RUINERS- How's That Grab Ya? (Cramps/Munsters style garage! ) CD

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Detroit rock'n'roll as in the time-tested, freak-out-your-mom, forget-all-your-worries version of the stuff. Hey there! Have a slice of classicist influenced Garage&B. One part Cramps (and their attendant influence on the non-purist rockabilly/roots hoo-ha in the '80s), one part Munsters/Groovie Ghoulies (the TV shows), one part smeared make-up Ronettes, one part other stuff from their Detroit environs around '66 and it's fallout on the record's co-producer, Mick Collins. Picks to hit, the female sung, "Ghost Pains," and "M'girl Left With You." - Lollipop Magazine



1 Punk Son  
2 Detroit Surfer Boy  
3 Vampire Dating  
4 Ghost Pains  
5 Jaws Of Life  
6 Beg  
7 She Died  
8 Good Neighborhood  
9 Prenuptial  
10 70's Divorce  
11 Go!  
12 Temptation  
13 Bill Did A Graveyard Lawn Job  
14 M'girl Left With You  
15 Rock-n-Roll Part 3  
16 How's That Grab Ya?