MASTER PLAN -Colossus Of Destiny (W Andy Shernoff & Fleshtones members) promo CD

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(promo copy in plastic envelope with punched bar code but brand new !

With  ANDY SHERNOFF (bass & vocals), KEITH STRENG (guitar & vocals), PAUL JOHNSON (guitar & vocals) and BILL MILHIZER (drums & vocals), The MASTER PLAN delivers an old school rock'n'roll album the way it was intented to be : rootsy, boozy and fun.

"Combine mid-Atlantic son Paul Johnson (once Paul Tiers of the Waxing Poetics) with pillars of the New York garage sound community, namely Andy Shernoff of the Dictators, and Bill Milhizer/Keith Streng of the Fleshtones, and you have just what you might expect. Great guitar work and a straightforward style that pays homage to basement-driven, beer-battered, saxophone-thickened rock n' roll. If you want pensive lyrics, go to Target." - Bruno Westover/Left of the Dial



1 What's Up With That? 2:45
2 Better Get Better 3:52
3 Dead Horse 3:11
4 You're Mine 2:41
5 I Got Loaded 3:06
6 Find Something Beautiful 2:47
7 Just Because 3:23
8 Annie Had A Baby 2:39
9 Loves You 2:56
10 Picketts Charge 2:08
11 Kickin' It Old School 3:00
12 Broken Arrow 2:18
13 Walking 3:24