SHIELDED BY DEATH -Vol#1 Busted At The Lit ( 60s inspired garage / old school punkrock )COMP CD

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From 1979 to 1982 the Lit Club in Hartford, CT. was the local spot for national and international punk and new wave bands.

Busted At The Lit documents some of the area's top punk and garage bands that played the club.

Also included on this comp are some non-Lit Club bands who thrived during this era.

From '60s inspired garage to old school punk, this comp covers it all and is a must buy!
1     –Malarians*     Get Out Of Dallas     
2     –The Reducers     No Ambitions     
3     –Jack Tragic And The Unfortunates     Mind Loot     
4     –The Sterics     Just A Fortune     
5     –The Regular Joes*     Flying Butterfly     
6     –Dee Stroy     WWUH Promo With Dee Stroy     
7     –Dee Stroy The Band*     Me Against You     
8     –Foreign Objects (2)     World At War     
9     –Chronic Disorder     A Job A Car A Wife     
10     –Burgeouis Disease     Secretaries On Heroin     
11     –Broken Hearts (2)     Respect     
12     –Pajama Slave Dancers     Bare Naked     
13     –The Intrepids (2)     Spray It Quick     
14     –Da Stupids     K.G.B.     
15     –Dee Stroy The Band*     Your Nasty     
16     –M 80's     Myuns     
17     –The Reducers     Scared Of Cops     
18     –Burgeouis Disease     Losing The Batlle     
19     –Target Cells*     Baby The Bathwater     
20     –The Not Quite*     How I Feel About You     
21     –Jack Tragic And The Unfortunates     Fight For Your Life     
22     –Pajama Slave Dancers     Defreeze Walt Disney     
23     –Foreign Objects (2)     Lose Some Weight     
24     –The Sterics     Red Lady's Friend     
25     –The Regular Joes*     She Don't Drink     
26     –Chronic Disorder     I See Red     
27     –Target Cells*     Slave