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Pebbles, Volume 6 is a compilation album among the LP's in the Pebbles series. Subtitled The Roots of Mod, Volume 6 is the only album in the Pebbles series that features primarily British music.

Although the Pebbles, Volume 6 CD has completely different music, most of the tracks on this album were reissued in 1996 on CD by AIP Records as English Freakbeat, Volume 6. Twink was one of the members of the Fairies, an under-appreciated British rhythm & blues band; Twink would later be one of the founding members of a very different band, the Pink Fairies. "Leave My Kitten Alone" is a celebrated Beatles rarity that is one of the standout tracks on the first Beatles Anthology collection. This version of the song was released in 1964 and features a young Jimmy Page. Members of the Cheynes include Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, as well as Peter Bardens and Phil Sawyer. They released several singles between 1963 and 1965. The real name of the front man for Jason Eddie and the Centremen is Al Wycherley, the brother of Billy Fury, a pop star in the late 1950's. Their experimental treatment of "Singing the Blues" was released in the U.S. by Capitol Records in June 1966. MARTIN WINFREE


Side 1:


   The Fairies: "Get Yourself Home", 2:17 – rel. 1964

   Junco Partners: "Take this Hammer", 2:05

   The Fairies: "I'll Dance", 2:01 – rel. 1964

   The Cheynes: "Respectable" (Isley Brothers), 1:50

   The First Gear: "Leave My Kitten Alone", 2:12, vinyl-only track

   The Betterdays: "Here 'Tis" (Elias B. McDaniel), 2:07, vinyl-only track

   The Wild Ones: "Bowie Man", 2:20 – rel. 1964

   David John and the Mood: "Bring it to Jerome" (Jerome Green), 2:07 – rel. 1965

   The Wheels: "Road Block", 3:14, vinyl-only track


Side 2:


   The Fairies: "Anytime at All", 2:09 – rel. 1964

   Rhythm & Blues, Inc.: "Honey Don't", 2:15 – rel. 1965

   Erkey Grant & the Eerwigs: "I'm a Hog for You", 1:58

   David John and the Mood: "I Love to See You Strut", 2:02 – rel. 1965

   Bill & Will: "Goin' to the River", 2:20

   Blues by Five: "Boom Boom" (John Lee Hooker), 2:10

   Steve Aldo: "Baby What You Want Me to Do" (Jimmy Reed), 3:28 – rel. 1964

   Jason Eddie & the Centremen: "Spoonful", 2:17, vinyl-only track

   The Rats: "Singing the Blues", 2:28

   Bo and Peep: "Young Love", 2:35