GYASI Pronounced Jah-See (Bolan/ Bowie style GLAM! ) w BONUS TRACK CD

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CD includes the bonus track "Sword Fight" not available on the vinyl. CARDBOARD MINI LP SLEEVE WITH INSERT

Fond of outlandish costumes and platform shoes, Gyasi (pronounced Jah-See) is a flamboyant artist who brings the golden age of UK rock n’ roll into the 21st Century. His music can be described as a glorious hybrid of early David Bowie and Marc Bolan. The album “Pronounced Jah-See” is all about the joy of rebellion laced with electrifying guitar riffs and classic instrumentation. Raised in the woods of a West Virginia holler by bohemian parents and currently living in Nashville, Gyasi is an accomplished singer guitarist/songwriter who has been championed by rock luminaries as diverse as Rodney Bingenheimer and Henry Rollins.

Groove and fizz with all the melodic energy of the ‘70s great. – SHINDIG!

Gyasi has reinvented glam rock for the modern age. – THE STRANGE BREW

We may not ever have another David Bowie or Marc Bolan but we've got Gyasi. – RODNEY BINGENHEIMER

A glorious mixture of David Bowie and Marc Bolan without the slightest modern twist. – PASTE

1 Burn It Down

2 Tongue Tied

3 Androgyne

4 Blackstrap

5 All Messed Up

6 Little Tramp

7 Feed Your Face

8 Walk On

9 She Don't Care

10 Fast Love

11 Kiss Kiss

12 Godhead

13 Sword Fight (CD Bonus Track)