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Most people were introduced to the bizarre psychedelic sound of The Monocles (later The Higher Elevation)  thanks to the inclusion of the bizarre “The Spider & The fly” and “The Diamond Mine”on the legendary Pebbles Vol. 3 (the “acid-punk” volume).

These youngsters from Colorado formed in 1964 and they were famous for driving to gigs in a custom Cadillac hearse. Between 1965 and1968, they released a bunch of singles for different labels: Chicory, Denco, Liberty. This retrospective collection includes the best of their 45 sides plus some previously unreleased on vinyl tracks.

You’ll find demented psychsploitation (“The spider and the fly”, “The Diamond Mine”) crude garage-psych (“Psychedelic (That’s Where It’s At)”, “Odyssey”), sunshine-pop / jangly folk-rock(“Summer Skies”, “Here Comes Sunshine”), teen garage / frat-rock (“Boogie Man”, “You don’t know”), pop-psych (“Crazy Bicycle”) and more.

Insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos. “Hailing from Greeley, CO, the Monocles served as an unwitting example of the strange effect LSD had on America's youth during the mid- to late 1960s. Early on, the Monocles started out as a fairly ordinary pop-rock outfit. Then in mid-1966 the Monocles began to change; they cut a tune called "Psychedelic (That's Where It's At)" that led to some truly bent sessions later on, most notably thetwisted psychodramas of "The Spider and the Fly," "The Boogie Man," and "The Diamond Mine" (the theme song for Dave Diamond's Los Angeles radio show).” – Mark Deming



1 KLZ Jingle 0:19
2 Let Your Lovin' Grow 1:57
3 You Don't Know 2:18
4 A Little Bit Less 2:54
5 On The Other Side Of Happiness 2:50
6 Looking Glass 2:38
7 Boogie Man 1:54
8 Psychedelic (That's Where It's At) 2:19
9 The Spider And The Fly 2:06
10 The Diamond Mine 2:15
11 Crazy Bicycle 2:48
12 Here Comes Sunshine 2:52
13 Thoughts Of Lila 2:20
14 Country Club Affair 2:18
15 Summer Skies 2:08
16 Odyssey 2:55
17 Highway 101 2:32
18 Crazy Bicycle (alt.) 2:46
19 Wizard Of Love 2:20
20 Good Time Music 3:03
21 Country Club Affair (alt;) 2:16
22 What Is It 1:44
23 Sound Of The Surf 3:16
24 Heartbreak Hill 2:07
25 Where Is My Life 2:31
26 Treat Me Nice 2:30
27 Boogie Man (inst.) 1:55
28 Looking Glass (inst.) 2:39
29 A Little Bit Less (inst.) 2:55
30 Psychedelic (That's Where It's At) (inst.) 2:19
31 Boogie Man (alt.) 2:47