EASY LIVIN' -Good Time Head on Collision (NYC garage punk) LP

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Formed from the ashes of NY and Virginia garage-slop and drunken sons The Morning Shakes and The M-80s, The Easy Livin' is a garage punk band in the proud NYC tradition.

This 14 track platter brings together the best worlds of '60s garage, '70s punk and '90s manic panic garage punk.



A1 Livin' Is Easy When You're Living On...  
A2 Easy Street  
A3 Funhouse Mirror  
A4 Ugly Blues  
A5 Girls Are Made For Lovin  
A6 Quit Feelin' Sorry  
A7 Drives Me Crazy  
A8 Rather Go To Hell (Than Back To Pawtucket)  
B1 Siamese Love  
B2 Lights Out!  
B3 I'm A Ramrod  
B4 Got A Feelin'  
B5 You Shouldn't Do That  
B6 Blues For Phylis