LORE CITY- Participation Mystique LP + download (elements of psych rock, post- rock, dark wave, and dream pop) LP

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Praise for Lore City:
“Lore City pack a mystical punch” – LOUD WOMEN

"Their cinematic flair bodes well for a soundtrack to the great shift of humanity.” – POST-PUNK

“a trance-inducing shamanistic ritual, meant to bring you closer to both one’s ancestors and the universe” – The Joy of Violent Movement

“positively artful and stirring” – Destroy//Exist

“sounds as if it were reverberating in a deep cave below the forest floor” – Tome to the Weather Machine

“a massively psychedelic landscape” – MangoWave

“brings a unique, atmospheric sound, has a post-punk feel, and a mystical aura” – Roadie Music

“combines elements of psych rock, post- rock, dark wave, and dream pop” – YMX

“close your eyes and let the music seep into your brain” – Faeton Music

“natural and unique” – Artists Central

“Lore City has made a seriously successful attempt to innovate” – Maxazine

Album Statement and Backstory
"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow never was. Move your piece around the board, sheath of the physical. Light the lamp within. Corral. Catch sight of a fireball careening across the sky, blazing. Something is on fire, and it’s coming down on us. Lull into the love that is afforded to you, lull into the lead of sleep, lull into the movies. Push, pull. Marching to our realizations, marching to work, marching to our resolutions. And you’re waiting, waiting for that call to come. Standing across from, standing next to, coming to a standstill. Earthly divide. The eternal afternoons, parallel. The moments when something moves closer. A phantom ship wafting, calling home across the water. Recreating the familiar, ancient original feeling. An expanse, cascading.

A rare event happened in early 2020, something that occurs only once every 500 years. Saturn directly aligned with Pluto within the constellation of Capricorn. Essentially, hard lessons joined forces with transformational evolution regarding the infrastructure between the material and the spirit. I know you know. Queued up in a world of limbo and revolution, Lore City tunneled into new songs, finally sending Alchemical Task to press in the early summer days. By then, they were halfway through Participation Mystique. Original Feeling cleared the way, and by the time Buttons materialized with somber holiness, they knew it was finished. Another installment for the continuum, its contents esoterically encyclopedic."

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. And Tomorrow [3:08]
2. Once-returner [5:13]
3. I Know You Know [4:24]
4. Your Love [3:58]
5. I Am the One [5:29]

Side B:
1. Parallel [6:02]
2. Buttons [4:50]
3. Original Feeling [7:24]
4. Elapse [4:53]