PEBBLES - Vol 2 ( 60s garage psych) LAST PRESSING! LTd to 150 Comp LP

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The opening number, "Makin' Deals" by the Satans, is a mid-tempo rocker featuring a vocalist who snarled "Can you guess my name?!?" two years before Mick Jagger pranced through "Sympathy for the Devil." "99th Floor," an organ-driven stomper recorded in 1967, features ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons.  TODD KRISTAL

This album includes a song by The Moving Sidewalks; Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was a member of this band. The first track, by the Satans has the same theme and even some of the same lyrics – e.g., "Can you guess my name?" – as the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" that was released several years later. Three of the core members of The Choir would later form the Raspberries, with Eric Carmen as the lead vocalist; a second song by this band is included as a bonus track on the CD. Bobby Fuller would later have a national hit as the Bobby Fuller Four, with "I Fought the Law (but the Law Won)". "Feathered Fish" was written by Arthur Lee, and the band The Sons of Adam included Michael Stuart, who went on to join Lee in Love. An earlier line-up also included Randy Holden, later of Blue Cheer. As on Pebbles, Volume 1, Pebbles, Volume 2 includes a curiosity featuring a well-known band: in this case, a genuine radio commercial with the Electric Prunes supplying a demonstration.



NOTE - PEBBLES was originally mastered by Greg Shaw, from old singles from his collection.   The first song on side one vol 1, the Litter, was even mastered with a SKIP!  Bands often perform that song with the skip, to the delight of their audience.  We have not remastered or changed the originals in any way.  If you want perfect sound quality, this aint the place for it.  This is the historical original mastering with all of its flaws and character.







Side 1:


   The Satans: "Makin' Deals", 2:08

   The Moving Sidewalks: "99th Floor", 2:13

   The Sons of Adam: "Feathered Fish", 2:28

   The Electric Prunes: "Vox Wah-Wah Pedal Commercial", 1:02

   The Road: "You Rub Me the Wrong Way", 2:22

   The Lyrics: "So What!", 2:42

   The Buddhas: "Lost Innocence", 2:10

   Zakary Thaks: "Bad Girl", 2:04

   Randy Alvey and Green Fuz: "Green Fuz", 2:06


Side 2:


   The Squires: "Go Ahead", 2:15

   The Little Boy Blues: "I Can Only Give You Everything", 2:27

   The Dovers: "She's Gone", 2:18

   Phil & the Frantics: "I Must Run", 2:40

   The Dovers: "What Am I Going to Do", 2:28

   The Choir: "It's Cold Outside", 2:46

   Bobby Fuller: "Wine Wine Wine", 2:43

   The Litter: "I'm a Man" (Elias B. McDaniel)", 3:48