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    Pebbles, Volume 7 is a compilation album among the CDs in the Pebbles series; it is subtitled Chicago 2.

    The previous CD in the series, Pebbles, Volume 6 also features bands from Chicago, as does the LP Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 4.

    The Ides of March had a hit song with "Vehicle", and another of their early songs, "Roller Coaster" was included on the Pebbles, Volume 10 LP.

    The Cryan Shames had a regional Midwest hit with "Sugar and Spice" that reached #49 on the national charts; this cut is the flip side.

    Gary and the Knight Lites is just one of many similar band names (including Gary and the Nite Lites, the Light Nites, and the Knight Lights) used by this inter-racial band before renaming themselves the American Breed and hitting pay dirt with "Bend Me, Shape Me" in 1968.

    The better-known "A" side of the single by the Foggy Notions, "Need a Little Lovin'" is included on the Pebbles, Volume 6 CD.

    Les Kummel of the Revelles later joined New Colony Six, while Freddie Glickstein of this band was also in the Flock.

    The final cut is a cover of one of the strangest hit songs of the 1960's, originally released by the Hombres.


    Track Listings:


       The Lost Agency: "One Girl Man"; Rel. 1967

       The Foggy Notions: "Take Me Back & Hold Me"; Rel. 1966

       The Boyz: "Come With Me"; Rel. 1966*

       The Revelles: "Little Girl"; Rel. 1966

       Oscar & Majestics: "I Can't Explain"; Rel. 1966

       The Trolls: "Every Day & Every Night"; Rel. 1966

       The Children of Darkness: "Sugar Shack a Go Go"; Rel. 1966

       The Factory: "High Blood Pressure"; Rel. 1969

       Von Ruden: "Spider & the Fly, The"; Rel. 1970 (?)

       The Ides of March: "I'll Keep Searching"; Rel. 1966

       Gary and the Knight Lites: "Take Me Back"; Rel. 1965 (?)

       Bobby Brelyn: "Hanna"; Rel. 1966 (?)

       The Commons, Ltd.: "I'm Gonna Change the World"; Rel. 1965 (?)

       Lord and the Flies: "Echoes"; Rel. 1967

       The Berries: "What in the World"; Rel. 1965 (?)

       The Vectors: "It's Been a Day or Two"; Rel. 1964

       The Malibus: "I'm Cryin'"; Rel. 1965

       The Cardinals: "Go Go Baby"; Rel. 1966

       Wet Paint: "Shame"; Rel. 1966

       Wet Paint: "At the River's Edge"; Rel. 1967

       Jimmy Null and the Inversions: "I Still Care for You"; Rel. 1967

       The Lost Agency: "Time to Dream"; Rel. 1967

       Barney Pip: "Let It All Hang Out"; Rel. 1967


    -Martin Winfree

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