MICHAEL ANGELO -w S/T"(Guinn Sessions) + "Sorcerer's Dream" + "Nuts" DBL CD

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Stunning work from Michael Angelo – a little-known singer/songwriter from the Kansas City scene of the late 70s – one with a style that's totally great, but way too off the era's chronological expectations to get much notice at the time!

Michael's music has a real late 60s vibe – some of the trippier folk modes of someone like Donovan, but mixed with the more complete songwriting of an artist like Nilsson or some of the hipper LA writers of the late 60s – all recorded in this laidback, understated way – especially for the 70s – with acoustic guitar most strongly in the mix, and a few other light rhythm touches and keyboards.

The production's sharper than folk,and the music here is a great reminder that while we can look at the rock and roll timeline, and think that the punk explosion of the mid 70s was changing everything at once – out in the hinterlands there were still folks like Angelo who were dedicated to refining an older craft.

The CD features a huge amount of material – the full original self-titled album, more tracks from those sessions, and a full second album recorded around the same time. 32 tracks on 2CDs, with lots of notes too – and titles that include "Field Of Lonely Eyes", "Future", "Journey To Find Who We Are", "Russian Lament", "Nubian Queen", "This Is The Night", "Love Is Too High", "Spirits Of Mercury", and "SOS Titanic



   1. Flight of Pegasus - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   2. Oceans of Fantasy - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   3. The World to Be - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   4. Lost in the Pain - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   5. Checkout - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   6. Bonjour Mr. VIP - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   7. Journey (To Find Who We Are) - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   8. Inner Reflections - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   9. Field of Lonely Eyes - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   10. Future - Michael Angelo "S/T" (Guinn Album)

   11. Contessa - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   12. Russian Lament - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   13. I Love You - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   14. Marbles - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   15. Longing - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   16. One More Gun - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   17. Fat Song - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   18. I Won't Cry - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   19. Pamela's Song - Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"Michael Angelo (as Michael Nitro) "Nuts"

   20. Sorcerer’s Delight - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   21. Nubian Queen - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   22. January Came Too Soon - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   23. Time Warp - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   24. The Very First Time - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   25. This Is The Night - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   26. Love Is Too High - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   27. Spirits of Mercury - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   28. S.O.S. Titanic - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   29. Until - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   30. Love Between Us - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   31. Rainy Day Parade - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"

   32. Dreamfeast - Michael Angelo “A Sorcerer’s Dream"