DRAGONFLY (USA) ST (60s Calif heavy psych for fans of Iron Butterfly, The Who & Stack)CD

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Their self-titled hard psychedelic rock LP from 1970!!

At last a CD reissue of this killer cusp of the 60's heavy psych album from California.

Plenty of wailing psychedelic guitars, and a heavy garage psych edge give the album an awesome power.

With weird trip-outs such as "Trombodo" and the soaring "I Feel It" this is prime Endless Journey style US psych with all the right acid dimensions. Great !

This album is one of the best kept secrets of late 60s psychedelic rock. Originally known as THE LEGEND, this Colorado based band recorded this fuzzed out, hard driving album, in 1968 at L.A's Amigo studios.

If you are a fan of Iron Butterfly, The Who and Stack, this one's for you. 12 tracks.



1 Blue Monday 3:08
2 Enjoy Yourself 3:28
3 Hootchie Koochie Man 4:25
4 I Feel It 4:38
5 Trombodo 0:24
6 Portrait Of Youth 2:48
7 Crazy Woman 2:45
8 She Don't Care 2:32
9 Time Has Slipped Away 2:36
10 To Be Free 3:22
11 Darlin' 0:24
12 Miles Away 4:45