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LAST COPIES !  What The Buzzing. A seductively spellbinding psychedelic band from Cleveland, FLOORIANs music is very easy to space out to, filled with mind-stretching sounds and textures, but it also rocks. A unique blend of psychedelic space-rock.


Based in O-high-O, Floorian have been roaming the musical cosmos for eons, exploring the realms of psychedelia, space-rock and experimentalism with a vision of creating a unique style of darkly melodic, hypnotic, guitar-fueled drone-rock.

In 2003, Floorian aroused the ears of legendary Bomp! Records guru Greg Shaw and Brian Jonestown Massacre mastermind Anton Newcombe. The band's debut album, 'What The Buzzing', was released in September 2004 on Newcombe's label, The Committee To Keep Music Evil, and distributed by Bomp!.

'What The Buzzing' has received high praise from fans and critics, and Floorian's multi-sensory live excursions, melding psychoactive visuals with boundless sound, have levitated audiences at every destination. Floorian has shared the stage with numerous luminaries of the rock underground, including Lab Partners (Dayton, Ohio), Paik (Detroit, Michigan), The Volta Sound (Cleveland, Ohio), Grimble Grumble (Chicago, Illinois), Infinite Number of Sounds (Cleveland, Ohio), The Spiders (Austin, Texas), and Church of Hed (Columbus, Ohio).

Floorian songs also have appeared on highly esteemed compilations such as 'Psychedelica - Vols.1 & 2' and 'The Vegetable Man Project - Vol. 3'. Further forays into sublime sonic sorcery are always in the works.

'...Mesmerizing, slow-burning psychedelic buildups complete with near-Eastern undercurrents, cascading into a trance-inducing avalanche. Phil Spector may have coined the phrase 'Wall of Sound,' but trust me, on What the Buzzing, and especially live, Floorian has built a fortress! -- Skyscraper

'...Floorian's recordings now sparkle at that perfect intersection of melody and noise sought by many and found by only a few ... the disembodied vocals, backwards guitar and e-bow drones of 'Overruled' descend into nothingness and return to being like a narcotics overdose being fought with a timely shot of Narcan...'Symptoms Alone' is a timeless flood of brain chemistry overload, staking a claim for a place on any compilation of early 21st Century neo-psychedelia. -- Ptolemaic Terrascope

'A near-constant solar burst of intergalactic hallucinatory guitar leads, weeping extra-terrestrial feedback, and other abundantly arousing audio stimuli rises above the heavenly din ... Floorian makes astral music of dreams while sweetly tumbling through the stratosphere. A-floating away on the clouds I now shall go. -- Razorcake' America 's new kings of psychedelic overdose!' -- Greg Shaw


1 Or So They Say 5:23
2 Descend 6:38
3 Aether Spill 8:32
4 Overruled 8:43
5 Waiting For It 4:37
6 Auravine 6:20
7 Symptons Alone 9:53
8 Heavium 3:36
9 Alt.11 7:48
10 Somic 8:35