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This is arguably the best volume in the series. Top notch and consistent all through (but whaddup with Magi?).It is packed with classics and genre-definers and even if I have heard this a thousand times before it still manages to put a smile on my face. If you are new to sixties garage, then this is an excellent place to start. It is one of maybe 5 of the  most important comps - it is canon and an inspiration for other canonical albums. SIXTIES GARAGE PUNK REVIEW

 Pebbles, Volume 5 is a compilation album in the Pebbles series that has been issued in both LP and CD formats. The names of garage rock bands range from obvious to ingenious, and The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 has one of the latter, managing to combine the "Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!" cry from Jack and the Beanstalk with the name of a 1960's British pop band, Unit 4 Plus 2. MARTIN WINFREE


Side 1:


   The Tree: "No Good Woman", 2:36" – rel. 1967

   The Plague: "Go Away", 1:51

   The Magi: "You Don't Know Me", 2:28

   The Gentlemen: "It's a Cryin' Shame", 2:30

   The 5 Canadians: "Writing on the Wall", 2:18

   The Dirty Wurds: "Why", 2:19

   The Merry Dragons: "Universal Vagrant", 2:54 – rel. 1966

   The Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2: "I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD)", 2:16


Side 2:


   The Escapades: "I Tell No Lies", 1:59

   Danny & the Escorts: "You Need Love", 2:32

   The Satyrs: "Yesterday's Hero", 2:41

   Little Phil & the Night Shadows: "The Way it Used to Be", 2:01

   The State of Mind: "Move", 2:09

   Yesterdays' Children: "Wanna Be with You", 2:27

   The Time Stoppers: "I Need Love", 2:30

   Thursday's Children: "You'll Never Be My Girl", 2:03

   The 12 A.M.: "The Way I Feel", 2:18 – rel. 1967