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Reissue on CD of what was actually the 5th and final album by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band are a showcase for the various dementias of vocalist Bob Markley (paranoia and a very keen interest in young—- emphasis on young- women), and the electric shock treatment of guitarist/vocalist Dan Harris; the album's rich harmonies and full, delicate arrangements show the abundant influence of Michael Lloyd, who co-produced the album with Markley;

tracks such as "Elegant Ellen", "Sweet Lady Eleven" and "Magic Cat" are nearly as good as some of the highlights from the WCPAEB catalog; a surprisingly consistent and accomplished album for a band about to collapse under the collective weight of it's own insanity.


1 Booker T & His Electric Shock 2:23
2 Next Plane To The Sun 2:14
3 Roger The Rocket Ship 2:45
4 Elegant Ellen 2:19
5 Little Ruby Rain 3:01
6 Message Fo A Miniature 0:27
7 Sarah The Sad Spirit 2:35
8 Truck Stop 3:20
9 Zoom Zoom Zoom! 2:11
10 Sweet Lady Eleven 2:19
11 The Magic Cat 2:59
12 Outside/Inside 2:39