, Pibli and Kaplan as well as other great guest musicians.

Kastelic and Kostelich came out of the Punk Rock Movement in their early teens and into the Real Punk world of Garage rock during the mid-eighties.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they have been at the forefront of this scene for more than 20 years now.

Along with The Fuzztones, The Lyres, and The Chesterfield Kings, The Cynics have always been regarded as garage rock royalty.

Kastelic’s wailing screams, his on and offstage antics, and his legendary tequila consumption have made an impression on points all over the globe


 1. Here We Are
   2. Coming Round My Way
   3. The Ring
   4. The Warning
   5. Me Wanting Her
   6. She Fell
   7. Slide Over
   8. Last Mistake
   9. Hard To Please
  10. What She Said
  11. All About You
  12. Courtney