LOBLOLLY -Hymns to Dymphnas- CD

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Hard to find Ñ and hard to define Ñ rock from Milwaukee: is it space rock? punk? hard rock? noise? quasi-Devo? a little bit Pavement? all these things in turn and at once? The first track ('White Flight Suburban NightmareÕ) sounds like Sonic Youth; the second (ÔBurning FeetÕ) is punky and weird; the third (ÔIs It SoÕ) is in a dissonant guitar rock space; the fourth ('Tell Me About Your Perfect Smelling DreamsÕ) is peppier and snotty and then spins off into jam-land; the fifth (ÔProwlÕ) rocks out; the seventh (ÔGoing NowhereÕ) sounds like a lost Pixies trackÉ and so on. Featuring Plasticland guitarist Dan Mullen as half of the main writing duo together with photographer and guitarist Veronica Rusnak, supported by Andy Pagel on drums. Apparently, "Hymns To Dymphna" includes reworked tunes from their demo "YouÕve Taken Too Much Acid," as well as all-new material. Surprising, weird, and recommended.