ISOTA RECORDS SINGLES CLUB -From psychedelic Americana to British protest songs! W BLACK KEYS-COMP CD

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1 Birds of America - Yes! I Know That I Am Free
2 Department of Eagles - Dinner For Two
3 Will Oldham - Barcelona
4 Colin Michael Gagon & Nixon's Nikon - Central Control
5 The Capsules - It Hangs Over Me
6 Low Flying Owls - Silhouettes of Furs
7 The Black Keys - Leavin' Trunk
8 Uberhund - Welcome To Hhothh
9 Department Of Eagles - Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002 (7" version)
10 Charmless - Action
11 Gerald Collier - My Best Friend
12 Boyskout - Secrets
13 One Ring Zero - The Sirens of Red Hot
14 Chris T-T - You Can't Stop The Machine

Liner Notes

Fourteen tracks culled from the two-and-a-half year run of the financially doomed Isota Records 7" Singles Club. Includes tracks from Will Oldham, The Black Keys, Department of Eagles, Low Flying Owls, and more. Now you don't even need a turntable to enjoy this groundbreaking stuff! From psychedelic Americana to British protest songs, this comp's got it all!