DISCONTENT - ST ( O.C street punk 70s Sham the Sham /ACDC style ) LP

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Vinyl includes one non-CD bonus track.

With a sound rooted in the OC tradition, DISCONTENT has developed its own and unique brand of sonic rock'n'roll. They have been described as a mean combination of "street punk and smash rock... think SHAM 69 and AC/DC meet MOTORHEAD and The HELLACOPTERS in the 21st century."

This self-titled debut full length takes no prisoners : it is a gritty mixture of '70s-style rock'n'roll and contemporary skate punk.



Last Chance 2:48
Loser Street 2:26
Just Don't Care 3:02
Shakes 2:19
Machine 2:25
Dirty Crooks 1:18
Rebel 3:15
Like A Dog 2:02
Radio Whore 1:56
Got A Girl 2:06
Live It Up 1:50
Shot Down 2:05
This City