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    This special volume contains some of the best and most legendary rarities of surf music - mostly vocals, but with some instrumental gems towards the end. If you are a serious collector, or simply a fan of the early 60's California sound, this package offers a special treat for everyone!


    Pebbles, Volume 4 is a compilation album in the Pebbles series that has been issued in both LP and CD formats. Unlike other volumes in the series – which compile obscure garage rock and psychedelic rock music – Volume 4 collects rare examples of surf rock. The LP is subtitled Summer Means Fun, while the CD is subtitled Surf N Tunes. As on the first two volumes, an odd track from a well-known artist – Jan & Dean in this instance – is included on the album. Lloyd Thaxton had a widely syndicated pop music television program in the 1960s, The Lloyd Thaxton Show. Dave Edmunds – the only artist represented that is not American – had numerous hit songs in the late 1970's and early 1980's; the song presented here is among his earliest recordings. The Trashmen are renowned for their 1963 hit "Surfin' Bird" and, surprisingly, are a prolific enough band that a 4-CD box set was released several years ago on Sundazed Records.




    A1       –Bruce & Terry          Summer Means Fun            

    A2       –Fantastic Baggys*    Anywhere The Girls Are      

    A3       –The Four Speeds (2)          R.P.M.

    A4       –Jan & Dean   (Bonus Track)          

    A5       –The California Suns            Masked Grandma     

    A6       –The Dantes*             Top Down Time        

    A7       –The Pyramids          Custom Caravan       

    A8       –The Rivieras             California Sun "65"  

    A9       –The Trashmen         New Generation       

    B1       –The Survivors (6)   Pamela Jean  

    B2       –Gary Usher   Sacramento   

    B3       –Sharon Marie (2)    Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby     

    B4       –The Knights (2)      Hot Rod High            

    B5       –The Wheel Men       School Is A Gas          

    B6       –Lloyd Thaxton         Image Of A Surfer    

    B7       –The City Surfers      Beach Ball     

    B8       –Dave Edmunds        London's A Lonely Town     

    B9       –The Ragamuffins (2)          The Fun We Had      


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