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The Piaggio Soul Combination is a musical collective from Pisa, Italy, where long-standing mod Marco "Piaggio" Piaggesi has combined the best singers and musicians of the local Latin-soul scene to create a dynamic fusion of sound. Mixing Italian, American and Caribbean musicians, the band builds a solid foundation of polyrhythms before adding tasty bass lines and groove-laden guitars. A tight-as-hell horn section and a fat organ sound complete the picture, offering a boiling pot of soul grooves, up-tempos, Latin-jazz movers with northern soul. In 2020, they started their collaboration with Arkansas-bred lead vocalist Lakeetra Knowles. But dance floor-oriented northern soul is not their only passion; they also have a taste for psych pop, and on their exclusive release for Hypnotic Bridge they feature two great guest musicians: psychedelic guitar legend Dome LaMuerte, founder of the seminal band Not Moving, who takes the axe-man role on 'Space Diary,' and Greek vocal therapist, experimenter and Maestra Marina Mulopulos, lead vocalist on 'Dimmelo.' When The Piaggio Soul Combination recorded a few songs with legendary Italian guitarist Dome Le Muerte, they knew he would bring his psychedelic brilliance to the mix. And he did. So much so, in fact, that Space Diary didnt quite fit the vibe of their recent album and found its way instead to the lysergic sanctuary of Hypnotic Bridge Records. Dome's trebly, tremolo-barred chords are reminiscent of John Cipollina's work with Quicksilver Messenger Service (which with tracks such as 'Dino's Song' also embraced the concept of a "new breed leaving for unknown shores"). But the sound of the 1967 'Satanic Majesties'-era Rolling Stones serves as the greatest inspiration for 'Space Diary,' both in the songs "space journey" topic as well as the massive use of Mellotronic flutes, violins and horns. 'Dimmelo' was inspired by The Open Mind's 'Free As The Breeze,' with The Piaggio Soul Combination adding Indian flavors and a Kula Shakeresque "Delhi disco" beat to give the song an undeniably global feel and appeal.