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John The Conqueror's self-titled debut album is an amalgamation of the many sounds and styles )mined from both the North and the South. Cousins Pierre Moore (vocals & guitar) and Michael Gardner (drums) are natives of Jackson, MS, while bassist Ryan Lynn hails from Philly _ where the trio now call home. Together they mix a bedrock of raw deep blues with funk, soul, punk and scuzzed-up rock-n-roll into one helluva potent musical Molotov cocktail.

"The trio from Mississippi, now based in Philly, have the smoothness of classic 50's soul mixed with a southern twang." _ Knuckle Rumbler

"It's all smokestacks, greasy ball bearings, mudslides, and corn liquor swilled from mason jars; raggedly scorching guitar riffs, a thunderous rhythm section, and howled vocals. "Say What You Want" rockets me off my rear every time." _ Brian Greene / Happening Magazine

"Leader Pierre Moore has a matter-of-fact singing voice, tasteful six-string skills and a tuneful writing style that balances licks and melody and avoids classic rock overload." _ Michael Toland / The Big Takeover.

"They will bring you from the church to the juke joint in four quick minutes." _ Mad Chicago

"John The Conqueror's new LP is downright street smart funky." _ Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout.

"Pierre Moore is a charismatic frontman, strutting the stage, ripping away at guitar licks and belting out dynamic vocals. Joining Moore are his cousin Michael Gardner, a force of nature on drums, and local guy Ryan Lynn, who brings a rumbling low end to the mix." _ The Key WXPN


1 I Just Wanna  
2 Southern Boy  
3 Lucille  
4 All Alone  
5 Time To Go  
6 Say What You Want  
7 Come Home With Me  
8 Letter Of Intervention  
9 Passing Time  
10 3 More