PSYCHEDELIC STATES - Alabama In The 60’s VOL 2- Comp CD

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More great unearthed 60's stuff by recently discovered bands from Alabama.

Lots of unseen photos and stories on bands like Mishaps, This Side Up,Outlets, Lost Chords, etc. 25 tracks



1             –The Chimes (3)             #38            

2             –Vikings, The (7)             Come On And Love Me            

3             –Mishaps, The             Under My Thumb            

4             –Stolen Children, The             Set Me Free            

5             –The "In"             Just Give Me Time            

6             –George Wallace, Jr.             Think!!            

7             –This Side Up (5)             Sun Arise            

8             –Distortions, The             Smokestack Lightning            

9             –Outlets, The (2)             Love Doesn't Happen In A Day            

10             –Movement, The (17)             Just-A-Driftin'            

11             –Tikis, The (4)             Somebody's Son            

12             –String & The Beans             Come Back To Me            

13             –Preachers, The (14)             Inspiration            

14             –The Citations (2)             Better Stop Your Lying            

15             –Outer Mongolian Herd, The             Hey Joe            

16             –Swingin' Lamp Liters, The             Get Away            

17             –W.C. Dorns, The             I Need You            

18             –The Bassmen             I Need You            

19             –Hackers, The             Keep On Running, Girl            

20             –K-otics, The             Double-Shot            

21             –Weejuns, The (2)             I Spy            

22             –Male, The (2)             You're Playing With Fire            

23             –Lost Chords, The             I Want To Be Her Man            

24             –Stolen Children, The             I'm Alive            

25             –Versatiles, The (2)             Somethin' Like A Man