GG ALLIN & THE MURDER JUNKIES - Terror in America -black vinyl LP

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(live). Recorded during GG's last US tour. Includes rare and previously unreleased material and  photos.

Bite It  
Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me  
Take Aim & Fire  
Outlaw Scumfuc  
Terror In America  
Highest Power  
Cunt Suckin' Cannibal  
Expose Yourself To Kids  
I'm Gonna Rape You  
Kill The Police  
Gipsy Motherfucker  
I Live To Be Hated  
Outlaw Scumfuc (Version 2)  
Fuck Authority (Acoustic)  
I Kill Everything I Fuck  
Cunt Suckin' Cannibal (Version 2)  
Highest Power (Version 2)  
Terror In America (Instrumental)  
Gypsy Motherfucker (Version 2)  
Outlaw Scumfuc (Acoustic)  
Be My Fuckin' Whore  
Wendy & Tilla (Acoustic)