MAYER, NATHANIEL - Why Don't You Give It To Me (w Dan of the Black Keys on guitar)CD

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Detroit Soul R&B legend Nathaniel Mayer is back with a a nice brew of R&B, blues, and funk. "Why Don't You Give It to Me?" features guitarist Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry, Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, bassist Troy Gregory of the Dirtbombs, and drummer Dave Shettler of SSM/The Sights.

The result is soul music with a psychedelic rock n' roll heart.

"They're a great band, just a real different sound." - Nathaniel Mayer.

"A stunning achievement from all involved." - All Music Guide.

"Very possibly one of the best rock/blues/soul/psychedelic albums I've ever heard." – Blogcritics.

“Propping an old-timer in front of a microphone is a gamble, and the results can either be exploitative or life affirming. Mayer's new material is the latter.” – Hartford Courant



1 Why Don't You Give It To Me? 5:05
2 White Dress 3:29
3 I'm A Lonely Man 4:37
4 Please Don't Drop The Bomb 2:40
5 Everywhere I Go 3:36
6 What Would You Do? 3:29
7 Doin' It 8:48
8 Why Dontcha Show Me 6:52
9 Dancing Mood