MARK & THE CLOUDS- You And Me In Space (psych pop) 7"

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Psych pop for the 21st Century, “You And Me In Space” takes us on a cosmic trip to the edge of the galaxy, fueled by love and a blissed-out dissolution of all that keeps us from soaring beyond our everyday confines. Recorded in an industrial estate in North London, the band set the scene by filling the room with multi-colored lights before deploying a full range of vintage equipment and psychedelic effects: backwards Telecaster through a Big Muff pedal, Hofner bass, space-age organ and even high-pitched, fuzzed-out vibrations made by blowing through blades of grass.  

Recorded during the “Waves” album sessions and selected specifically as an exclusive song for the Hypnotic Bridge 45, “Clocks” is dedicated to those who love the sound of the wah-wah guitar in its most psychedelic setting. Drummer Shin Okajima’s dramatic drum on the intro was inspired by the style and sound of the traditional Japanese Wadaiko.