SMALL BREED -An Elderflower Parliament (Classic 60s style psych pop) 45 RPM

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b/w “Figures Made Of Sound

A self-described “small herd of musicians who produce vibrant melodies” with a lush variation of harmonies and instruments, The Small Breed find inspiration in the flower-bathed landscape of the southern Dutch countryside where they were born and bred.

With surprising instrumentation and sounds, the five-piece band charts an original path influenced by the classic psychedelic pop bands and albums they love best. Think of The Beatles sharing a special pot of elderflower tea with The Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things and future members of The Millennium, circa 1967, and you may catch a fleeting glimpse of where things are going.”

Reflecting not the brash waxen beauty of the obsequious tulips of Keukenhof, but the mythical qualities of a very different sort of blossom, “An Elderflower Parliament” invites us into the secret life of trees, replete with ancient arboreal tales whispered with honeybee sweetness, all serenaded by a parliament of owls. The song is intended to be listened to with eyes closed, with and auditory feast of sounds conjuring a complex world within the imagination.

“Figures Made Of Sound” is a guided tour through your own mind, illuminating magical corners, reminding you to expect the unexpected while focusing on the here and now. Sitar, 12-string acoustic and a bit of humming by Erik lend an organic touch. Like the A-side, it” was recorded at the magical PAF! Studio in Rotterdam using analog tape machines along with Hammond organ, Mellotron and piano in addition to acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums, with a Binson Echorec for vocal delays and the studio’s own plate reverb to create an especially dreamy sound