JUPITER AFFECT - Restoration of Culture.. (catchy pop w Michael Quercio, of the legendary Three O'Clock) CD

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Restored! The Jupiter Affect return with their second full length CD, The Restoration of Culture After Genghis Khan, following their critically acclaimed release Instructions For the Two Ways of Becoming Alice. The band returns better than ever with their special brand of incredibly catchy pop hooks. This time around they bring in even more outside instrumentation: strings, horns, keyboards and all such wonderful things. From the heavy rock of "Genghis Khan Blues Theme" to the beautifully orchestrated "Do You Remember," the band continues their tradition of mixing heavy guitar and classical instruments.

Leading the band is Michael Quercio, former member of the legendary The Three O'Clock, joined again by drummer Chris Bruckner and new members, guitarist Brad Lindsay and Keyboardist Eric Tricket.

This latest release is sure to catch the ears and imagination of a public who do long for a Rock and Roll "Culture Restored!


1 Ceremony  
2 Genghis Kahn Blues Theme  
3 Do You Remember?  
4 Hymn Of The Steppes  
5 The Leader Of All Tribes Living In Felt Tents  
6 Attack Of The Hair People  
7 You Are Wise In Your Conceit, O' Beautiful Woman Of The Tartars  
8 Song Dynasty Requiem  
9 Atop A Greying Sky  
10 Damascus Rose  
11 Above The Ground  
12 Genghis Khan Love Theme