DMZ -Live at the Rat (70s punk) BLACK VINYL LP

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Two prev unrel LIVE shows. The first one, from 1976, features the original line-up and conveys the sheer power and passion of this amazing band. The second show is equally great as it documents their 1993 one-time reunion. Both shows were recorded at the Rat, the Boston club where they and so many other classic bands emerged in the '70s.

Extensively remastered by Mono Man.



A1 Intro / First Time (Is The Best Time)  
A2 Boy From Nowhere  
A3 Ball Me Out  
A4 Lift Up Your Hood  
A5 Go To School  
A6 Watch For Me Girl  
A7 Don´t Jump Me Mother  
A8 Don´t Start Me Cryin´Now  
B1 Raw Power  
B2 Cinderella  
B3 He's Waitin'  
B4 Frenzy  
B5 When I Get Off  
B6 Out Of Our Tree  
B7 Mighty Idy  
B8 You're Gonna Miss Me