DAHL, JEFF - Heart Full of Snot (Stooges/ Dead Boys style)promo copies CD

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Dahl pulls no punches about who and what he dislikes on songs like "All American Overdose," and a rant against music-oriented media that even disses Maximumrocknroll, "People That I Hate," "Can't Be Bothered," and the Ramonesy "Hung On You," all highlights of the record.



1 All American Overdose  
2 Turn Me On  
3 Little Girl Smile  
4 She's Breakin' My Heart Again  
5 Rosita  
6 Diablo Verde  
7 (I Wanna Be Your) Mainman  
8 Hung On You  
9 Can Ya Walk On Water  
10 Yesterdaze  
11 People That I Hate  
12 More Good News  
13 Can't Be Bothered  
14 Love Dtk  
15 Down On You (Girl Version)