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    The first of a pair of Pebbles volumes devoted to the Windy City doesn't feature such noteworthy Chicago bands as the Shadows of Knight. Indeed, the Buckinghams -- who scored a hit with "Kind of a Drag" (not the song that's included) -- are the only famous band on this compilation. However, the album does feature some interesting minor-league bands, some of which were from Chicago and some of which just recorded there (e.g., the Indiana-based Group, Inc.). Selections include the Omens' "Searching" (later recorded by the Pandoras and the Gravedigger V) and Nobody's Children's "Girl, I Need You" (remade by the Third Booth as "I Need Love"), as well as remakes of songs by the Lemon Drops ("I Live in the Springtime"), the Kingsmen ("Long Green"), the Hollies ("I've Been Wrong"), Gene Vincent ("Say Ma, Ma"), and Elvis Presley (a demented version of "Jailhouse Rock"). This is not an essential collection but it should appeal to garage rock completists with a particular interest in this geographical region. Note that the song list printed on the CD cover doesn't match the actual order of songs on the CD itself: the Huns' "Winning Ticket" is the third song; "Come With Me" by the Boyz and "Run Around" by the Cavedwellers are not on the CD; and the final track is a radio station promo.  TODD KRISTAL 


    TRACK LISTING The Omens: "Searching"; Rel. 1966

       The Furniture: "I Love It Baby"; Rel. 1967

       Huns: "Winning Ticket"; Rel. 1966

       Buzzsaw: "I Live In The Springtime"; Rel. 1970

       The Todds: "I Want Her Back"; Rel. 1967

       The Group, Inc.: "Like A Woman"; Rel. 1966

       The Pattens: "Say Ma, Ma"

       Haymarket Riot: "Trip On Out"; Rel. 1968

       The Delights: "Long Green"; Rel. 1965

       The Untamed: "Someday Baby"; Rel. 1966

       Dalek/Engam: The Blackstones: "Never Feel The Pain"; Rel. 1965

       Dean Carter: "Rebel Woman"; Rel. 1967

       Shady Daze: "I'll Make You Pay"; Rel. 1967

       The Little Boy Blues: "You Don't Love Me"; Rel. 1967

       Nobody's Children: "Girl, I Need You"; Rel. 1967

       The Buckinghams: "I've Been Wrong"; Rel. 1966

       Last Knight: "Shadow Of Fear"; Rel. 1968

       The End: "Memorandum"; Rel. 1966

       Dean Carter: "Jailhouse Rock"; Rel. 1967

       The Foggy Notions: "Need A Little Lovin'"; Rel. 1966

       Haymarket Riot: "Something Else"; Rel. 1968

       The Warner Brothers: "Please Mr. Sullivan"; Rel. 1965


    NOTE - The CD booklet lists additional tracks, this is an error.   There are only these 22 tracks on the CD.


    -Martin Winfree

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