MCKAY - Into You (Holy grail of 70s private-press WEEDBURNER LP

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 STONER rock w Updated liners & lyrics FILE UNDER WEED BURNER!

One of the "holy grails" of Indianapolis private-pressdom (surpassed only by Zerfas and Anonymous) available again in its original format!

All-analogue pressing, cut directly from the original master tapes.

•Licensed from Ray Pierle with his full cooperation and support.

•Updated liner notes and exactly-transcribed lyrics.

Ray "McKay" Pierle and his musically-adept brothers and friends partied, jammed and partied some more on Indy's south side throughout the mid-70's, forming a band (Loos) which managed to garner zero media attention at the time. However, Ray's trusty Teac four-track was always close at hand and countless hours of home recordings were induced onto magnetic tape, as well as a few songs laid down at a local studio. After a brief hiatus, the core members reconvened as McKay, and created their sole document, the 300-press "Into You" album (1978); the LP was given to friends and family and consigned in nearby record shoppes. A mere 15 years had to pass before the collecting world discovered the highly-personal songwriting, tight playing, and not-so-well-hidden West-Coast stylistic touches.

A vinyl reissue was locally produced back then but it's long gone, so here's a new all analogue, master tape edition for a new generation to savor. •


A1 Know That I'm Not Alone  
A2 Old Hill  
A3 At My Home  
A4 This Road  
A5 Looking For A Way Out  
B1 Eleanor  
B2 Roll On Life  
B3 On He Goes  
B4 Lullaby Into You  
B5 The Wind