DIRTY STREETS-Blades Of Grass (Radio Moscow tourmates) Ltd ed of 200 DEVIL RED VINYL LP

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For all you Radio Moscow fans! Great psych lp cover, artwork.

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The Dirty Streets, hailing from the incomparable Memphis blues scene, offer us a vivacious new album, Blades of Grass. It encompasses all the ingredients of a ‘60s classic rock band, as if straight out of a freshly uncovered time capsule. Noticeable influence by greats such as the Rolling Stones, the album is sure to please blues and classic rock enthusiasts alike.

The album’s first single and opening track, “Stay Thirsty,” provides an upbeat rhythm driven by lead guitar and organ. A catchy chorus accompanies these elements, as Justin Toland belts out his raspy howl. “Try Harder,” another hit track, talks about an honest hard day’s work, a recurring theme on the album. The songs maintain a down to earth tone, reflecting on life’s daily trials and tribulations. “Keep an Eye Out” begins with a rollicking drum beat, carefully crafted by percussionist Andrew Denham. Rolling right along into the next upbeat progression, “Heart of the Sky” comes complete with the introduction of the harmonica at start and finish, capping off the stellar guitar and bass work within. The Dirty Streets slow it down for a couple of heartfelt tracks. The first, “Truth,” is a powerful testament to the honest man. With harmonies spot on, culminating into guitar solo outro, the band does the number proud. “Twice” follows, and is an intriguing instrumental tribute to the Middle Eastern sounds ever so prominent in that ‘60s scene.

On Blades of Grass, The Dirty Streets pay great homage to the blues-inspired classic rock sound that came before. With of course a fresh take and impressive talent, these Memphis rockers leave it all on the album. Toland’s vocals recall that of an early Paul Rodgers, accompanied by Thomas Storz’s intricate bass lines and Denham’s complex beats. The Dirty Streets put out one hell of an album from start to finish.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Stay Thirsty
– Try Harder
– Keep an Eye Out
– Heart of the Sky
– Truth

The Big Hit

– Stay Thirsty



A1 Stay Thirsty  
A2 Talk  
A3 No Need To Rest  
A4 Movements #2  
A5 Try Harder  
B1 Blades Of Grass  
B2 Keep An Eye Out  
B3 Heart Of The Sky  
B4 Truth  
B5 Twice