FLOWER MACHINE - Through a London Window- 45 RPM

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Currently based in San Luis Obispo, California, The Flower Machine recorded the basic tracks for their Hypnotic Bridge single in a cavernous warehouse, on a vintage 8-track machine. The tapes were then taken to a studio in Cambria, where they added sitar, flute, organ, backwards guitars and subtle layers of Mellotron cello to complete the A-side, “Through A London Window,” which was inspired in part by Antonioni’s 1966 cinematic masterpiece “Blow Up.”

“One in a Million,” perhaps the most obscure item in the Pink Floyd canon, makes its vinyl debut on the B-side. Surviving only on a murky audience tape from a gig in Copenhagen in September 1967, the song is thought to be a joint composition between Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. It even may have been a version of the rumored “She Was a Millionaire” single The Pink Floyd were working on to follow up “See Emily Play.” Peter spent ages decoding its lyrics, enabling us to present here, for the first time ever, a fully realized version of a song that many consider to be one of the last holy relics of the Barrett era. Peter employs a black-and-white Danelectro 59 for the guitar parts, while Matt Nice plays the menacing, Rick Wright-influenced organ.