IRON CLAW -Saga / Bright Future-1970 RECORDING 45 RPM

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Includes: black vinyl record, cardstock insert, old-style picture sleeve on textured paper

In the annals of heavy metal history, Iron Claw stands as an unsung titanÑa band whose heavy riffs and thunderous soundscapes pushed the boundaries of rock music at that time. We are psyched to unveil to the public "Saga" and "Bright Future"Ñtwo hidden relics of the Iron Claw canon that are finally liberated from the vaults, ready to engulf listeners in their sonic blaze. These two songs encapsulate the essence of Iron Claw, capturing their raw energy and resolute heaviness, and serve as a testament to their rightful place among the pioneers of heavy rock music.

Recorded December 5th, 1970 - Iron Claw were from Dumfries, Scotland