FRIENDS - Fragile (60s soft Psych/Folk) CD

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" The rarest, and I would dare to say best, folk/psych album from Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, musical brainchildren behind Ithaca, Agincourt, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Tomorrow Come Someday.

This fifth Howell/Ferdinando album had just been completed in or around 1974 when the partnership came to an end. Howell had been working at the BBC as a studio manager since 1970 (he'd provided a stiff upper lip voiceover for John Peels Top Gear shows), but he was now offered a position with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which he accepted, and still holds.

An album so incredibly rare (only a single acetate exists), that many have doubted the album’s existence… until now! “Friends” still has the recognizable Ithaca and/or Agincourt sound, with lead vocals mainly by Peter Howell mostly, but with all the same elements and participants, and four tracks featuring the lovely vocals of Ruth Cubbin.

A pastoral psychedelic folk stroll in the sunshine, with a few tracks reminiscent of 60's soft psych. Very good!!”
1     You Need Friends     
2     A Tale Of Your Life     
3     Summer Sunday Blues     
4     One Sweet Day     
5     Memories     
6     Lonely Road     
7     In The Morning     
8     Come Inside     
9     Take A Walk     
10     River Song     
11     Once In A Winter Town     
12     Time To Run


1 You Need Friends  
2 A Tale Of Your Life  
3 Summer Sunday Blues  
4 One Sweet Day  
5 Memories  
6 Lonely Road  
7 In The Morning  
8 Come Inside  
9 Take A Walk  
10 River Song  
11 Once In A Winter Town  
12 Time To Run