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Hand-mixed STARBURST vinyl, each one a little bit different. The images don't do it justice. You will LOVE it..Ltd edition of 200

ALSO AVAILABLE - BOX SET with all 3 DATURA 4 LPS plus bonus DM3 ALBUM, see below RELATED ITEMS 

Side 1
1. Black Dog Keep Running
2. Blessed is the Boogie
3. Looper
4. Run With Lucy

Side 2
1. Ooh Poo Pah Doo*
2. Sounds of Gold
3. Not For Me
4. Cat on a Roof

“Blessed is the Boogie” is the eagerly anticipated third album by Western Australian rockers Datura4.

Fronted by Aussie legend Dom Mariani, who came to prominence on the music scene in the 1980s with legendary garage rock combo The Stems, and later went on to form revered power pop outfits DM3 and The Someloves, Datura4 is Mariani’s return to his blues and heads-down, full-tilt boogie roots.

“Blessed is the Boogie” is ten new songs that build on Datura4’s ‘guitars to infinity’ approach of “Hairy Mountain” (2016) and the hard rocking, progressive blues and psychedelic stylings of debut LP “Demon Blues” (2015). Both albums were released through Alive NaturalSound Records and gained critical acclaim at home, in Europe and the USA.

Garagey but not grungey, power-poppy but not cheesy, muddy but not sludgy, blues-respecting but not formulaic, trippy but not spacey, Datura4 is carving out their own niche and clearly incorporate their many influences but, refreshingly, keep them as just that – influences which contribute to the greater Datura4 sound. – GET READY TO ROCK (★★★★ 4 star review)

It’s like the 1970s grew up, started shaving and finally got some action. Welcome to Riff City, kid. – I-94 BAR

This band reignites the rock-blues vibe that summons long-haired rock-rolling Lazarus back from the grave. – SOUNDBLAB (10/10 review)

Datura4 are lead by Fremantle native Dom Mariani, who’s been a linchpin of Aussie underground rock for the past 40 years with bands like The Go-Starts, The Stems, The Someloves, DM3 and The DomNicks (with former Cortinas and Clash guitarist Nick Shepard). Usually to be found trading in Beatley powerpop and Nuggets-era psych, with Datura4 Dom and his colleagues Stu Loasby, Warren Hall and Bob Patient scratch their heavy blues-rock and footstomping boogie itch. – VIVE LE ROCK