PEBBLES - Vol 09 Southern Calif Vol 2 ORIGINAL 60s PUNK & PSYCH CLASSICS-Comp CD

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NOTE- Tracks are completely different than the LP version. Get em both!

Twenty-four Socal garage-band obscurities from 1965-69, more psychedelic in tone than the average Pebbles collection (though not every track is psychedelic-influenced). It's the first time on CD for all selections, a few of which had been previously unreissued.  RICHIE UNTERBERGER

According to the liner notes, the track by the Standells had not been reissued before now; and this is probably the first-released version of the early Monkees hit "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone".

One of the members of the Second Helping was Kenny Loggins, and this single is his earliest known release.

Velvet Illusions are actually not from California but were a Yakima, Washington based band; while often mentioned as having heiress Patricia Hearst's former boyfriend Steven Weed as a member, the band actually featured a different Steve Weed.[1]

The final track is from an unreleased acetate by the band that is best known for "I Never Loved Her" (included on the Pebbles, Volume 8 CD). MARTIN WINFREE


   Ty Wagner and the Scotchmen: "I'm a No Count"; rel. 1966

   The Caretakers: "East Side Story"; rel. 1966

   The Hysterics: "Won't Get Far"; rel. 1965 (?)

   The Standells: "Someday You'll Cry"; rel. 1965

   The Magic Mushrooms: "I'm Gone"; rel. 1966

   Fenwyck: "IYE"; rel. 1965 (?)

   The Buddhas: "Lost Innocence"; rel. 1967 (?)

   David: "I'm Not Alone"; rel. 1967 (?)

   David: "40 Miles"; rel. 1966

   The Edge: "Scene thru the Eyes"; rel. 1969

   The Second Helping: "Let Me In"; rel. 1967 (?)

   Good Feelins: "Shattered"; rel. 1968

   Gypsy Trips: "Ain't It Hard"; rel. 1965

   The Nervous Breakdowns: "I Dig Your Mind" (Rusy Evans)

   Moms Boys: "Up & Down"; rel. 1967 (?)

   W. C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band: "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone"; rel. 1966

   Children of the Mushroom: "August Mademoiselle"; rel. 1967 (?)

   Velvet Illusions: "Velvet Illusions"; rel. 1967

   Perpetual Motion Workshop: "Won't Come Down"; rel. 1967 (?)

   The Crumpets: "Mama Baby"; rel. 1966 (?)

   Sounds Unreal: "Scene of the Crime"; rel. 1967

   Mal-T's: "Here to Stay"; rel. 1966 (?)

   Thee In Set: "They Say"; rel. 1966 (?)

   The Starfires: "Cry for Freedom"; rel. 1967 (?)


-Martin Winfree